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For context: This was a reception after Neil Degrasse Tyson's show [StarTalk: Water World](https://www.startalkradio.net/show/startalk-live-water-world-part-1/) in NYC, 5th June 2014. The theme of this episode was oceans. The Gyalwang Drukpa was a guest on the show. [More photos from the reception.](https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/search/photographer?photographer=Andrew%20Toth&assettype=image&begindate=2014-06-04&enddate=2014-06-05&family=editorial&recency=daterange&sort=best) In 2012 Ghislaine & Epstein launched an ocean conservation nonprofit called [The TerraMar Project](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_TerraMar_Project). > The TerraMar Project was founded on 26 September 2012 at the Blue Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Conference in Monterey, California, and focused on the 64% of the ocean that lies outside any single country's jurisdiction. Their mission was to create a "global ocean community" based around the idea of shared ownership of the global commons, also known as the high seas or international waters. This reception she held for StarTalk was part of a flurry of PR activity in 2013/2014: * In 2014, on behalf of the TerraMar Project, Maxwell gave a lecture at the University of Texas at Dallas and later that year, a TED talk, about the importance of ocean conservation. * Maxwell also spoke at the United Nations as the founder of the TerraMar Project. * She accompanied Stuart Beck, a 2013 TerraMar board member, to two United Nations meetings to discuss the project. * Maxwell presented at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2013. * In June 2014, Maxwell and Borgerson spoke at an event in Washington, DC sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, titled “Governing the Ocean Commons: Growing Challenges, New Approaches” TerraMar posted a bunch of [really shitty ocean related videos on Youtube](https://www.youtube.com/c/TerraMarProject/videos) between 2013 - 2015. Occam's razor: Ghislane borrowed Neil Degrasse Tyson during a campaign to make her ocean-themed human trafficking cover op seem legit.


**[The TerraMar Project](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_TerraMar_Project)** >The TerraMar Project was self-described as an environmental nonprofit organization. It was founded in 2012 in the United States by Ghislaine Maxwell. A sister organisation in the United Kingdom was incorporated in 2013. TerraMar (US) announced its closure on 12 July 2019. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


That’s not very Occam’s razor 😂 but I appreciate a good conspiracy.


Can you explain what Occam's razor is?


Just listening to his interviews tells me he's been co-opted. Steven Pinker too. Two very influential figures in science and education -- categorically the kind of guys epstein went after.


He’s the Michio Kaku, of today. When I heard him say the geomagnetic reversal was nothing to be concerned about, I knew he’d received whatever his equivalent of thirty pieces of silver is. He’s likely a member of the Order of Nine Angles or what have you.


What do you know of geomagnetic reversal and it's dangers?


I encourage you to read my post about the Raid on the Sunspot Solar Observatory, I have but a few posts; it’s easy to locate. It may provide some insight. I appreciate you asking.


I remember it happening, I was still in astronomy at that time. But what does this have to do with geomagnetic reversals? No solar observatory observes that.


That entire situation was super weird. I remember thinking that there was more going on that what appeared.


[The janitor at the observatory had been downloading child porn on a laptop.](https://narratively.com/the-mysterious-evacuation-of-sunspot-observatory/) >Once the reopening was announced, so too was the surprising reason for the closure: The facility’s janitor was allegedly downloading child pornography on one of the observatory’s laptops. >The investigation had begun in late July. An IP address was flagged by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit for sharing 300 files of child pornography through a peer-to-peer network. The IP address was traced to its source, which was a block of IP addresses exclusive to Sunspot, and then to a specific office within the observatory.


Press X to doubt.


Some people find the mundane to be just too damn boring. >For most, the revelation of what had caused the shutdown was a bit anticlimactic. But for those prone to conspiracy theorizing, the story about the janitor was just a good smokescreen. What better way to get people off the trail of what was really going on than to say it was a crime that everyone could agree was really bad? A new batch of videos popped up online following the announcement, this time trying to sort through the closure and offering characteristically weird analyses of what it all meant, from a pedophile ring at the observatory to evidence of the imminent Christian rapture to an upcoming coronal mass ejection — a blast of magnetic energy from the Sun with the capacity to seriously disrupt the Earth’s electronic grids (a type of event that has verifiably affected the Earth before).


Sure, that's why they had a fucking SWAT team and helicopters raid the place. That janitor must have had John McClane superpowers.


And that's why people criticise the militarisation of police forces.


The response did not match the crime. Sutting down research for a number of days and no agents in sight.


Yeah, but the FBI got to dress up in their tactical gear and LARP at being badasses going after Osama Bin Laden, so they were undoubtedly happy about the whole thing.


Like that guys brother. Lord knows they have a lot of it to plant.


>He's uhh... he's against it...


Geomagnetic reversal is nothing to be concerned about.


