Madrid paralyzed after historic storm with reports of 60cm+ of snow

Madrid paralyzed after historic storm with reports of 60cm+ of snow


So there is where all the snow is.


My thoughts exactly! I'm still waiting to see some snow again! It's been two years here.


It's been a lifetime in Madrid, just about time it finally happened haha


I come from Bermuda, which is the most northern tropical climate in the world. Once during the 70’s it snowed for an hour on the island. At the time many locals had not seen snow before and thought it was nuclear fallout and that the US must had been hit. The government had to go out and make an announcement that World War 3 was not happening.




Bulgaria used to get -13 to -25 winters every year and now we are happy when it gets -1....


Same goes for Romania. Brasov used to be one of the biggest ski resort in Romania but this winter it got almost no snow And happy cake day btw


Thx dude


We used to get -15, -10 winters in Poland. And lots of snow. Now, white Christmas? Hahahha maybe a decade ago. This climate crisis stuff is such a chinese hoax that winters are basically nonexistent now! Well, except now we have like 4cm of snow bravely holding on for the last 4 days


Previous year in Lithuania we had no snow or we had snow but it melted the next day, but it used to get to -25 Celsius but finally this year we are getting some snow


It's been 9 years in Hungary when we had a white christmas


White Christmas is loong ago here too, sadly 😞 I don't even remember! We mostly get snow in January and sometimes in early December, but lately Christmas has always been like 10 degrees!!


I feel robbed. It's been 5+ all winter here in Sweden. Give me winter! 😭


There's snow in Stockholm now, right?


Currently, there is less than a cm snow


Only patches, snow is expected in the coming days and then the temperature will also lower to between minus 5 and minus 7 (except Wednesday night which seems to be down to minus 14)


I feel you bro. We here in Finland have only like 1-2 cm in southern parts


Really? I'm in the south (just a bit north of Helsinki) and we have about 10 cm based on how much my stubby-legged dog is still sticking out. While I definitely wouldn't mind more snow I also don't mind as long as the current one doesn't melt.


"Hey how do you guys measure snow so accurately?" "% dog"


This looks so awesome. Especially since car traffic seems to have come to a complete stand still. They probably don’t have the equipment to deal with this like snow ploughs (why would they if snow is so rare in Madrid?) so people can really enjoy the white beauty to the fullest.


Yeah but just wait a couple of days. If the temperature doesn't go up high enough, this could become one slippery hell


he, remember about 10 years back, when the reeperbahn in hamburg basically was one thick icesheet. city could not get around to move the snow from the pedestrian area, so all the snow was just trampled down in to some 10 cm thicc sheet of ice. walking there was quite a challenge, for the ice was rather uneven and bumpy.


That's exactly what I was thinking about. I lived in Altona at the time.


It’s supposed to get up to 3° during the day tomorrow and -13 Monday night.. Madrid is going to be one giant ice rink


-13! I know Madrid gets cold, but that has to be a record, surely?


I think the current record inside the city limits is -9.. so this week we’re seeing record snow and potential record cold..


>-13 Jacket weather.


In Canada.


Nah, that’s t-shirt weather in Canada. -20°C is when they start closing the windows.


I forgot my front door ajar today. I noticed the floor was cold hours before that, but I thought it was just the usual.


Shorts and bare chest weather


Can relate




Oh my


Like iceland one big as iceball that is why most icelanders hate winter so much.


After all, it’s named Iceland. 😜


Does that happen every winter? I've only been there a few times. And pavements and streets were skating-ice slippery in Reykjavik some days


Yes, every winter, and often a few times each winter. I can't wait for the summer..every year.


Dis. I just want constant frost so there will be much less ice everywhere.


Why tho?


People walk over it and compress the snow, then during the day this starts to melt and at night freezes over. At this point your whole city is one big ice sheet.


That's exactly what happened, for almost a week, you can't get rid of the ice.


