My story: instead of doing therapy the MC travels around the world defeating powerful opponent for character development.


Rick and Morty?


Nah, never seen that show.




Craigslist purchase goes so terribly wrong. Boy must break law to avoid psychologically damaging his Siri.


So basically every time you use Craigslist lol


A blue guy bullies his crush and her family


James Cameron. Is that you?


Nope, my blue guy is different from James Cameron's blue guy. Blue guy is short, buff, and worships the sun. James Cameron also doesnt have a flame boy whose favorite food is oyster juice.




Orphan teen enters medieval ufc tournament to impress his girlfriend


Lol I hope it worked


SPOILER ALERT : it does, kinda


I love that movie!


Four kids goof off in space and sometimes there’s dragons.


How many dragons?


2, but 1 (the big bad one) is trapped in the core of a star and doesn't get out until near the end. Idk there might be more. I'll decide when I write it lmao


2 is an adequate number of dragons. Well done!


Dragons cool


Dragons best.


Damn. This sounds almost identical to the book I'm writing. Four kids and a dragon try to conquer the universe. What could possibly go wrong?


A bunch of characters with daddy issues save the world from an edgy, pessimistic farm-boy-turned-god.




Hahaha thanks, story is still a work in progress but I’m getting there.




The Part Four of your series sounds quite interesting I will say.




It’s about a guy that can punch things really, really hard. Bonus: This is how I actually describe it to people when they ask me what my book is about. No, I’m not ONE.


One Punch Man?


Akira Toriyama?


Haha wall go boom


Story 1: An atheist’s libido forces her to fight in a holy war. Also, DJ Octavio is there. Story 2: Depressed asexual man befriends the kinkiest tamagotchi ever and then gets high. Story 3: Woman hates having big boobs but makes them bigger anyway because she’s in space now.


>An atheist’s libido forces her to fight in a holy war. Also, DJ Octavio is there. I'd absolutely read that


I’ll DM you


These all sound fantastic


I’m really interested in story 2, to be honest.


That one I’m having a hard time writing but it is in the works.


I would totally read all of them


Two words: emotionally dragon


I’m intrigued


Devastated young man is on the run and ends up at the mercy of a dragon after the group he is traveling with take shelter within its hidden valley. The MC offers himself as collateral if the creature allows the others to stay until the snowstorm outside passes. He discovers its not really a dragon, but something akin to a sphynx wearing dino-skin armor to scare them away. Together they: 1. Discover a long lost history between their people 2. Uncover a conspiracy to kill a king and throw three nations into war 3. Talk about their feelings.




Very interesting


My whole story is basically A group of idiots try to calm down aggressive atheist.


Are you C.S. Lewis?


This cracked me up way more than it should.


LOL. Every single book.


Sounds fun


Another story I've got: Aliens leave behind cool stuff. Cavemen go "yoink."


2001: A Space Odyssey?


I've never actually watched that, is that basically the plot? 😆


Honestly, the movie is so trippy I'm not sure if it has a plot.


Oh man definitely watch it. Easily top 10 sci fi films. But yes, a series of mysterious and otherworldly artifacts appear before key moments in human evolution seemingly guiding them towards space travel.


Oh dear


Man destroys the world because it got too disgusting


A biography about Thomas Midgley?


That guy destroyed the world for the moonies.


His most profitable invention poisoned and probably killed more people than anyone in history. His second most profitable invention almost killed everyone on earth (thankfully we stopped using it in time).




Possessed girl learns that the world is an onion, energy moves in ripples, and that its demons all the way down.


Does the earth have layers ?


Shrek 6: journey to the center of the onion




Sounds like an action movie


Raven tries to kill some gangsters


A programmer fighting his own program literally. A bad-luck nerd copies homework to win a war. I am going to defeat the demon lord with power of friendship and assault rifles. (Story is in MHA verse) All For One but worse takes down All For One but better.


I Wana read em all-


I want to write them all too. I hope I have skill enough to write English version. I can't even understand some fiction in English. If you are lucky, someone might translate my native language version.


At its core: fat kid gets unfortunate power, but uses it to make friends and fight monsters.