I wonder why the trump photos of him with maxwell never get traction on this sub 🧐


What most people don't realize is that A) Tibetan Buddhism, or Vajrayana, practices tantrism, which is fundamentally about there being no good or evil. There just "is" - and what is, and essential, is power. B) Neil Degrasse Tyson was an acolyte of Carl Sagan, and seems to frankly worship at his feet. Carl Saga, despite all his apparent secularism, curiously lived in the former headquarters of the sphynx secret society at cornell, which has always struck me as an interesting thing. Why was Sagan so taken in by the egyptian architecture? Could it be that, despite his work in a 'demon haunted world', which may describe his own experience within the occult world, that he himself was very much privy and influenced by transcendentalist doctrines which relativize the difference between good and evil? C) Secret societies control the world. They are composed of people who subscribe to a 'no good/no evil' ideology. It is through such an ideology that sordid things like sex trafficking can exist and be justified.


All forms of buddhism are about transcending the ego and earthly desires. This may include 'good' traits, but paedophilia and child trafficking are no doubt seen as ego as well. I'm sure there are those that have twisted and distorted those teachings into justifying horrible things, but it isn't true buddhism


In their world there is only the powerful and the weak.


They follow natural law, not god’s law


Can you define what you mean by "Natural Law," I've only heard it in a libertarian context, representing those things which all people agree upon Don't Kill, Don't Steal, etc. And for many of them, it is synonymous with God's Law in that it is ingrained in all of us but psychopaths


In the animal kingdom you eat the lesser things and kill as needed


Okay, yeah, but that isn't what [these folks](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_law) (Aristotle, Hobbes, Thomas Aquinas, etc.) are talking about when they talk about Natural Law. I think you're thinking of [Ethology](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethology)


Also killing and stealing is perfectly acceptable in natural law. Natural law is that which exists in nature.


Tell that to a chimp whose breakfast you just stole or to the lioness whose cub you just stabbed.


And their retaliation would also fall under natural law no?


If I win, it's mine, if I lose, I'll be dead and not give a shit.


> as needed This is the important bit.


But in the animal kingdom you don't play with your food...


Cats, apes, killer whales, crows, eagles all do. I'm sure I left some out. Bunch of fucking psychopaths.


Yes they do


It's really interesting, how "Nature" became usurped by institutionalized science and the intelligentsia. I trace it back to Francis Bacon and the start of empirical science -- when he argued that human rationality and intelligence could make Nature's secrets known, and use Nature's laws (physics, the workings of the universe, etc) in order to advance technologically. Natural law then became synonymous with power, as well as claim to "truth," "facts," "science," and "legitimate knowledge." (We definitely see the effects of this kind of rhetoric today.) Natural Law therefore became a way to keep society in "order" by dictating what was legitimate, real, and useful. But this is just one definition of Natural Law. You'll find thinkers (mostly 19c American and German), who had a more expansive view of Natural Law as one of divine intelligence. The rise of homeopathy and holistic medicine during this time leaned heavily on natural laws to argue that human meddling created disease/pollution, and that to return to nature was to gain appreciation and humility for the divine intelligence that always seeks harmony and homeostasis. Anyway, I think it's really important to question these concepts in order to see how they're used by various people to further their own agenda, and decide which you resonate with the most.


Excellent response! I remember my old World History teacher complaining about Bacon's equivalency between knowledge and power, which struck me as strange because game shows used to spout slogans like that, and clearly pop culture couldn't be wrong (/s). When you trace the connection between that type of thinking and what could be called "eminence based science", you can see why it has become so problematic.


I'm surprised that your teacher was critical about it -- all of my teachers in grade school celebrated Bacon as a light bearer, and I just accepted it... and it wasn't until I read his novel The New Atlantis and I was unsettled/confused because it seemed like he was discreetly pushing for the manipulation of the masses by an elite group of scholars/scientists.


He was a real oddball. Like he spoke almost exclusively in puns, many of which were references to students he had had before (I'll never forget a certain Tad DeLay who was a few grades above me, but was *always* referenced whenever anyone was tardy to class). We all got the sense he was of genius intelligence but stayed as a high school teacher due to his more aspy tendencies


LOL Tad DeLay... Like a tad delayed? Please tell me he was really late all the time hahaha But your teacher does sound like a character XD


Considering the teacher was way more concerned with firing off a pun than enforcing rules, I'm sure he took advantage of being tardy as much as possible XD


I believe Joe Biden was speaking so eloquently on this during SCOTUS Clarence Thomas’s nomination.


from a religious stand point, this world’s owner is the fallen one, and he owns the natural law whereas the divine law is His. More on this i’m sure you can find enough texts on the occult. I understand that as the natural law of serving only oneself. the commandments however stem from a single source of truth which is God (you can tell by now I am a creationist) and that source was later revealed by Jesus to be a single commandment “love one another”. Bottomline: anything coming from a bodily urge is natural. Anything aiming at the spirit is transcendental of this world’s laws


Natural law isn't the issue. The problem is man's ego. In other words, desires and wantings make something neutral (natural) evil.