[Lots of trees](https://i.imgur.com/Zegqbqs.jpg) (sorry, don't know how to do albums) have broken under the weight of the snow. The last time I remember a tree breaking was when a pine in front of my house was struck by lightning easily over ten years ago. And now they're everywhere. We've been cautioned not to walk near trees or buildings. Some structures, such as certain balconies and apparently a lot of rooftops (the flat kind you access to put your clothes up to dry on) wouldn't be able to stand the weight of all the snow icing over and piling up, so we're throwing it "overboard" five stories down.


Wait, I can't wrap my head around the trees. Surely it can't be the weight of the snow, and surely the buildings protect the trees from heavy winds?


It is indeed the weight of the snow.


damn, that's wild. I guess the trees have never experienced weight from above like that.


Think of it like this: every year, x trees grow too weak to support a given amount of snow (say 30cm) of snow on their branches. In Finland (or in the mountains of Madrid, where these amounts of snow are usual), it snows that much every year. So every year, x trees break. In downtown Madrid, also y trees become too weak to support that kind of weight every year. But it barely ever snows that much, so those trees haven't broken (for 60 years). So when it snows, they all break at once. y is probably bigger than x in the first place because a lot of snow probably precludes certain trees from growing (unless they are in a certain age range? maybe?).


Thats sort of where my surprise stems from, I'm sure it happens, I just haven't really ever heard of trees falling from snow over here. I'm guessing we have very different species though as well. With that being said, I remember when we cut down a handful of trees from the outer edge of a forest at the cottage, and the same year we ended up losing an insane amount of inner-forest trees that had never developed the roots to support high winds since the outer edge were the wind breakers. So the snow thing makes a lot of sense in retrospect, it just didn't compute in my head at first. Nature is fragile it seems.


It has to be the species of trees. Cold hearty species have no problem with snow while other warmer climate species might become more brittle in the cold and thus more vulnerable to damage from snow and ice.


I guess not. I mean it is A LOT of snow.


Where I live 60cm is not a lot of snow and our trees do just fine. Maybe those trees were not cold hardy and thus more vulnerable to the stress from the snow.


Yeah, northern trees are built for the snow. In Finland the spruce trees are very straight and all have short branches so they won't build up too much snow. In Estonia the spruces have much wider branches, since there is less snow. In Madrid I imagine that the trees would be more oak-like, all spreading and twisting, and would thus gain more snow weight and break? Mountain pines are built low to the ground with spreading branches, but I guess the branches bend not unlike bows under the weight of snow, and more importantly, they gather piles of snow around them (like a dune), which protects and helps support them under the snow.


Neither the trees, nor the people 😂


It's the snow. Saw it in realtime this morning. [Friday.](https://i.imgur.com/LR0n9MX.jpg) [Saturday.](https://i.imgur.com/QHt6K6r.jpg)


Snow looks really wet and heavy. Snowballs should be killer though.


Canadian here, so we get are fair share of snow like you guys do. Trees, since they’ve been saplings, experience snowfall on their branches. The weight of the snow and wind during harsher weather over time causes the cells of the trees to be more dense and withstand more weight as they get bigger. This is why it’s rare in our parts of the world to witness trees falling or snapping due to the weight of snow. In our regions, it’s more common to see branches snap off or trees fall during ice storms, as ice storms are less frequent and the accumulation of ice weighs more than snow. An example of the cell density was discovered after growing tall trees (could’ve been palms) in a greenhouse in England; they kept falling over after a certain height and replanting new ones, unsure as to what was the cause. They eventually discovered that in nature, wind creates a type of scarring on trees that strengthens them as they grow taller, but still allows them to be malleable enough to create less resistance by swaying in the wind and all this prevents them from breaking/snapping/falling over.


RIP any emergency response vehicles though




They were already going very slowly yesterday.