Story 1: Girl with family trauma tries reconnecting with her ancestors but woops they are corrupted monsters which try to kill as many humans as possible in service to our Dark Lord and Savior Story 2: Wow I love Church! Oh no, they're doing blood sacrifices to a false God who is really an evil human manipulating them! Now we must discover the ancient and lost history of the past. Story 3: Damn I hate working as a factory worker as an indentured servant aboard a spaceship. Wait the government is killing people? Let's build a 4 dimensional energy harvester to get outta here! Probably the best worst way to explain them lol


I want to read all of them


“Wow I love Church” would be an awesome book title.


Book one: Cryptids released after a paranoid kid with OCD and kleptomaniacal pyromaniac girl in the late 90's, hilarity ensues Books two and three: cults of teenagers with Harry Potter powers say no to an education and yes to the enchanting adventure of magical ecoterrorism, hilarity ensues


Alien escapes captivity only to end up stuck stuck on a ship as part of the lady-captain's accidental harem.


That sounds interesting


Best friends swap identities and, whoops, start a war and destroy a kingdom.


This is in multiple parts. Part 1 - Girl becomes cursed to die EVERY time the demon that fell in love with her remembers her. The cycle continues with amnesiac demon prince for a VERY long time. Every time amnesiac demon becomes obsessed with figuring out how he knows girl while she spends the time ignoring him and preparing for war (again). Every time with a new generation of the group of their close friends from the first time this happened. Part 2 - Workaholic heirs to clans with powerful abilities ignore their younger siblings in order to keep them safe. Meanwhile, said siblings embark on their own adventure. Part 3 - Traumatized and somewhat emotionally co-dependent elemental sprites meet two 10 year old best friends and become their babysitters. Part 4 - Demon lord starts a war because his son refuses to listen to him. Father also uses cursed girl as bait to get him to comply. It doesn’t work. The war continues.


Its an oversimplification but Guy messes things up so bad he starts the apocalypse


An autobiography?


How u know?! 👀


Sam Winchester's biography?


Sam is actually my favorite character of SPN Happy Cake Day!




Discriminated wizard gets out of his tower and, with the help of an emotionally co-depending knight, investigates on weird deaths happening around, while everybody around them assumes they are in love and tells them they shouldn't be together.


I would read the hell out of this


Damn sounds fun


Are they in love? =>


I frankly don't know. The wizard is not the most perceptive on such matters and the knight... Kinda... Chickens out when talking about feelings, so we'll see.




My story: Typical depressed genius learns meditation to combat depression after suicidal episode and becomes really strong when Eastern Type magic suddenly becomes a thing.


Wow, that's weird Episode one:WTF IS GOING ON WITH MY HANDS


Bored dude attempts to reincarnate as a planet, planet's residents dont like it.




A foreigner keeps getting caught up into bigger and bigger ploys of a magical Cold War even though he explicitly wants nothing to do with it


Drunk gatekeeper lets in multiple apocalypse-starting beings. Gets his face eaten.


Guy avoids being told what to do by following his friend's orders. Meanwhile another guy tries to revive his girlfriend by making everyone sad.


Lmao. Teen girl professionally murders hundreds for a living so her dad can finally show her some love.


- A one-eyed veteran is trying to catch a serial killer, then he realises, that he killed the killer's family, and eventually goes mad. - Somewhere in Chernobyl a boy with a plague doctor mask and his blind friend try to find their undead she-cat named Frank.


A man with no memories goes camping.


My storry: Mc kills the bbeg to prevent the apocalypse, which starts the appocalypse


Oh mine is easy: Mother ruins sons’ lives for selfish reasons.


My story : With the help of a doubtful knight and an ancient wizard with anger issues, a tomboy thief, a red hair aristocrat crybaby, and an arab mercenary had to combat elf so they wouldn't take over the world.


Literally nothing happens, no one is the Chosen One, magic powers are about as mystical as an engineering degree and mostly people are just trying to live their lives But I put that in all the descriptions as a selling point, sooooooo 😂


Destroying the world is a good guy thing now


Homeless dude gets literally kidnapped by God; oops, dies.


Boy finds a dead god. boy becomes a dead god. boy kills the gods again.


Somewhere in the distance, Kratos: BOY


What happened with Kratos?


Kratos was a dude whose dad was a god (I think Zues\[who he kills\]), who killed another god, became a god, then killed a bunch of gods, and then wasn't completely done so he moved to an entirely new pantheon and started killing them. ​ He also has a son that he calls "boy". ​ Idk why but your post made me think of it.


