That's up to you. I like to collect them in my mind for awhile. I usually lose interest in many and am glad I didn't buy them as my tastes and journey evolves. The impulse buying type usually end up selling them on knife_swap if they change their minds. Somehow they get full price too. For me, design matters more than cost. Although, I often don't like many budget scales and materials.


Most have gone through that phase of impulse buying, nothing wrong with that as long as you enjoy the journey os what matters. Budget, mid price, or high-end price it doesn't matter. Enjoy it relish the rush of opening boxes and handling the knife for the first time. Then after awhile you will start to be more picky and start to change. It will come .


There is no such thing as too many budget knives if that’s what you’re into or willing to spend. Don’t let this sub convince you that the only knives worth having are priced in the triple digits.