Snow is common, but this is the worst blizzard since there are records. While there are indeed snow ploughs and salt spray trucks, the Madrid metropolitan area is like 6 million people and this happened in less than 24 hours. I had to shovel snow and ice for the first time in my 41 years. I had 1m high snow in my backyard today.


Snow is common in Madrid? You must definitely be from Las Rozas or higher. In South Madrid we have barely ever seen more than 5cm snow in parks. There was 1m in some down wind hills, it was apotheosic


Worst? Surely you meant to say best?


I guess worst. 4 people died.


That's a fucking miracle to be honest, taking into account the scale of the blizzard


I am pretty sure they have. In Madrid city probably not, but in Madrid province, plenty. The northern frontier of Madrid is a mountain range (Sistema central a.k.a. "la Sierra"). Madrid has 7 main highways to keep free of ice, and its lowest point is about 600 meters over the sea level.


Mountains are +2000m high, and it's rarely covered in snow these last years (I have hiked there several times in just a t-shirt). Snow in actual metropolitan Madrid is extremely rare, and the amount fallen have surpassed all human expectations


Climate chaos is pretty fun and interesting in the short term, but it begs serious questions about what the future might hold Things like the gulf stream are poorly understood in context with the rest of the planet and the possibility of changes to these kinds of weather phenomenon may bring massive changes to weather in future.


Yeah and there's this one water flow around the arctic, I forget what it's called, that stabilizes air flow and temperature. Now that way more ice is melting and staying melted, which changes the water flow to become more unstable, temperatures also become unstable. So instead of a straight band across a latitude it's more wavy, which can very unpredictably bring hot spells to way higher latitudes and cold spells to way lower latitudes. Seeing this and things like the ridiculously warm summer Siberia had it isn't farfetched to think it has something to do with that.


Rn it has stopped and the machines and army are already doing their job. It has been magical tho. No cars and nothing else to do but playing in the snow


How are we not gonna have snow ploughs lol


Love the pic, one lone guy skiing while everybody else is inside trying to cope with this weird shit.


Are you fucking kidding? This is a once in a lifetime event, everybody is still outside lol


> This is a once in a lifetime event I wish, extreme weather events like this are *very* likely to become extremely commonplace due to the manifold effects of climate change.


Haha, nobody stayed in. I think that at the time all the snow must be snowmen, lol


I love this, I imagine he enjoys skiing and is happy and excited to mount on his ski and just ski in the streets. I would be ecstatic if I could do that


I love that he bought all that shit, probably never expecting to use it near where he lived, and now that he finally can, didn’t wait a second and just went outside.


Madrid has a ski station up in the mountains one hour away by car. It doesn’t snow in the plateau that much but it does snow quite a lot up in the mountains


Nothing you say will stop this man from being my personal hero. On a serious note, thank you for letting me know you could ski in Spain, never even thought about it tbh.


Still it is metal to ski in downtown Madrid


[There are like 40 ski resorts in Spain, with peaks up to 3.500 meters.] (https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esqu%C3%AD_en_España#/media/Archivo:Mapa_de_estaciones_de_esqu%C3%AD_en_España.jpg)


Skiing is a pretty common sport in Spain. I actually think the Pyrenees ski resorts are some of the most underrated in Europe. And Madrid is right next to a mountain range so a lot of people do Nordic skiing. But yeah, definitely never expected to use them in the city.


dude really out there skiing


I saw five people today just in my own neighbourhood and there's people recommending specific long streets to ski in. Really is too bad I don't ski.


Do you normally get snow ? Or is it impressive that this person had cross country skis just kicking around?


No, we almost get no snow at all (5 cm is already a big deal). Some people have skis because we have pretty high mountains nearby (+2000m), but this amount snow in the city center is totally unprecedented.


