Disney animators and their madlad ways

Disney animators and their madlad ways


And why hasn't this been leaked yet?


Because it's Disney ip. They would drop their legal team on that so fast.


If people out here photocopying sections, how are they gunna tell who it came from when it pops up on throwaway accounts?


Never said it would be effective. But we've seen the lengths Disney will go thru just to 'protect their property.'


They change the law every few years to keep the mouse locked up. They have until '24 to get the law changed again.


They made frozen to replace the Google search results which previously showed maybe Walt frozen under the castle .


hold up, WHAT


Yeah a popular conspiracy theory is that Walt Disney is frozen and stored in a facility under Disney World. The thought here is that they created the movie Frozen to offset results of people searching about the conspiracy theory. https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney#:~:text=After%20Disney's%20death%2C%20many%20rumors,Park%20cemetery%20in%20Glendale%2C%20California.


Alright I'm putting all my eggs in this basket, this is my kind of conspiracy theory. No risk or repocussions for believing in it, but huge payoffs if it does.


So, what is the potential payoff exactly?


That makes sense. Searching "Disney Frozen" brings up mostly movie results.


Honestly this wouldn't surprise me at *all* after the last decade. Wouldn't even be news imo.


You never heard the urban tale of Walt Disney's head being frozen until they can thaw him out and bring him back to life, I guess as a talking head, Futurama style? Doubt its true but that's the idea, and the movie Frozen was made to replace the search results on the internet for when someone types "Disney Frozen". Now you have to be specific on Google if you want the frozen head story.


The simpsons did a joke about it, with the frozen head of the itchy and scratchy guy (his dad?)


Same with Disney on Ice too.


Most hilarious rumor I've heard in a while. They could just take down search image pics tho instead of spending like 5 years producing an entire movie. They already wipe google clean of illegally uploaded disney movies.


I mean I thought we had already known walt was cryopreserved. Under the castle is news to me tho. Edit: Damn I guess it is just a rumor. He seemed like the type so I just took it as fact.




Huge companies like this don't fuck around with NDA breaches. The former French voice actor for Hearthstone's innkeeper, that is a big name in the world of French dubbing, and also did a lot of other cards for the game, innocently posted a snap of himself during a record session, showing the screen where the card was displayed. You could barely make the outline of the card's art, everything was blurry, the name and text were unreadable, and it only appeared for a quarter of a second. Didn't matter, Blizzard immediately terminated his contract, canceled every planned record session, and went to recast every voice he previously did, which was far from free.


The Disney porn police


They would probably sue the publisher of the leaked material. It would be hard to find the leaker.


Can't sue the publisher if they come from a region without real copyright law...this is why the UFC pay per views are always being pirated. Uzbekistan gives a fuck about american copyright law...


To any Uzbekistan Disney animator reading this: you know what you must do!


If anyone even lives in Uzbekistan


I didn't know Uzbekistan existed before today


I had a friend who lived in uzbekistan as a child. He told me they bombed his city when he was in kindergarten. He seemed to remember it very vividly but had no emotion about it.


> He told me they bombed his city when he was in kindergarten. Jesus Christ, Disney will go a long way to protect their IP!


Sounds like a recipe to be a hardass. Get your city bombed in kindergarten! 'I was upset, as it had interrupted nap-time.'


Or can terminate a VPN there


It gets taken off very quickly. its like instead of people stealing fron you, you stop them from getting any value out of what they stole.


You want to be the one to risk your lifestyle to post stolen Disney porn?


Not on this account..


You’re a god among men. I’d back you in this fight on any account.


Corporate lawyers are no joke. They'll sue you even if you've done nothing wrong just to bankrupt you with legal fees, then claim anything you own for themselves to "pay back damages".


There are 100s of websites that are pirate streaming WandaVision right now and for every one Disney's lawyers drop with a C&D, 2 more pop up. You telling me that the internet in 20-30 years couldn't find and get a single leak of this 'official Disney porn'? We talking about the internet and porn yes? Animated porn? Furry porn? Bestial porn? Domination porn? Either all this smut is incredibly analogue, just papers that can't be easy to copy, or this is incredibly fake.


