What do you expect her to do? Ask Voldy out on a date at madam puddifoot?


Omg the image that conjured had me rolling 😂😂


Imagine Voldemort smiling and ordering coffee 😂


And eating a cucumber sandwich with little cakes 😂😂😂


With his pinky sticking out 🤣🤣🤣


That too 🤣🤣🤣


Fuck, this reminded me of a Tomarry fic where fem!Harry and Voldemort were sharing his lucid dreams (he had a whole ass library and shit) and one time she makes him laugh and then has a little crisis over the fact that he had dimples when he smiled (he was wearing a human face tho…) and eventually the prospect of an engagement is brought up and she jokingly brings up if he want to drag her to a date at Madam puddifoot (he didn’t like the idea unfortunately).


>What do you expect her to do? Ask Voldy out on a date at madam puddifoot? no, she would just come to him and tell him she loved him.


He is a sociopath. I don’t think that would impress him enough to change his personal perspective. And don’t forget, it wasn’t just Bellatrix, half the Death Eaters "loved" him.


She wasn’t so much in love with him as she was obsessed. She loved Voldemort like a god, rather than a romantic partner, and she was making little effort to hide it.


This. This is why a love child between them makes zero sense to me. There was obsessive love not romantic love, and definitely only one- way. No way Voldemort reciprocates.


>This. This is why a love child between them makes zero sense to me. There was obsessive love not romantic love, and definitely only one- way. No way Voldemort reciprocates. I think voldemort reciprocates without even realizing it.


I don't agree, but I could kinda see what you mean. How Bellatrix could perceive his being enough of a stimulant. Voldemort only behaves as Voldemort and 'inspires' that obsessive love from Bellatrix - but not really ever acknowledging or qualifying or consciously contributing to that connection, to me, means he isn't reciprocating. It's like he spiked her with love potion by mistake so to avoid detection he kept spiking her with love potion but a good time never came up to ween her off and the other death eaters got used to her like this and now it would be weird to stop so he just keeps spiking her with love potion and thats why Voldemort is always so on edge. His whole organization is just a giant house of cards built on some accidently-spiked turned perpetual-con love potion mishap.


Same thoughts for me.


exactly what i was thinking!


*His eyes are red like fresh pickled boomslang* *His nose is non-existent like the doubt in my heart* *I'll drop my husband if he'll take my hand* *The Dark Lord who gave me the Dark Mark*


He, who’s dark as night Yet makes my heart glow like a burning house He, who freezez all around us, But melts my heart like ice cream in the sun


*There once was a man from Little Hangle\[ton\]* *Whose wand was so big it would dangle* *Would curse with a grin, wiped out his kin* *For him baby boys I would mangle*


Imagine cupid knocking over Voldemort, smashing his supplies, and sitting on his ankles, just to deliver this message from Azkaban.


to me it looked much more like an intense & unhealthy obsession…rather than *love* love


Voldy would have been all up in her mind, he would know.


'I adore and love you dark lord' 'As well you should Bellatrix, I'm extraordinary'


I believe in the entire of the books we have 3 instances where they are together and none of it from their POV. It isn’t possible for us to know what she did or didn’t tell him


Wouldn’t have done much for me personally. I thought she was perfect. Chaotic and evil.


The guy famous for not understand long love? It physically hurt him to feel love when in Harry. Yeah I wonder why.


I mean, the chances of him killing her because she tried to make a move would also stop me from confessing my love to him as well. I know she was one of his top people (if not the top person) but I wouldn’t say anything to him, I’d be scared of being killed… though she’d probably like that lol


Yeah I seriously doubt she has any self preservation. Especially not in that aspect. Although it personally never seemed like *love*, more like the unhealthy obsession of a madwoman mixed with the reverence one might feel towards a god.


Idk. I think anyone working with or for Voldly has to have that kind of self preservation. But it’s been too long since I’ve read the books to remember lol


I dunno, maybe at one point. I don’t think she’d ever disrespect him (too much insane “love” and devotion there) but I’m not sure if I could say she fears him? There weren’t many scenes with the two of them to begin with tho.


She may have told him about it. His response might have been “Great. Let’s have sex.” It’s never stated that she didn’t tell him about it. He could have told her that they could have sex due to her “loyalty” and/or because he knew she was the only person who would willingly have sex with him.


I feel like he wasn’t interested in sex. He was more interested in power then anything else. Even when he was in school it seemed he never showed interest in another female student that we know of, maybe he was gay? But I honestly believe he was too obsessed with himself and power to have any other kind of interest (love, sex or otherwise). Edit for clarity


Which author


Fan fiction coming out soon...