I haven seen this much snow in my life. Snow is so rare here, the fact that it even stays on the ground and doesnt melt would already be memorable


One of my neighbours did some snowboard towed by a 4x4. There is a very famous (now) video of some bloke with a 6 dog sled, too. There was an impromptu massive snowball battle in Gran Vía (one of the biggest, broadest, main streets) too. Say what you want about Spaniards, we could make a fukken party out of ANYTHING.


Have you seen the snow battle at Gran Via? :)




Cheapest lift ever


There was a post earlier of people riding the subway with skis and snowboards to the top of a hill then riding down the closed street.


Meanwhile I am here in Finland with just 5cm of snow


West coast of Sweden, we've had a tiny bit of snow in the last few days but it's almost melted away already. :(


Same where I live in Canada. A very mild winter so far


I'm in Denmark and we just got a huge ton of snow


Well, get your sticks ready, I'm coming over. :)


Try me:)


Can I sit in the corner and watch?




Gimme some of that snow here in north germany. I'll take your entire stock!!


No snow here. Guess it all went to Madrid


And it all melted again, at least where I live...


We still have a lot here in Hillerød


Så er du heldigere end mig. Vores sne forsvandt efter en dag eller to


Vores sne ligger her stadigvæk, men vi fik også et ordentligt læs


Så heldige er vi desværre ikke her i Aarhus


To clarify for reddit, it depends where in Finland. Finland is a very long country, and central to north always has a shit ton of snow and currently has a nice 0.5meters depth. The very most southern corner of the country is currently sitting at 5cm (-12c though), but is expecting big snow falls over the next few days. February is our coldest month and current snow depths are nothing out of the ordinary tbh.


I'm a worried fellow european from up north. It looks like you will have -12 degrees in a few days. Are your houses built for that? Are you ready?


All houses (or most?) have heating and insulation because it does get cold in winter (like 1°), should we watch out for something else? Thanks!


If things are getting bad enough that it actually gets to freezing in your house, turn your taps on and leave them slowly on constantly. but that would require a power outage with the cold. stay home, watch movies. socks in bed is better than cold feet all night.


The general water pipes are buried deep enough for them to not freeze, and they reach the buildings from the underground as well through the basement and distributed to the homes in the building from there. Homes here have in genersl a weak insulation, but it's good enough to not freeze inside (don't know if this is a statement or a wish). It's problematic for individual houses because they have a weak point, the pipes get out of the ground within the external wall for having a readable meter. The water company has asked people living in individual houses to insulate the meter with whatever they might have at home, including paper or old clothes or whatever, but I guess there will be a lot of problems in those kind of houses.


Homes in Spain have bad insulation? Maybe I’ve been too lucky as I’ve never experienced that. The worse isolation I’ve experienced is in the UK... houses built before 2010 are unprepared for any type of climate


This is of course relative. Insulation in Madrid is weak compared to the insulation in places where winter is consistently harsher.


Thats what i would suspect. Lots of stone/concrete buildings which can be great for their thermal mass in the heat, but not in the cold. If it remains cold for a while mold could become an issue. because those same high thermal mass walls wont have a vapor and likely no moisture barrier. So that means your warm home will create condensation on the inside of walls. If you see moisture on walls get a dehumidifier ASAP and if possible lower the internal temp.


Yeah that is where the tap constantly running will help prevent freezing. Trust me we have had multi day power outages in a Canadian winter, if you think it could be an issue the water bill will be cheaper than ruptured pipes.


Well your pipe systems might not be built for this. If they are unheated and unprotected when passing outside buildings, they can freeze. Freezing water expands, and can crack them. That's by far the biggest risk. Also, rainwater drains from rooftops can get blocked, and level roofs will then accumulate all meltwater, that eventually finds a way inside. Other than that, you'll be fine.


I didn't know it could get that cold in Madrid actually. When I think about it it makes sense. Inland and a bit of a high altitude. What I would worry about, a part from being cold, is the water pipes. At -12 water freezes quite fast. Ice will expand and crack the pipes. Iron or copper pipes don't stand a chance. Plastic ones with might. My tip would be to keep the water flowing just a little bit through the night.