I read that in the mister crabs voice


HP Lovecraft?


Perhaps. I do want to have some similar ideas, but not necessarily lean so heavily into horror.


A giant and a shortie try to get Michelangelo's David arrested for fraud.


Werewolf MC leaves family for hot monster slayer and then fights a dragon god


Is it bad that I really want to read your story based on those descriptions? Lol. My story: Dumb thief decides to doublecross a tyrant, goes down as well as you'd expect. Becomes a foolish superhero.


Nope not at all


A guy is mad at an old man. Some people care, some don't. Also there's a city full of people who suck.


Love this.


The entire world’s Friendly Neighborhood Goth Aunt™️ tries to study weird magic shit and help people


Lovecraftian portal fantasy. There are doors to other worlds. This is bad.


Story 1: How to raise a kid and deal with your divorce during the Apocalypse while never ever having been married or had a kid. Story 2: Health care costs drive a traumatized teen to attempt murder but accidentally bonds with victim so they commit tax evasion. Story 3: Background Character 3 accidentally stumbles into being the archenemy of the eldritch abomination that has taken over the literal Man Eating Female Lead of the romcom that he lives in by helping someone get a cab. Proceeds to miss all the murder and rivalry until the last chapter when he suddenly realizes he is in a horror novel.


Cranky wifwolf musician adopts a boy, moves into a flophouse for monsters, and finds will to live


prologue: wizard goes to therapy part one: man wants to go home, learns he cannot go home part two: employee hunting and gardening trip part three: man who cannot go home, doesn't go home, and instead deals with trauma related to wizard therapy epilogue: more gardening, but this time with flair


An artificial intelligence struggles toward repentance for destroying the universe


Young adult kidnaps multiple teenagers to help kill old boss


Traumatized kid gets kidnapped by a Nazi-like regime, gets free, joins the rebellion, goes on an adventure to kill the king of this regime. (Of course very very very simplified) If someone knows a similar story, please send the name, I always wanted to read a story which is similar to mine


A guy tries to buy his house back from his step mom 🤣


Three people must team up to solve a murder that they committed.


Ninphomaniac witch and an abomination against nature join a group of nazi elites to stop a bunch of incorporeal shadows.


Sounds neat!


Boy tries to save the world from undead beings, in the background boy's dead twin brother makes sure he doesn't mess up and off himself.


POV 1: Guy with ego issues learns he has extraordinary gifts, tries to get rich and powerful, fails miserably. POV 2: Girl who leads a country, constantly tries to remove the country from a literal hellhole, fails miserably, well, sort of. POV 3: Another girl with extraordinary power, who has been around for centuries, tries to annihilate the universe, fails. POV 4: Guy with an extraordinary mind, and immortality, manipulates Guy and girl with extraordinary gifts, succeeds. In the end, a not so happy ending.


Hack slash hack; character development Or zoolander puddle scene battles against mugatu demon


Reincarnation of a human soldier gets rescued by a girl who fell in love with him 10000 years ago and has always been late to save him. Now he is on a quest to meet his in-laws while learning how to help people.


Story 1: Magical epileptic who can see the future and his badly-adjusted, mentally ill detective homies think they're doing a battle of wits with a revenant terrorist who is trying to turn humans into demons, turns out yes that's what's happening but it's actually the terrorist's ex from approximately 3k years ago, and neither the terrorist nor the ex care about the protagonists because this is about *their* petty squabbling, thank you very much. Big climactic 'battle' ends with the Evil Ex essentially going, "Okay, this is officially annoying," scooping the thoroughly beaten protags up in a metaphorical paper cup, and dumping them outside with an emphatic "SHOO." Story 2: "Cars," but western middle fantasy (brought to you by my toddler's latest obsession. KACHOW) Story 3: A sunshine necromancer, an insomniac battle mage with a brand new alcohol addiction, their work mom, and her pet heretic go on a road trip from hell while cosplaying steampunk Sherlock Holmes, and nobody remembered to bring a map. Or snacks. Story 4: World's clumsiest and dumbest immortal wakes up during his own autopsy and has to convince both his M.E. and himself that Life Is Okay, Actually.