Lol gtfo of here with your gods law bullshit. Organized religion has killed more people than anything else in human history.


Pretty sure communism is first place. And Christ doesn’t condone that, but the jesuits who took over Catholicism certainly follow natural law


Nah the Mongols had those fuckers beat some 800 years ago. Genghis alone about 40 million. China reported/estimated about a 120 million drop in its citizens by the time the Mongols were done with it over the centuries. The mongols were very clever about it by destroying entire fields and irrigation cities that millions relied on for food. Especially in what is Iran/Iraq today.


Theodosius knew what he was doing when he asked Jerome to keep certain books out of the Vulgate.


That's not true. Organized religion has never killed anyone; people who have warped it into being something it was never meant to be did. "Look at this knife! It just KILLED 30 PEOPLE! Therefore, ALL KNIVES ARE BAD!" Not at all.What *does* matter is how the knife was used. There's a big difference between the two.


but gods law is natural law since he created it all


Jesus says to transcend base instinct


He did? Then put down your sword and donut, trade it all in and serve the poor. Or do you just talk the talk?


No he also threw the money changers out.


ie: Jole Olsteen and his fellows? divine intervention? https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/rajrnt/the_preacher_knows/


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tbf God's laws can be a bit cooky


It’s almost the opposite.. they do everything to pervert natural things


I think the sphinx head connection is reversed, wasnt it the group that used Sagan's place -- but he still styled it after some ancient monument


Science communicators (NDT/Sagan/Kaku) are very important for the modern control structure. As someone who loved Sagan, this was a difficult revelation for me anyway. I still love him mostly, but once you see under the hood of modern science, and the stacks of assumptions much is based on, it's hard to continue with the same level of respect.


Sagan, Kaku and NDT, and you can add so many more names to the list (Sean Carroll, Peter Watson, Richard Dawkins, Carl Zimmer, Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, Robert Sapolsky, Matt Ridley, E.O. Wilson, David Brooks, Jerry Coyne, Franz de Waal, Stephen Jay Gould, Steven Hawking, Brian Greene, Carlo Rovelli, Jim Baggott, etc, and so many have connections it seems to John Brockman, and via Brockman with Jeffrey Epstein) indulge in scientism. It is so insincere and so inflexible that one can't help but suspect that there is a deliberate effort to shape people's understandings of things in an inauthentic way. Mind you, I love science, and think all good thinking should be predicated in some empirical reality. I think induction, deduction and abduction are essential processes for sound thinking. I think cosmology, physics, evolutionary biology, have discovered profound truths about how material reality is organized. However, there is still this sense of manipulation of knowledge for specific aggrandizer ends i.e. ends that are only meaningful to narcissists with sociopathic tendencies. In the occult world, all of reality is already symbolically understood to reflect a male/female dipole, creating a contrapuntal dialectic. Since this is the ancient metaphysical knowledge preserved by secret societies, and literally a structure we find reproduced throughout all the scientific discoveries we've made i.e. in atoms, in molecules, in cells, organisms, etc, when you 'already know' the overall gist of things, the occult makes you cynically related to knowledge in the sense of 'understanding reality more fully in order to connect to a deeper truth'. Instead, it becomes pragmatic, and self-oriented, and deeply relativistic. Morality no longer becomes interesting to elites - what matters instead is knowledge for the sake of power i.e. science not for truth, but science for advancing technology. This is what the above science-communicators are really fundamentally about. Sagan spoke a lot about wonder, and so does NDT, Dawkins, etc, but one wonders how deeply he really felt that wonder, given it was so intensely contrasted with a type of skepticism which kept the transcendental from having any relevance or meaningfulness for the relative existences we live.


You make a lot of assumptions in your post. Just because you don’t buy into the fiction that is Good vs Evil doesn’t mean you can morally justify sex trafficking. Hell, Some Middle East muslims believe in god and good vs evil but somehow seem to keep sex trafficking alive and well. Buddhism doesn’t teach you that there is no good vs evil so go out there and get yours. That’s fucking nonsense.


What Buddhism are you talking about? Theravada? Mahayana? Vajrayana? You seem to think there is only one type of Buddhism. I specified Vajrayana, or the "diamond body" Buddhism that is taught in Tibet, and sorry if it disappoints you, it very much teaches the traditional viewpoints of Indian Tantrism i.e. that from the perspective of Nirvana, there is no conceptual difference between one thing and another thing, because concepts as such are illusions. Yes, this very much contradicts the beliefs of Mahayana Buddhism and the Noble 8 fold path, which is about showing loving-kindness to all beings and releasing them from suffering, but this is sort of the topsy-turvy worldview Buddhism inculcates by denying any ontological or metaphysical structure to reality. In Vajrayana, teaching people not to identify with the conditioned world is the means to transcending suffering, so all the truths in the noble 8 fold path are reinterpreted in the most abstract of ways so as to 'demonstrate' that it doesn't contradict what the Buddha wrote, but simply represents the ultimate attainment. In other words, power and the abuse of power is denied because to acknowledge it would be to acknowledge and give in to the world of samsara - which is the source of suffering. Vajrayana is quite the thought-control system!