Ooooh. A Disney legal team buss it video.


Dude once it's out it's fucking out there. It's not going away once it's leak. See: The thousands of Fappening photos you can STILL go find despite numerous moral and legal appeals from some of the best lawyers and most famous people on the planet.


Cause the story is fake


Yeah, this is ridiculous “They have to keep it as it is policy” It’s a policy they created themselves, they’d have every right to change it and just burn the porn


Also I'm sure photocopies of cells from a vault would be grounds for immediate termination.


It did say they were an ex-animator didn't it?


And someone drawing goofy fucking Minnie at work would get them fired and them drawing it at home wouldn’t end up in Disney’s hands.


Right? The policy of "The company owns your ip even if it's created on your own time" doesn't imply that they must retain everything you do. It's moreso that if you make money off of something and they can prove you created it while you worked for them they'll sue you for all you made. Whether or not they put everything you make in a vault has nothing to do with them owning your ip.


Yeah, it's weird. In fact, there's a story that's probably 100% apocryphal that talks about some animators making Disney porn for something, Walt's birthday maybe, and him ordering it destroyed immediately after it was shown. Harlan Ellison also had a similar story. This one isn't true. If anything similar existed, it was immediately destroyed. Disney doesn't fuck around with their IPs, and they won't risk something like that ever getting out and damaging their brand.


Link to the harlan ellison story?


No doubt this sort of gag stuff happens all the time. Unrelated to Disney there is a comic done by a few members of Mirage during Ninja Turtle's popular era as a [farewell gift](https://forums.thetechnodrome.com/showthread.php?t=29174). One of the Adventure's writers sold his copy a few years ago and eventually it got in the hands of the public.


*Disney makes a rule* “Fuck we don’t make the rules we just follow them”


Yeah I'm not buying the part that Disney keeps all of it, but it does make you wonder how much Disney porn was drawn by the artists in their spare time The "gotcha" part of this kind of reminds me of Meatcanyon on YouTube (look him up at your own risk), who made a cartoon where Bugs Bunny was a rapist. Warner Bros. had it taken down as copyright infringement, so he made another video pointing out that since Warner Bros. claimed it, it's now canon that Bugs is a rapist. Not the most solid of arguments maybe, but not bad for a burn on big companies flexing their copyright power on parody artists.


So if Bill Watterson files copyright infringement on someone who makes a picture of Calvin peeing on something, that makes it canon?


I don't know, a lot of cartoonists at disney can crank out an amazing topless princess pic at will, but I don't think disney owns any of it. I'm sure there's a makeshift vault at disney creative in group chats or emails where people share dirty pictures they've drawn, but not a real one. It's a cute story but I feel like there was at one time dirty drawings being passed around on the art floor and the visual of it is so funny to me.


If it's created on company time, the company owns the copyright. That's totally normal. And it seems also totally plausible that work created during work hours must be handed in. A) to have proof that work was done on company time and B) to claim copyright on that artwork (an animator could reuse characters after quitting the job). I totally believe that as part of general "study of human anatomy" there is the occasional topless drawing (that's also totally normal in art school) but outright porn I don't believe. No way.


I mean, the OP story might be bull, but considering pervy references made it INTO several Disney movies, I would guess behind the scenes there’s plenty of dirty drawing. You’re right about anatomy, if you can animate body parts realistically moving under clothing, you’re probably damn good at nude ones


Cause I'm pretty sure this story is made up. Theres another story floating around with a pretty dubious source about how two animators did make a lewd cartoon as a gag and where immediately fired by Walt as soon as he found out. So if that's anything to go by I doubt tons of disney animators decided they wanted to lose their job over drawing goofey porn.


