Wtf is wrong with people on ranked games

Wtf is wrong with people on ranked games


People in this game have turbo egos or just aren’t really having the best time irl. Video games are an escape, so when you try to escape from irl kicking your ass but you queue up and lose lane to a fed Draven you’re probably not very happy. Not to mention, most people will blame others for their results so naturally you’ll run into these players who are willing to fight their teammates on minute one because of this. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do besides report them and move on, they will most likely not get banned but at the very least try to keep your sanity by ignoring it or giving up on the game entirely.


this is very common, players will often throw fits and act immature if they don't get their role... league is full of man children that need to learn to accept that things don't always go their way. its best for them to sit through the painful loss and have the punishment in getting their ass kicked,


3 words for you: League is toxic. The ranked sphere of it is because of the competitive aspect of the game and it wont change so I tip you to mute the enemy team always, never reply in all chat if someone insult you and never say insult in chat and never say that someone is inting in your team trust me I got muted 2 times for saying in all chat that my 0 10 teammate was inting, riot dont care about inters they do more about insults and provocation, much easier to detect.


Welcome to league, you should better get used to it. Otherwise quit


There are lobbies like this but honest to god I play them all out and the game plays out like normal because the enemies get cocky and throw instead of exploiting us not having smite or something.


It's a jungle out there. People are not nice, they aren't going to be. Wanna play rankeds ? Disable/ignore chat (i have chat just for GG or Well outplayed purpose). Just ignore contact with other players and do your best. I know it sounds sad but that's fact about every game with big e-sport scene.


Wild rift is better than league imho. I stopped playing league pc after it came out.