I agree with everything you said except they don't use the "natural law" of good and evil to justify horrible crimes, they use these horrible crimes as control tools the same way organized crime does... To be privy to the esoteric information you have to do some dark stuff so the group has dirt on you and they have to know you can be trusted.


It works in both directions. When you go back far enough, you have to realize that the 'occult' is synonymous with secret societies and illicit black magick. Both of these ideas are synonymous with concealing and hiding what you know from others, which in turn is equivalent to not being open and transparent with other human beings. So at the core of this whole process - and were talking about something that might be tens of thousands of years old in some lineages - lies the exploitation and manipulation of love. It's hard to truly understand the magnitude of this because all of us have been formed in THEIR image i.e. the archetypes running through us and regulating our bodies and minds are the very spiritual forces they cultivate and keep tabs upon through their ritualistic practices. So when human reality isn't working the way that it originally evolved to work - and again, its hard to even recognize this because the metaphysics of this situation would completely change our experience of ourselves and our relations with other people and the world around us - were left to feel like separate, isolated individuals, and from this perspective, it can seem like the 'no good/no evil' doctrine is simply for the purpose of controlling others i.e. that you have information on them. I'm not saying this effect doesn't exist, but you have to realize what kind of spiritual transformation happens to a person when they're forced to engage in a grisly ritual like child sacrifice, the ritual or sexual abuse of minor, or are themselves sexually abused by other members. For instance, in the west African Poro society, new initiates are sometimes expected to eat their own first born son. This is far more than just to "have dirt" on someone, but rather, to totally TRANSFORM someone through trauma into a sociopath who will find himself more spiritually aligned with the cult/secret society than with the rest of human society. So what binds these secret society members together, in the end, is that they all feel that they are the damned, and they feel this way because the culture they operate within flouts all concept of right and wrong, good and evil, etc, in favor of the pleasure-principle and the pursuit of power.


Those who claim that spirituality isn't real are the most susceptible to dark forces. If you want to understand the ideology (and ultimate fate) of the supposedly "rational", "skeptical" western society, read "Childhood's End" by outed pedo Arthur C Clarke. It's the novel that 2001: A Space Odyssey is based on, and its Satanic.


2001: A space Odyssey is based on the book “2001: a space odyssey”


The book was written around the same time as the movie was being filmed, Kubrick and Clarke worked together on the script. It's based on "The Sentinel" and several other short stories.


The book and movie were created concurrently - the book authored by Arthur C Clarke. It draws heavily on his previous writing such as Childhood's End but I wouldn't say it is based on it. Encounter in the Dawn on the other hand by Clark, has the same plot.


Kubrick originally wanted to adapt Childhood's End, but instead collaborated with Arthur C Clarke who released the 2001 novel concurrently with the film. but thanks for participating


I always thought there was something dodgy about these 'nu atheist' types


False. They see evil as necessary, and they're purpose in life. Luciferians don't hide their goals.


How did what I write seem different from you just wrote?


But that “is” has positive and negative actions. Negative actions must be answered for or dissolved with true practice. Even death won’t allow you to avoid it, and will direct future direction If Maxwell/ Epstein were an intelligence op (as I believe ) , part of their job would be to get seen and photographed with these type ppl. Of all I know of HH , I wouldn’t let two photos at the same event shake my faith


Positive and negative actions is samsara. Most western Buddhists don't seem to want to accept what the Vajrayana is actually teaching about morality. If Buddhism can't provide any metaphysical argument for ethical action - insofar as nirvana, the highest state attainable, implies the negation of created form/concepts - then there is, in effect, no good or bad actions. This is what Buddhism is saying: its avoidance of metaphysics is perfectly aligned with its denial of any true ethical reality. In other words, from the perspective of Nirvana - which is beyond form, and hence, beyond conditions - what males do is what power does; what females experience is what the powerless experience. Nirvana is about transcending this dichotomy altogether so that the world of form can simply 'follow its nature' without the human mind interfering with its flux and flow.


lol, you really can't deny the plausibility this doctrine has for the powerful. To me, its pure and utter evil masquerading as wisdom, but, it is what it is, and you want to believe "his holiness" is really as pious as he presents himself as, even though he's traditionally a monarch of a country whose human rights record before China entered in the 50's is as bad as you can get. But, then again, perception is reality, right? If males seek power, and thats what reality does, than the Dalai Lama is one profoundly effective conman, maybe the best person on Earth at it.