There's also the story of the Tinkerbell and Jiminy Cricket film. Back in the fifties, animators used to gather once a week to check each others work, show it to more senior staff and provide feedback. The footage was shown in a small projector room. More seasoned animators liked to haze the newbies by switching out their work for a short, looping film of Jiminy and Tinkerbell in a compromising position. The new animators would poop their pants with embarrassment, the senior staff would laugh, it was all in good fun. I don't know how true it is, but I've heard this story once or twice from different Disney pundits.


Reminds me of this post about The Rugrats doing something similar. It's not porn, but it is fairly, uh...out of character. https://www.neogaf.com/threads/a-storyboard-from-rugrats-made-by-bored-animators-in-1998.455618/


That's terrifying!


Because Legal Team Six would deep strike into your basement and throw your tendies on the floor if you dared speak about it.


We've got a new target lads. Where we failed at Area 51, we must succeed here, for science.




Or it’s a fake story


All this power & they can’t even lock the photocopier they keep in the secret vault.




Mate, the thing that makes this clearly fake is the fact that they would have to keep it around ‘as per their policies’. If anything they’d destroy it, you know, to keep it under wraps. Outside of that, they have no idea if someone draws something in their own time


Yeah dog just FYI crazy stuff you read online is likely untrue


If any story like this is leaked (which already is right now in this post and in hundreds of many videos in youtube, blogs claiming similar stories lmao) then everyone would be sued lmao, if the story is even true somehow its not even worth it to fight any of those claims, it would only just confirm the story As much they would do a public message denying the story and done, and even, the story sounds completly unbelivable for many reasons already commented by many in the comments section so theres no need to repeat it here in this comment There's something among people loving to demonize everything that its considered to have some power, Disney may have good money but its not ruling the law lmao Aside from that, here it goes an opinion from a european perspective: Even if it was true the story sounds more like a fun fact than something scandalous lmao, I probably saw way more "scandalous" stuff in french movies for kids than that, america has too many taboos




Ok, two things (take in count this is not said as an offense to you) one, Im not sure if you know how ANY worldwide company works, even most not so international also have many "tricks" that are only for economic company benefits, doesnt have to do (again) with having power over the law at all Second thing, exoending ONE DAY investigating about ONE movie or whatever (cause Im not sure what you even meant exactly) or even searching in general doesn't make you know ALL about one culture or the whole media that one country has lmao, so thats pretty bold to say


So, uh.... Proof? Edit: I can't believe I actually have to explain this but I WAS JOKING. The whole joke was for me to ask for proof insinuating I want to see Disney porn. Didn't think most people wouldn't get it but here we are.


Just trust them bruh


I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who uses Reddit who once saw this posted before so I know that it's real.


I read it on Reddit, of course it’s true.


*cries in $GME...*


They “ran around a lot”.


Sounds like you don't trust them, bro. Come on, bruh.


With anything on Reddit (or anywhere on the internet for that matter), it's wise to question information, especially if it's being posted by a random person you don't know.


Wait... People *lie* on the internet!???


For research purposes, obviously....right?


Nah i just wanna look at porn


Yeah I think it’ll funny to see Beast plow Ursula. But I’m not gonna deny that I could go for a video of Belle and Sleeping Beauty scissoring


Bless you and your honest answer to one of the most annoying reddit cliches that exist.


/r/rule34 is that way


I want the canon version, god damn it


Dude don’t worry I heard the story twice already so it’s obviously true!


I too am curious about the sauce


I know you’re joking. But I’m not. Proof?


Why do we need proof? The "Anything that the staff creates is owned by Disney." rule is real, and used by some other companies too. This is just an inevitability... I see no reason to disbelieve it.


This joke went completely over your head


This seems to be part two of [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/tumblr/comments/lg2ple/jake_long_furry_porn/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Now *this* story I believe.


Quit taking me back and forth LOL


Confirmed. I also posted that post but it was origibally too long so I cropped them into two and posted them on different subs




I hope it is




It's actually the reason why Disney went public in the first place. Artists were making so much of this stuff and per their policies they had to keep it, and they were literally running out room to store it and money to buy storage space, so they went public to raise money to buy more storage space. Unfortunately for them they didn't realize that would also dramatically increase both the amount of artists they'd have on payroll, as well as the technology and infrastructure that would allow their artists to create even more porn. That they'd have to store, per their policies.