1c is not cold winter, its mild summer XD (take care, and stay warm t: Finnish guy)


I was walking last night during the blizzard in Getafe (south Madrid ) while an old man (~80 year old) was walking his dog. He was absolutely crazy, he had never seen anything remotely like this before.


I'm worried about my heating bill because the homes are insulated, but the insulation isn't usually as good as in the north. We will be (expensively) warm and ok.


I feel like r/Europe has some magical powers over the weather because whenever there's a post about how there's so little snow this year in X, you can be certain that in a week or so Europe is gonna get a butt ton of snow. Or it could just be that such posts occur mostly in the winter.


I would say tis mostly due to the fact that winter (meteorlogically speaking) starts with dec 22. While people count december as a "winter month" and misguidedly expect it to be snowy from the start, and to always have a "white christmas", as they forget, that its the 3rd day of the winter...


Meteorological winter actually starts 1 Dec and ends 28 Feb. It's defined as the coldest 3 months of the year. Source: I'm a meteorologist.


Sorry - i intended to mean the thing related to solar radiation. Since meteorolgical winter isn't something precise as far as the globe goes. (Due to start and end chaging a LOT with latitude) Turns out my lack of native english came and bit me in the back.I meant astronomical winter. Which starts at where i said and ends around march 20 - TIL winter solstice & spring equinox wanders. (should have been obvious, but well i am not always considering everything i should)


but thats how it used to be...




How do you know?


Lucky guess.


Let me guess, there are coconuts growing in Lappland while the northern lights are shining in Ecuador.


Meanwhile in England: "Whats snow?"


‘Snow’ is the other thing that might close down your country.


What are you on about? We've had a few centimetres up north the past few days and it's still here in the freezing temperatures.


Brexit took it 😩😩


I wonder if people were prepared for it, I mean in terms of having the equipment at home to keep properly warm.


Well, Madrid is pretty close to "sistema central" which is a mountain system with a few small ski resorts and snow is very common. So there is some mountain, ski and snowboard tradition in the region. Cold is also not uncommon in the region, madrid city is about 600 meters height and the highest in the region is +2000 m. This is not Pirenees or Alpes but well... In my experience, most people did not have the appropriate equipment in the main city, but where I live (suburban area) there is a lot of people well equipped in the streets.


Thank you. I was thinking more in terms of heating systems in their homes.


I'd say most people in central and northern Spain have heating in their homes. It is usually the resorty towns by the Mediterranean in the south which tend not to have it.


Yeah, not many problems with that. Someone said madrid averages about 3° minimun and 9° maximum in January, so most houses are equiped in some degree to cold. Madrid goes from 40 in summer to below zero in winter... I mean, this is not Russia or scandinavia, but cold is a thing.


It gets cold every winter in Madrid (below zero at night is very common). Every flat has heating, but not all flats have a/c.


That’s good. Where I live, the weather has been gradually changing, more extreme, so slowly we have been installing air coolers/heaters (mini-splits), but still you get some areas like bathrooms that are not covered.


Yeah our flat has only those kind of machines and our bathroom doesn't have one, so no heating there! Most flats have proper radiators though.


Those are becoming increasingly common just because they're cheaper to run.


So far the temperatures haven't been out of the normal range of winter (that will change soon). It's the snow that's weird, not the cold.


Imagine all the winter equipment (skis, hockey, ice skates) shops in Madrid almost going bankrupt but then suddenly blowing up in sales


Are they allowed to be open right now though?


That’s climate change for you.


You must be downvoted by clueless people, because you're right: this is what it looks like. It's not only the temperatures rising, it's the weather getting more extreme.


Yeah but still. Climate change is about trends, it’s not like it never snowed in Madrid before. The thing is that there’s a clear trend of the weather getting more extreme in a way that can be attributed to human activity. Picking any singular case doesn’t seem like a good way of claiming global warming.