With that logic, he could have lead a literally perfect life and still be dismissed for the reasons you’ve stated. What traditionally holy person is exempt that?


It’s sounds like you have your own understanding of Buddhism , which I would be curious where you derived it from. Would not the Christian heaven be analogues to Nirvana, if only in that it is the perfected , final state ? While there is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in Christianity , the bad can be erased by a true vow of accepting Jesus as your savior. In that lens, shouldn’t “good” and “bad” only matter up until the point you accept Jesus? I’m not sure where you get the male is power and female is powerless from Buddhism. I’ve not encountered that, but I do see it in the culture in which fostered Buddhism, much as it exists the same in the culture surrounding Christianity


I was already a big reader into eastern religions and philosophy, but then I read 'the Shadow of the Dalai Lama', by Victor and Victoria Trimondi, which basically transformed my understanding of what its really about. Problem is, we tend to forget the sociopolitical structure of the world we exist within. We imagine religions simply 'arise', as if there isn't an existing socioeconomic system of 'tensions' shaping peoples values/beliefs/needs and prerogatives. This book matches up so well with other books I've read in archeology/anthropology (Brian Haydens 'The Power of Ritual in Prehistory: Secret Societies and the Origins of Social Complexity', Cambridge, 2018; Shamans, Sorcerers and Saints: A Prehistory of Religion', Smithsonian, 2001; The Power of Feasts: From Prehistory to the Present', 2014; and also Cameron Greyson, Prehistorical Secret Societies: the Origin of Clandestine Communities', 2011) which explain the nature and origin of civilization and social complexity from prehistorical tribal societies. So nicely, in fact, that I cannot possibly reject the Trimondi's thesis. Sociopathy exists. Its a rotten, morbid truth about the human condition - some people will manipulate good and evil in pursuit of their own ends, and they will come off as incredibly altruistic, empathic, and sincere, unless they're with their secret society buddies, at which point the causticness comes out. Definitely worth a read: [http://lust-for-life.org/Lust-For-Life/TheShadowOfTheDalaiLama/TheShadowOfTheDalaiLama.pdf](http://lust-for-life.org/Lust-For-Life/TheShadowOfTheDalaiLama/TheShadowOfTheDalaiLama.pdf) I'm not Christian btw. And Gnosticism is essentially propounding a similar belief system with the 'demiurge' taking on the properties/qualities of sensory and conditional reality. This belief system is worldwide and not limited to Buddhism, though many western buddhists have this overly benign and frankly - now that I know better - gullible relationship to Buddhism, the dalai lama as well as Tibet in general. As for your last statement, it's implicit in much of Buddhist mythology, and is symbolically expressed in much of Tibetan/Vajrayana rituals and practices. Read the book if you care to learn what the authors - themselves at one point practicing Buddhists - discovered.


Thank you, I will check that out. Sorry for being short, I now understand better what you were saying. Do you think there is a true religion? In that I mean, does you feel this life’s actions has consequences after , or will the end result be the same with no bearing on what happens ?


I very much believe reality is intrinsically meaningful, and that what we externally perceive with our eyes as the transformation of things into symmetrical forms, is matched within ourselves by the experience of love, which is originally a feeling experienced between a caregiver and her infant - in this case, two frontal cortices are synchronizing their activities around a shared perception of loving facial expressions, vocal tones, body movements and touches; and later on this love becomes more developed to become a love of self (sort of an internal synchronization of the right and left hemispheres) and ultimately a love and awe for the world, which given the correlationism between inside (subjectivity) and outside (geometrodynamical processes between material objects which make up the universe) must imply a synchronization of my bodily processes with the entire field of reality - which physics now knows as the Higgs field. So in some fundamental way, the transcendent energy of love causes all the particles which make up my body to resonate or synchronize in some very significant sense with the material properties of the external world. If everything in material reality is regulated by symmetry transformations between material objects, I naturally assume that our existential being is as well. So I believe there very much is a consequence for harming other people i.e. inducing asymmetry in their experience i.e. suffering. The experience of narcissism or an excessive pridefulness that comes at someone elses expense is akin to stealing energy from someone - and I believe reincarnation results in the entanglement of the universal consciousness of which you are (and will always be) with a particular material ecology which your last incarnation and its overall impact on the world (with desires/feelings, either in yourself or others which you caused/and or were deprived of feeling) created, meaning we come in and out of the world not for no reason, but because we are on a journey towards repairing the world - and we must continue believing in this journey, because we are the ones who will make it real. Material reality ***is*** the spiritual world. The transcendent creates in order to embody its infinite nature - love/awe - in material, finite forms. The purpose is to make the infinite and finite merge and co-exist, paradoxically, in a heaven on Earth. This means transforming human beings so that they will become loving, supportive, and nurturing towards one another - all within and through the activities we engage in together. Clearly, today's world is far from that ideal. Without an explicitly stated theological ideal like the one just described, with its basis in a metaphysical doctrine that emphasizes the unity of male and female, Creator and created, infinite love with finite form, it's just language and rhetoric and propaganda.