Bruh, my comment was satire. I see now that the person I responded to deleted their comment (or it was removed) which took away some of the context for mine. Their comment basically repeatedly and obnoxiously/sarcastically repeated the "per their policies" line to illustrate how dumb the logic is.


That's still the comment you're replying to on my end. No deleted or removed comments. This guy just got woooshed and repeated his exact comment minus the "per their policies" part


It's become an increasingly non-trivial problem for the folks over at Disney. They thought they were solving it by going public but they really just punted a much bigger problem down the line to future executives. Basically publicly traded companies have to disclose additional information to shareholders in annual reports called 10-K reports, and that information is by law available to the public. Seems not related, right? Well, part of those reporting requirements include lines of business that represent a certain amount of revenue, as well as any risks that could impact a certain percentage of expected revenues ("material risks", you'll often see them referred to as), etc. Essentially if left unchecked, based on current porn content generation rates, sometime in the next few decades, Disney will be forced to disclose to their shareholders, the SEC, and anyone who cares to look at their publicly shared reports that they're spending literally millions of dollars annually vaulting exabytes of porn. It's generally a known but not discussed touchy subject among the exec team, typically referred to internally as "the 10k problem." There are some people, including some few generally younger Disney execs and Wall Street analysts that see huge potential upside to the 10k problem. Their theory is that whenever that unsavory fact is finally thrust out in the open for all to see, porn really won't be taboo anymore. While something seemingly this scandalous will undoubtedly generate a ton of news coverage. Think of all the Karens up in arms, upset about how they spent their family's hard-earned money on Disney products just for Disney to turn around and make smut - disgusting, deplorable, yada yada. It'll instantly go viral worldwide. But no one will care about the Karens and their outrage, not really. Disney will immediately have the hottest new product that everyone will want. Why do you think they launched Disney+? They need an existing channel and payment infrastructure to monetize the porn vault. All this time the artists think they're getting back at Disney, forcing them to vault this crap that they hate. Turns out you really just can't beat The Mouse. You can draw him beating off, but he's just going to get richer off that drawing.


Dude disney could start disneyporn.com *today* without too much backlash tbh... Like yeah the oldest couple generations will probably bitch and moan a lot, but I'd say almost everyone under ~40yrs old is probably pretty okay with any and all animated porn. Like no one's getting hurt, if anything it's a net benefit tmto society because it would take a MASSIVE amount of money away from other porn sites, which would equate to a reduction in any legitimate concern people have about the porn industry.


C'mon man. I was having fun writing the beginnings of a weird ass conspiracy theory. Why you gotta ruin it with your logic?


Honestly I kinda see why it would be this way, the vaulting everything not the steeling ideas policy, imagine you had to reference something you had written or drawn a couple of weeks, months or even years ago.. it is best to keep everything vaulted.... even the raunchy stuff... and with how animated movies creation process currently is... there would be a need for a good way to log everything... Think of the Pixar napkins.. or the first drafts of characters... these things need to be saved, but I assume with the digital age it got a lot simpler, that’s why the post only discusses old hand animated movies!


There is sense in vaulting everything. But there's also sense in having content moderation of such a vault. If you had some artist go nuts and start creating really gross, offensive or slanderous things, would you want to keep that in the vault? No, probably not. It'd be bad for morale. Same thing with porn or anything offbrand.


No shit "disney porn vault" doesn't give anything dude, that proves nothing. Not that I believe it exists though, but I also have no doubt that Disney artists have created, and wil continue to create, all kinds of official Disney porn. Because it's prolly true that anything their artists create is property of Disney.