Look at countries statistics from past 200 years, look at csees and changes in the last 10 years in all of them, this ain't no single case but a trend that will most likely continue. Summers and winters in more dangerous and extreme ways.


And this is why it is called climate change. More heat in the global system is causing havoc in the local ones


Hasn’t happened in 100 years but how many years until it happens again?


Abnormally cold and snowy winters can mostly be attributed to the shifting of the polar vortex, which used to be very stable, but no longer is due to climate change. Now it — for lack of a better word — migrates and brings cold snaps to places that aren’t really supposed to have them. In other words, I wouldn’t be surprised if this begins to happen more frequently.


What happened in Madrid is much more rare and complex than just that. The actual blizzard came from the tropics


60cm? Show me picture.


[Rooftop this morning](https://i.imgur.com/AS5dFm4.jpg) . And it hasn't stopped for one second.


I had to cave snow on my doorway to have an exit.


Wooww that looks stunning, miss the snowy weather


so that's why the forecast was a lie. they stole our snow!!


The snow saw some Brexit import fees and decided to stir down south :P


he doesn't look paralyzed


Some friends and I made an Igloo and a pretty good track to go downhill. On her way home a grind of mine told me she saw people with snow boards and skis who made a track with jumps and all.


As a Canadian, that's a lot of snow


I want this Snow in Warsaw.... omg... :(


Could you please return OUR snow? Half the winter is gone and we still don't have any snow here in the Arctic. Thanks.


is anyone familiar with the usual weather in madrid?


Winter is cold, sometimes snows but not like this. In summer is hot.


It's usually just cold. Very little, if at all snow on most years. And if it does, it's melted by morning. We haven't gotten this kind of snow [in the city](https://i.imgur.com/44l4ynK.jpg) in decades.




It definitely has snowed plenty of times since 2009 and temperature goes below 0C quite often in winter lol.




Only thr 11th thousand post about snow in Madrid.


Only the first time in the last 11th thousand years it snowed so hard in Madrid


2 feet of snow for the lazy Americans out there.


Ah, so that's where all our snow went.


That one guy "Hah they laughed at me when bought skies, and winter coat&pants in spain........WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!!!!"


Netherlands snow is so shit.. ;( It only looks good on trees and stuff


Finally I can say as a Brit. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT REAL SNOW IS.


Global warming is NOT misinformation


In b4 some retard says global warming no longer exists


I have a hippy friend who claims that this blizzard is caused by the earth fighting against climate change and "resetting" the world's temperature 😂


It's literally snowing mate, how is any of this warm? ^^^^^^^^^^/s


How many people in Spain have cross-country skis?


Skiing is quite common in Spain actually. Bear in mind it's one of the most montanious countries in Europe. Pretty much everywhere away from the coast has mountains, and you're never more 2-3 hours away from a ski resort. Madrid is close to sistema central, Barcelona is close to the Pyrenees, Valencia is close to Sistema Ibérico in Teruel, Andalusia has Sierra Nevada, the North has Picos de Europa...


Near the mountains, lots. There's a village in Leon where the lowest temps were -35c. You read it right.


>a village in Leon where the lowest temps were -35c No need to go that far. Near Teleno -10º is way common in winter. >How many people in Spain have cross-country skis? One at least. But hey are pretty common. I feel like all the northern europeans are realizing that Spain is not a dessert. We have plenty of ski resorts and they also have XC tracks. [https://www.skiresort.info/ski-resorts/spain/](https://www.skiresort.info/ski-resorts/spain/)


Still nothing here 😩


It looks beautiful, but it's scary


Frankly, it seems like a terrible prelude to climate change.


Wow and where I live we didn't even have 1cm of snow yet


Meanwhile, Some parts of England havent even seen snow yet.


This seems fine...


I want what they have..


You wouldn't know that this isn't a picture from somewhere up north, eh?