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I’ve looked through and I can’t really make out Witz. I look back at their site and can only find data going as far as 2018. Also, I checked Waybackmachine, but the only save was actually my own unfortunately. Would like to know more about this if anyone has an idea. If you look for COVID in 2018 you will find a ton of direct and mainstream sources referring to a new version of the corona virus, etc. Does not mean what they’re saying is true, but something to consider as we try to figure this out. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.news-medical.net/amp/news/20200223/Is-COVID-19-the-dreaded-Disease-X-scientists-warned-us-about.aspx https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/new-coronavirus-emerges-bats-china-devastates-young-swine


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Came here to see if any conversation about this. I checked the wayback machine and had only been crawled once which was yesterday. It's the same for every country. Is a bit strange, would like to find out more


I do know that the HS codes were updated in 2017. As they update it every five years(usually with different codes) However Im currently digging through the old HS Codes looking for anything in relation to this as I had seen a similar post earlier. If I do find anything that corroborates this I will link to it.


Here you go, WCO changed some IDs (including 902780) in spec HS 2017 in April 2020. Looks like webpages now pull new description for 2018 data. http://www.wcoomd.org/en/topics/nomenclature/instrument-and-tools/hs-nomenclature-2017-edition.aspx http://www.wcoomd.org/en/media/newsroom/2020/april/joint-wco-who-hs-classification-list-for-covid_19-medical-supplies-issued.aspx




Am I missing something?