Thrust me bro


>source: trust me bro. I don't know specifically about lewd drawings of their IP characters, but as someone that worked in early film vfx and knew several people from Disney - they did have a lot of "traditional" porn either on tape, or stored on a network file share. Every studio I'd even heard about had them. They were the epitome of raunchy male workplaces. Parties fueled with alcohol and drugs, porn playing on monitors or projectors. On your birthday you got photoshopped into porn or other things.




Can’t speak for Disney themselves, but Weta Digital was busted recently for shit like this.


Rule 34. Always rule 34.


Except now this is official, Disney-licensed rule 34


Disney is literally the reason rule 34 exists


I would argue that boners are the reason rule 34 exists


The amount of erotica featuring Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians suggests that some of it is also ladyboners.


Why are ladies bombers always bigger then mine?! The fuck...


You might be hanging out with too many hyenas.


This should be available on Disney +


On porn hub kids.


Can I be in the screenshot if this gets posted on r/cursedcomments ?


[You should've been more specific](https://www.reddit.com/r/cursedcomments/comments/lg69as/cursed_disney/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Nah, it's perfect the way it is.




What, you don't know pornhub kids? Weirdo


They save it for Disney x


Disney +, with a twist.


I sincerely doubt if disney kept this stuff around it wouldn't just be accessible by anyone. The last thing they'd want is for any of this to get out in the public cause they'd know it was made by their artists.


Just like their founders head it's stored somewhere in a dark and cold place under disneyland


They created an entire animated movie (and a sequel) just so that when you Google "Disney frozen" you won't get results about the cryogenicially preserved head of the company's founder.


Fear of litigation probably dissuades people lol


I don't know even if it got leaked it would be pretty easy for Disney to just say the porn isn't there's and it's from the internet. Unless it gets attached to their name.


I am currently an artist at Disney (hence the throwaway) and I thought I would clear stuff up if people are curious. Disney artists (we rarely do in-house animation anymore, mostly Korean studios now) definitely do draw porn of the characters for shits and giggles. The catch is that it belongs to Disney IF you draw it during “work hours” WITH their equipment. So if these were drawn at Disney Studios then yes they are officially Disney property and would be considered canon Disney porn. Sometimes the storyboard artists I work with will draw a character doing something rude on a post-it note at work and technically that is Disney property. The bit about Disney owning everything you do, even during off hours, is patently false. I don’t know what the policies were back in the 80’s and 90’s but today, Disney only owns work you do with their equipment during their work hours. Everyone in the industry does freelance and everyone is aware of it. My producers are aware of it, the Artist Mangement team is aware of it, and yes the lawyers are aware of it but they don’t really enforce it unless there’s a HUGE conflict of interest, which rarely happens. And every animation studio is like this, not just Disney. tl;dr this man might indeed have reams of canon Disney porn.


It doesn’t make sense that they would keep it. Even if they own it, it’d just get destroyed, unless Disney is planning on launching DisneyXXX+ at some point.


I do think the original post is being hyperbolic. There is no way Disney would be "forced" to keep the drawings, and the artists definitely would have gotten in trouble if their higher-ups found out. A more likely scenario would be that the animators were secretly drawing porn and this guy photo-copied it all and kept it because it was funny. But legally, it belongs to Disney.


If something from the "collection" were to become public possession of the original would help them prove copyright allowing then to remove content faster. That is the only reason I see them keeping drawings of anything crude or offensive. So I don't think they are forced to keep it, but it's in their best interest of they do.


Don’t believe this at all. From “anything you create even on off time” (how the fuck do you even enforce that) to “Disney decides it’s worth while to keep porn? Something that’s tarnish their image if it got out”. This is the only place I’ve heard this you’d think *one* animator would come out with it. I get like a “don’t steal my shit” clause not “gimme your doodles you never even tried to sell” I wonder how much bullshit there is that traces back to some dumbass 16yo girl on tumblr thought was quirky so decided she’d believe entirely


First one is probably true. If I work for a design firm, they aren’t gonna want me going off and doing consulting work on the side. There is no way your side work would not be influenced by your full time job.