Point C is absolutely on point. I was just thinking about that yesterday while pondering what leads these people to what they think is okay. I don't think anyone genuinely goes around thinking "I'm the bad guy." And demons would completely prey on a philosophy of 'nothing is inherently good or evil.'






Yeah he's been a government shill for a long time and even worse, he's a piece of shit irl.


bro you guys know you can only kiss yourself on the lips in the mirror? cmon guys


That hippy lady that accused him appears to be fucking bat shit crazy. She's bordering African Hebrew Israelite territory. This lady actually thinks the ancient Egyptians were fucking Sub Saharan African as well which has been disproven about ten different ways on top of through DNA tests done on mummies.


i think the guy was doing a sarcasm. Neille has very obviously been a shill for a long time


For being a scientist he’s very very against scientifically investigating UFOs. His Twitter is all about how ridiculous he personally finds it. Hmmmm


Nobody is surprised, I'm still waiting for him and Joe rogan to accept Eric Dubay's discussion again, cause as you might know, they already said yes sure it's easy but never appeared again 🤣🤣


JFC. If you harnessed most the “brainpower” of many of those on this sub, you couldn’t even lightly toast bread.


Never liked this arrogant MF


HH Drupka being in these pictures is far more heavy. I will be patient awaiting more info on this. With all I know of him, I can’t let two pictures at the same event call into question all of his good work If it true the Epstein / Maxwell team were a honey pot, part of their job would be to get pictures with prominent people like this. I can’t HH he had anything to do with them


All this guilt by association is bullshit . Epstein and Maxwell were part of the party set and attended charity functions all over and they hosted parties and charity events where they met and took pictures with people that would have had zero idea who they were, they were just at a fancy function they got invited to and this person took a picture with them


I believe this would be an example of the "Hitler had a dog" fallacy


It's a great way to keep even the people who aren't doing anything but mag know something mouth shut. Ill show them this picture of you and a huge pedo if you speak. Also great way to muddy the waters of who is guilty and who isn't.


Maybe. Cindy Mccain said everyone knew what Epstein was up to and I'm inclined to believe her. Anyone associated should at the very least be looked into carefully.


Weirdest handshakes ever...?


"Little kids? I thought they were kuiper belt objects..."


So I suppose this implies science is evil through association? LMFAO OK Q bert


NDT shook hands with someone that shook hands with Ghislaine Maxwell? Meanwhile trump is smooching and hugging Epstein and Maxwell lol. The stretch you to make this connection is hilarious.




> Pics of Trump grinding on his underaged daughter and these people still think he's not an incestuous pedophile lol Source? Make big claims? Well, deliver.


>Pics of Trump grinding on his underaged daughter Here let me google that for you. There's plenty more if you look. [https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XRCOmBvsWBM/WRD0yN8CUpI/AAAAAAAC1jY/vZ16OmL3hL0c4g4-UhWM4WwmshcbKkJTACLcB/s1600/trump%2Bivanka%2B%2Bincest.jpg](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XRCOmBvsWBM/WRD0yN8CUpI/AAAAAAAC1jY/vZ16OmL3hL0c4g4-UhWM4WwmshcbKkJTACLcB/s1600/trump%2Bivanka%2B%2Bincest.jpg) [https://th.bing.com/th/id/R.fa97e4aaeefa58dd1e3e8819d484dddd?rik=yf3iUMp4O%2fOxdQ&riu=http%3a%2f%2fathousandbubbles.weebly.com%2fuploads%2f8%2f9%2f8%2f2%2f89826103%2ftrump-groping-daughter\_orig.png&ehk=ZahyEdNRC3yAAVKA3ANSKlPL7vZGXtngVmD6%2bFD0snk%3d&risl=&pid=ImgRaw&r=0](https://th.bing.com/th/id/R.fa97e4aaeefa58dd1e3e8819d484dddd?rik=yf3iUMp4O%2fOxdQ&riu=http%3a%2f%2fathousandbubbles.weebly.com%2fuploads%2f8%2f9%2f8%2f2%2f89826103%2ftrump-groping-daughter_orig.png&ehk=ZahyEdNRC3yAAVKA3ANSKlPL7vZGXtngVmD6%2bFD0snk%3d&risl=&pid=ImgRaw&r=0)


Had a look ~ searched for "trump ivanka incest" on Google images: https://www.metro.us/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/donald-trump-ivanka-bed-kiss.jpg https://oneappsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/frontend/2016/11/ivanka-660x330.jpg https://images.dailykos.com/images/526460/story_image/DZlUrbIUQAAF3hB.jpg?1522465745 https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-bffbddbd6392548080c5f778e545cd17 Yeah, safe to say that the incest is probably real regarding Trump.