One I completed two months ago or so: A bunch of blackmailed misfits (including a nun, a medium and a drug dealer) is forced to do cosmic shrimp’s bidding and assassinate Franz Ferdinand while another bunch (a Wertherian pansexual guy, a mother of two and a pissed off priest) are trying to fix this by following a trial of Tarot cards and random radio signals.


1st story: Dumbass finds himself and makes friends with funny heart powers 2nd: Atheist twink stronk-boy mixed in with hardcore christian dickheads 3rd: Bri'sh guy edits the book's text instead of becoming a chad the good old way 4th: Alchemist and Swordswoman vs Popeye Moon 5th: Shonen tropes galore


Dumbass gambler gives man knife to commit murder. Gambler's friend tries to stop hunger by climbing a mountain. They flee the country, get kidnapped, and start a religious cult.


my story that I'm working on for fun: two friends who just somehow click because they used to be one person in the past. oh and one of them joined a vigilante group and the other joins later ​ the other story I'm working on for fun: cat girl steals from half elf, befriends the samurai and local tall guy and they go off to kill the roses and the guy connected to the roses. oh and there's just some guy who sticks with them after the halfway point.


One of my stories: Spider-Man meets Etrian Odyssey. A piece of finely buttered toast goes rogue and a 1 year old is retiring from being the strongest superhero.


Twin japanese brothers (share the same soul) befriend a egyptian girl (who is also the twins). Bad Stuff happens and not MC twin makes a deal with a local, forgotten deity (who is also him). Ends in violence between the 3 parties, and the moon crashing (story takes place on ghe moon).


Orphan gets friends killed, decides to kill god even though the god didn’t really do much


I have another one. A candle turns the life of two siblings upside down while they make sure demon overlord doesn't steal said candle.


Part 1: Cyborg knight is in a path for revenge against an arsonist and somehow ends up bringing 3 teens along with him. Part 2: Said Cyborg knight drops the 3 teens to a local academy to train while they fight cultists, ancient dark lords and uncover mysteries, scooby-doo style Part 3: Cyborg Knight starts to become conflicted while attending to the teens Intramurals before their graduation, school gets attack by remnant cultists, CK gets mad and goes on a trip to a secret continent leaving his family Part 4: Takes place in secret continent in a secret war between the secret military and the main baddies, CK goes on missions with new friends meanwhile learning his past and main baddies' pasts. Part 5: CK turns evil but later turns good, leads the final battle to end the war, meets the main MAIN baddy, the last devil, and faces him in a final showdown with one of the previous main baddies to reset hell and heaven.


A long tedious road to suicide only to get cocked blocked by god at the very end.


Angry goat man throws tantrum and dabbles in blood magic. Cranky woman lights many things/people on fire. Bard gets naked.


Story 01: Catboy cucks his best friend to ensure the continuation of his race. Story 02: Catboy’s friend’s son tries to pick up the pieces and kick the Catboy in the face.


A nerdy stoner ends up in an escalating series of bullshit while training hard until he becomes an animie ninja wizard god then fights the evil animie wizard god. Also there's no chosen one, he's literally just some guy from a village who smokes too much weed and reads too many adventure novels


Story 1: Local boy picks up glowing circle, immediately has to fight God and let his entire civilization burn to the ground. Story 2: Cuban-Hawaiian immigrant girl falls for mainland boy, then is (half) responsible for killing the world. Story 3: Danny Phantom but with more existentialism and spicy air Story 4: Local Japanese woman is Ghost in the a Shelled, gets mad about it Story 5: Man rejects occultism to become Bill Gates but with balls Story 6: Old Michigan Man kills a lot of people illegally, then he kills more people illegally, but now with nano-machines


God gets tired of governing the world and gives random people fractions of his power to solve the apocalypse.


A french knight, turkish merchant and cornish peasant needs to fix shit because a german princess felt like humanity needs dinosaurs back


Two college students find a goblin and lead her to the west coast because she asked them to.


Young boy who doesn't like his mother runs away with his vagabond uncle to go on a dangerous and life threatening journey all in the name of achieving a childhood dream.


Preteen girls attempt to learn magic as grown ass adults force them to solve thier problems


Immortal literally makes an immortal wife, but she calls him creepy for doing so and just leaves.