If you don’t use any company resources/IP or do it during your paid time, then they cannot own the work. Pretty simple. I’ve signed several of these invention agreements. You do have to be careful though. You can’t just go inventing something that pertains to your current job and claim it as yours just because it was off hours and not using your company computer. For example, if I’m a manufacturing engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and I invent an aftermarket accessory for a car, the company won’t be able to claim ownership of that. I can patent that and sell it trouble free. But if I were to invent something related to pharmaceuticals, they can probably claim that since it’s what I was hired to do. And realistically I wouldn’t have the knowledge to make such a thing without being employed by them anyway. You also may sign a non-compete and if you’re trying to consult on the side, you’d have to avoid companies in competing markets and avoid disseminating any IP that’s covered under your NDA.


I don’t see how they have a right to say “you work for us so all of your work is purs” can you really never even doodle Mickey Mouse again without them taking it from you? I just don’t believe that, at the very least I feel like it’d be talked about aloooot more.




It normally needs to go to court to see if each case is upheld. You can't just sign a contract and be a slave. I think typically the cases are held around whether the ip was created with company resources, so either created during working hours or with company laptops or supplies. Otherwise if you do it on free time then it's yours.


Anecdotal, but I know that it's pretty common in IT these days. It's common, or at least not unheard of, for companies to add clauses that all code you write is theirs while you're employed. You can be slapped with a pretty hefty lawsuit if you quit your job and start up a business using code you wrote while employed, even if it's not a competing industry. I've also heard that companies like 3M do similar things for patents, you're not allowed to personally patent anything.


This is common for all kinds of disciplines. I work in R&D at a food company and *everything* I create belongs to them. Even if I write a novel or a poem, that’s theirs unless I get a release (which I would).


[Here's an example.](https://www.reddit.com/r/boardgames/comments/29hy0y/i_am_ananda_gupta_codesigner_of_twilight_struggle/cil75sp/?context=1) Basically, for context, Ananda Gupta co-created the board game Twilight Struggle in 2005. That game is *extremely* well-regarded by the hobby board game community, and has always ranked highly in the rankings on BoardGameGeek.com, and for a long time held the top spot. (I know that's meaningless to most people, but it's essentially the biggest online community of board game fans, with a list of top-rated games. To be near the top you need both high ratings *and* a high number of ratings.) And that was his first game! So it was kind of a mystery when he never made another game. As it turns out, as he describes in his AMA, his contract with ZeniMax meant that any games he created in his off-time would be their property, so he just stopped designing board games. Since he moved on from that job, he's only made one other game, fifteen years later in 2020.


Yeah the story is pretty clearly BS but plenty of studios have clauses like that. Obviously Disney doesn’t raid artists apartments or care about their porn but if some animator releases a really successful movie right after they leave Disney and Disney can prove they worked on it while under contract they’d get the rights to the movie.


Companies usually have these sorts of clauses not just animation studios. Say your a scientist or engineer and you come up with some great invention off the clock in your garage, the company/government/university you work for probably has rights to it and they don't have to compensate you for it or give you credit for it. It could be in Disney's benefit somehow. Either making it easier to file copyright claims or they could start something like DisneyHub when they are done playing the family friendly image after they own all the intellectual properties on earth.


The creative industry is _full_ of these types of clauses. The long and short of it is "It depends", mostly on what the state law is in that area (California is the most pro-employee state, and Florida is the most pro-corporation state). But ultimately even if the clause isn't legally enforceable, if you break it, you'll still be on the line for any legal fees you'd need if the company decides to sue you or send a cease-and-desist for whatever's going on. So always weigh your options, and even if you're sure you'll win, decide whether it's worth the fight.


Every game dev company I’ve ever worked at has that same clause. Unless you get specific permission ahead of time, anything you create, work hours or not, belongs to them. The rest of the story is bullshit.


That first one is actually super common, my job isn't even a creative job and it has a clause like that. I would imagine in a "creative" job the clause would be even more controlling.


I kinda wanna see the smut vault.