What does Trump and his daughter have to do with Epstein with this individuals? Partisan shill agenda whataboutism to the extreme, especially when posting out of context content. Best we have on this is a poor choice of words and out of context pictures don't prove anything. Daughter sitting on his lap needs context. Literally it could be his daughter sitting on his lap, if you want to perceive it as sexual, that says more about you. I HIGHLY DOUBT you have had any qualms about the B.i-den laptop with Hun-t.er actually on video engaging in sexual activity with a family member. That photo of him groping his daughter is so misleading, he was going to hug her and they took the photo at a moment mid-movement that it looks like hes groping. May as well start bringing out your porn deep fakes collection you have saved because you have a major agenda with presenting misleading content.


Did you read? I was just demonstrating that pics of trump groping his daughter exist. Maybe you meant to reply to someone else.


Tyson already got outed as a sexual predator this wouldn’t surprise me




Le quirky sexual assault


Wtf does this have to do with Trump lmao


I thought we were pointing out who was best friends with the Epsteins?


No this is a post about NDT


I know right? this is not a post about ppl that pay pornstars to have sex with them.


https://www.indiewire.com/2018/12/neil-degrasse-tyson-rape-accusation-sexual-misconduct-1202024491/ “Fox and National Geographic are looking into claims of sexual misconduct made against “Cosmos” host Neil deGrasse Tyson, including a rape accusation, following two reports in Patheos. The first, published on November 8, includes an allegation that the celebrity astrophysicist drugged and raped fellow grad student Tchiya Amet in 1984, while the second concerns two more accusers.” Stop letting Trump live rent free in that smooth brain of yours, he’s gone.


Is he gone and who's mind is he living in rent free really? I don't see many Hillary bumper stickers or Hillary hats, trump got dumped from the white house, and there are still plenty of trumpets with red hats, trump signs, trump re-election campaigns, still donating to trump, still on trump mailing lists, trump tattoos, trump merchandise, trump events, list goes on... I really don't think any on the other side of the isle had this much of a cult like following. I mean be honest, it's not the Democarts that need to get over trump, it's Trump supporters themselves, he lost, get over it.


....your posting about Trump in a thread about NDT rubbing elbows with Ghislaine Maxwell. You clearly aren’t over him.


Wait, your Australian? Truthfully, why do you care about Trump at all? Seems like you have plenty of things to worry about in your own country. How’s those quarantine camps?


So creepy how she and Epstein seem to have photos with everybody


I for sure felt like part of the honey trap game plan was to associate with as many prolific people as physically possible. The only thing at this point that is damning (to me) is the flight logs. Who every actually spent time on the island had to have previous involvement besides partys and events.


How is Maxwell everywhere? It's like she attended every major celeb party for the last 20 years or something. Did she do anything else but travel and go to these parties 24/7? I guess blackmailing people takes a lot of time and effort


Honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if ghislane and Epstein just tried to be appear in as many photos as possible so that if and when the News came out about them, that as many high power individuals would be caught in the mess and taken down.


isnt he a known perv?


He was accused of being too handsy, and an internal investigation was unable to turn up anything especially concerning. At worst, he's accused of having a poor sense of boundaries. I don't think anyone has accused him of anything worse than that.


ahh ok. Thanks!


I can see that from a science nerd


If I recall the specific incident was that there was a woman who worked for him who had the solar system tattooed up her arm, and he lifted up her sleeve to see if Pluto was there (since he's the guy largely responsible having Pluto reclassified as a dwarf planet). I can see how that would make someone uncomfortable, but it's also relatively innocuous.


Nah there were 4 accusers. Two accused him of rape. One said he drugged her. yes the tattoo thing was one as well but he’s the Bill Cosby of astrophysics.


Do you have a source for that? I haven't seen those other claims.


[https://www.vox.com/2019/7/29/8934845/neil-degrasse-tyson-misconduct-allegation-investigation-museum](https://www.vox.com/2019/7/29/8934845/neil-degrasse-tyson-misconduct-allegation-investigation-museum) now you have


Huh, well that is certainly concerning. Unfortunately, accusations of that nature are notoriously hard to confirm or deny. I hope the truth comes out one way or another, whatever it happens to be.


https://www.indiewire.com/2018/12/neil-degrasse-tyson-rape-accusation-sexual-misconduct-1202024491/ Also look at the handshakes. Is that not a Freemason handshake? There are pictures in which he has clothes with alot of old symbols from Pharao's Egypt and Freemasonry symbols. Symbolism will be their downfall.


