Aren’t we all executive bathroom attendants if you think about it? Considering that Rodney shits on all of us and calls it a paycheck.




As one of the Bathroom Attendant at the Kroger Cincinnati Headquarters, there is alot I shouldn't say, but obviously, because YOU asked, I will digress.. Just for you. **What's a day in your life like?** It's quit nice. I make sure the place is clean, and useable after each guest visits. I also attend to guests. This meaning I offer Colognes, breath mints, and even dry the executives hands after their wash. It's the usual thing: Sometimes I'm Drying the water, but with the Executives I am sometimes drying the blood, the cum stains. Some other fluids I don't know or want to know about. That sort of thing. **Do you ever get to leave the bathroom?** There are times when meetings are happening thru out the building, and there is a low attendance in my study. I do sneak out to perhaps the vending Machine to get something to eat. Usually a Guard comes out with a Newspaper rolled up and shouts "Back Back!! Bad Attendant!!!" and I have to go back to my post... but, there is always another meeting time for me to try it again. **How does Rodney treat you?** He actually treats me fine. Most often I don't even know he had come in until I hear him crying in one of the stalls. He is crying things like "How can I have done this to people?" and "Am I not human anymore?", but then he comes out drying his tears with 10,000 dollar bills and he seems to be fine. **Do you get any perks of the job?** Alot of times, the Board of Directors leave their Cocaine Bags in the bathroom. One would think they got so high that they forgot about them, but I like to think they left them just for me ...to say "Thanks". **Do you actually have to... clean up the executives?** Yes, but not as much as YOU HAVE to CLEAN UP the Executives after they make a mess. **How opulent are the gold fixtures?** They are very Opulent "Looking" but not actually gold. However I do have to tell everyone that they are gold. Kind of like you have to tell customers "This was freshly cut in house". **Do you have to accompany the executives when they fly on the Kro-Force 1 jet?** Rarely, but there is no silly Kro Force 1 jet. That's kind a far pitched Idea. They actually use a Big Submarine called the "McMullen-Hard-Shaft". It's a really long and hard metaled craft, but there are still hardly any Seamen in it.


Does Rodney's CACA stink?


You: i’m here to clean the toilet. Me: Start anywhere.


There are Kroger stores with bathrooms?!? The one I'm at breaks every week and by break I mean the door isn't on it and it's a single, multisex bathroom... Without a door...and the sewage backs up frequently... Yaaaaaaaay