That’s sad lol


A girl is a princess, another girl is a bird and somehow the princess dies and the bird becomes a princess. WHAT 😂


Bird and rock go on wacky adventures.


kill grandchildren of immortal Walt Disney to break curse & free theme park employees from eternal servitude but alternate universe so it isn't Walt Disney


Screw your opinions, I’m a dragon!


Everyone’s mom tricks a lawyer into causing the apocalypse; everyone’s sister fails to prevent it


Giants are dicks, dragons are sick, people are racist, gods are dying, and planet is egg


Guy is really good at killing but hates doing it. Joins the world's least optimized adventuring party to help them save the world, but only because they'd fail horribly if they didn't have someone with them who knew what they were doing. Also; fat italian has the magical power to turn into a door.


Book one: Sad boy and ADHD elf are hired to transport a mer-child across the country.


This is gonna sound really, really bad: Boy destroys an island because he had a bunch of bad dreams


Let's see... Girl with resting bitch face and a buttload of trauma gets thrown into The Princess Diaries


Depressed shadow boy fights God.


A large group of people riot upon finding out their vacation has been extended.


A bipolar snail and Saul goodman go to hell to cash a coupon.


lover girl suffers trying to get into the pants of an ace bird guy while the world burns to a crisp due to magical wifi lag.


"Screw postmodernism, son. Go and be a fabled hero."


oh my god yes. lesbian furry is angry at capitalism. lesbian furry commits identity theft with other lesbian furries. lesbian furries murders people. the end.


Boy realizes he is a reincarnation and everything goes to shit


Lol I'd love to read your story. I can't think of a stupid way to summarize mine.


Thank you


Reverse Moses meets fascism


Demigod regularly and often spectacularly fails at saving the world and honestly makes things worse while trying to maintain a cross-dimensional long-distance relationship Twink prince of a theocracy falls in love with an aggressively anti-royal and atheist thief A group of kids accidentally start a civil/holy war


A guy with anger issue is forced to team up with a egotistical princess to stop a soul-eating demon from destroying the afterlife.


Mine would go something like this: Mentally unstable twink with powers runs away from home, becomes a prostitute, and then joins a college for people who have powers.


Soulless soldier becomes a God


An all powerful man-child makes a bunch of monsters, takes a millennium long nap, and is surprised they didn't murder each other yet. (Also they made a society or something he wasn't listening.)


In one sentence: refugees join the war because they're dumb and now have a hate boner against dragons. ​ A longer summary: Group of friends survive fiery but mostly peaceful dragon attack, which ended most of their culture, by being submissive to the "tough girl" and being drunk. They relocate to a better, less ash-y town but instead of fucking to rebuild their culture's numbers, decide to go die off even more by joining the army of the elves. The "tough girl" is now also a "miracle tough girl". Friendzones main character and the latter decides to learn how to jump and be good with a pointy stick. Main character finds magic pointy stick that allows him to better fight dragons. Girl with pointy stick falls in love with him, but he's too dumb to notice. Magical pointy stick helps him save friends. They all make friends and get over their dragon-killed-my-daddy-issues and "miracle tough girl" now becomes "martyred miracle tough girl", blue-balling the main character and traumatizing him for good. They find out a dickhead hooded guy is the one behind the dragons going throwing a hissy fit and they decide to go out into the world to spank him and his dickhead friends.


stupid dude has weird powers and wants to use that power to commit bad stuff with a group of friends


Ima just go through the plot since I'm probably never gonna be able to publish it- A blind, sassy teen is forced to socialize with another dragon, Iris. They then get dragged along with Iris to deliver a message to the Queen of Frost'Claws and totally DO NOT eavesdrop a conversation bout a magical death book. They meet a third dragon and are once again forced to socialize against their will. The new party of Twilight (MC), Irish, and Folliage go off on a gleefully suicidal mission to get this book. On the way, They visit Twilights old home. Foliage reveals her true identity of a badass warrior spear stabby to Iris and yeets Twilight off the floating islands. Blah blah blah, Twilight somehow lives because plot armor and Foliage is nowhere to be seen. Twilight eventually gets the book and Foliage reappears an kills Twilight. Twilight then pulls and Uni reverse and uses the power of the death note-...I mean Deciver of Death (the death book title) to such the souls out of Foliage and half of the earth's population over a course of 20 years, which altamatly leads to the sequel, prequel, and second sequel.