Get Neil Degrasse Tyson’s nutsack out of your mouth


What part of my post suggests that I have Neil Degrasse Tyson's nutsack in my mouth? I literally just said "I hope the truth comes out, whatever it happens to be". I have no allegiance to Neil Degrasse Tyson. Edit: Okay, let me rephrase. "He's totally guilty! Pull him apart in the street! Grrr, evidence is irrelevant, he's a monster!" Is that better?




https://www.indiewire.com/2018/12/neil-degrasse-tyson-rape-accusation-sexual-misconduct-1202024491/ “Fox and National Geographic are looking into claims of sexual misconduct made against “Cosmos” host Neil deGrasse Tyson, including a rape accusation, following two reports in Patheos. The first, published on November 8, includes an allegation that the celebrity astrophysicist drugged and raped fellow grad student Tchiya Amet in 1984, while the second concerns two more accusers.” Sounds like a little more then being handsy to me


Shocking that the persons only job is to network with people, networks with people.


Oh look, another shill.


You can be friends with criminals and not be accessory to their crimes. Fuck Tyson though, he’s annoying


Neil is definitely Boule.


Holy shot how deep does this Epstein shit go?


I suppose Neil will never step a toe out-of-line ever again (if he ever did in the first place). He's just like Fauci, so much science embodied we should all just bow down.... HAHAHAHA


That fool is a creep. plus he peddles the simulation theory- a way to make us human beings feel insignificant.


yes but did you know that when you kiss a mirror you can only kiss your own lips?? you fucking racist


LOL the real conspiracy is how reddit thinks everyone who's ever stepped within 1000 feet of Maxwell is a pedophile.


SS: Images showing Neil deGrasse Tyson and the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa partying at Ghislaine Maxwell's house. How many more powerful and influential figures are connected to this woman


Not surprised. I'm always amused when those who rebuke Christianity due to the corruption of the Roman church argue that Buddhism is much better. Buddhism is about control, like all other religions. Both this Drupka guy and the Dalai Lamas are compromised. Yes, there is truth in many religions, especially Christianity, but one needs to search for it. This means going beyond what has been presented to us. Many mystics and saints have figured it out after years of prayer, meditation and solitude, but how many people still read their books and practice prayer and meditation themselves vs just letting themselves be guided by corrupt church leaders?


Imagine thinking out of all the religions Christianity has the most truth LOL


Man I wish I was paid to play the part of a fake special person ! Paid to act like scientist what a joke he a fuckin ass hole . Paid to hold your hand and wear a gold cloth and silk then never be seen again … or until the next gala photo shoot whatever? It’s funny cus these ppl are only seen when need be then disappear into regular life with a pocket full of blood money as Joe Schmo with a white picket fence and the neighborhood never knows?


I knew there was something about that fucker I disliked.


Yes, but science guy!! He is smart so he cant be corrupt!


NDT is the ultimate chronie shill. Pushing fake science


Trust the Pedos , I mean scientists


A lot of people are compromised that's why no one of high status is speaking out


Implying any association as damaging is so infectious it becomes distracting


And in today's episode of Rich & Famous Being Photographed Among the Rich & Famous..


How would you feel if you found out almost everything you know about the “universe” is a lie? I think it’s logical to assume that bubbles cannot be in space. I think if I were the devil i would invalidate God through “scientific facts” which in reality are just widely accepted lies


The guy is a paid actor with some decent science knowledge paid to promote propaganda, nothing more. Probably diddles boys on the side.


Mr “the world is an oblate pear shaped spheroid which bulges at the equator”. Who falls for this unscientific nonsense with no proof but fotoshop images from nasa…which actually depict it as a perfect sphere. Real life Scientific proof is that water never curves and sticks to a spinning ball- it ALWAYS finds its LEVEL (FLAT) ie horizon, sea level aeroPLAnE, spirit level etc


The world looks like a perfect sphere because it's freaking huge, and the disparity in circumference is too small to be obvious to the naked eye.


Can u physically prove the earth is a ball. Using physics can u prove it through Natural Science that we live on a spinning ball? - can u make water stick to a ball? Has gravity ever been measured or is it just a convenient theory for the globe? We have all been indoctrinated since young to beleive in a spinning ball earth without any natural science, just tv images and cgi images. Natural science, ancient ancestors and engineering/construction say that we are on a stationary plane


What a weird comment to make.




Yes, yes…. They are all Freemasons. Let’s move on with what we know about them and start dismantling their whole agenda


You can only kiss yourself on the lips in the mirror - Neil de Grasse Is this the kind of facts he lures the kids in?


Ok… but who is the elf behind him?


Yeah but who sits like that on a couch?




FreeMasonic grip.


these aren't the kinds of pictures that should convince anyone.


Damn this bitch is everywhere. It's like a meme at this point.


Should post all these pictures to r/old schoolcool and see what people say


This just looks like it's us vs them, like, it's not about the pedophilia, it's about power and control, whether it be through the way we fight over political ideals, race, sports teams etc. They seek to divide so that the 1% can remain in their little club to enjoy the luxuries built on the backs of the 99%. Once people understand what this is truly about, change can occur.