Book 1: Drug-dealing orphaned capitalist, a drunken fairy knight, a cross-dressing midget, a ghost, and a gaggle of various idiots go on a mission to fight dead people, rob graves, and kill an endangered species of a giant divine bird. Side-Story 1: Sea people need help fighting sea snake, but the snake is actually friendly, and the orphan accidentally revives a long lost civilization. Side-Story 2: Orphan gets his ass kicked by archangels on a floating island until he can finally score a singular hit. Book 2: Main cast aids a giant spider lady in fantastical Australia. Book 3: Main cast travels to Asia to help people and kill another giant snake, but this one’s on land. Side-Story 3: OP character’s backstory in which he was enslaved, killed an entire city-sized slave plantation, and turned his father into a person-flavored smoothie. Side-Story 4: How a samurai girl came to be socially awkward. Side-Story 5: How explosive cookies caused a great assassin to become mind-controlled by a man wearing every color of the freakin’ rainbow like a goddamn clown. Book 4: Warrior Princess learns that not all men are bad, and then a midget and an archangel duke it out to be king of the jungle, even though neither are real lions if you think about it. Book 5: That time South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa teamed up to kill a magic pig. Book 6: Drug-dealing orphan beats up a wolf that stole his grandfather’s body and steals the deed to the state of limbo, and then temporarily kills himself to double-kill the wolf. Side-Story 6: How the wolf’s temper tantrum started a world war that lasted over 120,000 years. Book 7: Three cats terrorize a bull with their crackhead speed. Epilogue: Orphan says hi to God.


Chosen idiot vs intellectual who wants to stop him from doing something which he foresaw him doing in his dreams, but which he only starts doing because the intellectual pushed against him doing it beforehand


Part uno, the man who does not like cock: a giant cock (atrice) kills a dude’s village because they stole it’s “magic” mushrooms, said dude sets out to kill said cock (atrice) by any means necessary, even circumcision (decapitation), he eventually accomplished his goal of slaying the cock(atrice) after finding a suit of armor in a cove surrounded by random shit, like a lion’s ball sack, a hyena’s pseudo penis, and a very strangely shaped fish, years after defeating the almighty cock (atrice) he is heralded as the cock slayer


A wolf man ditches his adopted family to find a magic waterfall while being followed around by strangers. Once they find it, they turn into power rangers and the story transforms into an anime


The first story goes : Dragon woman gets kicked out of the house by her grandpa, becomes murder hobo but somehow graduates to knight, gets gf, goes on a roadtrip with a princess to save the kingdom from evil jewellery


The local country Tough Girl is relocated to a city rife with crime, discovers a lot of Criminals are using the power Fisticuff Ghosts to commit crimes, and decides the best way to stop local Violent Crime is by obtaining her own Fisticuff Ghost and contributing to Violent Crime. This ends with her having a boxing match with the CEO of Heaven.


A group of bored friends pretend to be heroes which somehow escalates into trying to save their kingdom from an actual threat.


Haven't actually written it down yet so this'll likely be the only public copy I ever make lol Prologue: the gods are angry at each other because reasons so they make a world and make bets on which small creature out of thousands will defeat the other creatures the gods are betting on Part 1: edgy skunk enby gets rip van winkle'd and tries to adapt to this strange new world Part 2: skunk enby gets less edgy and goes on a quest to kill a politician who also happened to get rip van winkle'd and also also was the general of the army the skunk enby was in. Part 3: skunk enby goes to a mirror world to kill the ghost of the politician from part 2 because he might come back to life or something So basically this is captain America mixed with atla and everyone's a furry because why not lol


Girl involuntarily travels to a faraway land and from there watches her culture being genocided for totally valid reasons while finding purpose in life and making friends.


My story: five dead people have to re-kill thousands of other dead people, to cause Doomsday. Also the Grim Reaper is a Swedish woman.


Karen start a race war against an orphan


Single dad and disabled war veteran bravely takes on an army of terrorist


Bitter edgy teenager gets adopted into noble family skilled at the art of channelling depression into sorcery, and faces off against prophesied hero turned cult leader/ god who wants to die but can't.