Who *doesn't*?


Not sure how reliable this is, but the part about the artists being giant pervs most of the time is definitely true.


it’s Tumblr it’s a lie


Time to plan a heist, guys. The Rule 34 Heist


Same plan as Area 51?


A more believable (and verifiable) story: There's a 24-hour breakfast joint in north Seattle called Beth's Cafe. It's basically like Denny's for hung over adults, except the food is actually good. Part of their schtick is they give you paper and crayons to doodle while you wait for your food, and then they let you tack it up on the wall anywhere in the joint. The walls are 100% covered by random drawings people have done, and I can vouch firsthand that the average lifespan of these can be up to 2-3 months at a time before they get taken down or plastered over. There have been a number of extremely dirty drawings over the years that, while hilarious, they can't really leave up in view of the serviced public. However, the employees always keep their favorites, and if you look closely enough back where the line cooks work, you can see some of the obscene greatest hits taped up. If the place is slow enough, sometimes you can even convince someone to bring a pile out for you to look at. The shit people can come up with in a quick 20-minute crayoning session is absurd and fucking amazing.


Now we know why disney moms are so thicc


Thats pixar


Pixar is a subsidiary of Disney


Oh yeah


Draw a decent amount of child porn and report it to the authorities, it's disney's after all


Fair’s fair.


I'm just imagining a disney employee giving a tour to a new employee and they are laughing and cracking jokes and the new employee says "Hahahaha is that a frozen poster? Imagine if elsa sent me feet pics hahaha" and then the other employee gives him a serious look and says "Follow me"


There are artists conventions that happen every year and some work for Pixar and Disney and there are contests near the end of the convention that are about drawing the sickest shit. Best times.


Me shows up at your work with sunglasses on* "I got a job for you, we're gonna knock over the disney porn vault"


I’m not too happy with my choice to google “Disney porn” I’ve seen too much.


I know this is most likely fake but I wanna believe it so bad, so I'm going to.


“But they official porn” lol


My friends mom was a seamstress for Disneyland in SoCal and quit partially because of this rule. She is very talented and makes movie quality dresses. Anyways back in the early 2010s she was one of the head seamstresses and made most if not all of the little dresses for the "its a small world" ride. Well one year on i think Halloween, she was in the midst of remaking all the Christmas dresses for the dolls when she realized they were throwing out all of her old dresses, and making her and her team create a whole new set. Well she snagged one of the dresses and gave it to her granddaughter who was the perfect size for it. She wore the dress on her birthday and someone posted a pic on social media. My friends mom ended up almost getting in some legal trouble because of it, then ended up returning the dress to be destroyed, and quit like 2 months later. Now she makes star wars outfits and sells them online for great profit, and I dont think she regrets it at all. Fuck that stupid policy.


Wait, so everything you draw in your freetime belongs to Disney? That can't bei legal, right?


Typically not, but how could you afford to fight them in court?


Raunchy goes so far by Disney animators standard its probably nudity and sex. I don't expect them to do or keep tentacle porn or futa or more fucked up fetish than this. I can imagine they have furries though


As an animator I can safely tell you that any production, big, small, tv or silver screen has a "folder" now a days its a digital one; full of parodies and art of questionable nature.


I'd pay $10 dollars a month for an official Disney pornsite and I'm not afraid to admit that


I feel a legit reason to have a reboot of Ocean's Eleven. Can we get the girl from Stranger Things to lead a team of intrepid teen hackers and thieves to steal the smut vault?


snow white is 14. does this mean disney can be sued for possessing child porn


Some how I want to see it


So how do I get access to the smut vault? Asking for a friend.


While I think this is false, I wouldn't be even mildly shocked if it's true. Disney is notoriously protective of their IP. They probably don't allow people to work on anything else while employed. They also, historically, have had raunchy drawings during the golden age when Walt was around. Freddie Moore's girls were famous at the time.




OP give me this guy's no.ASAP.


So does that make it canon in beauty and the beast that Belle had a singing, dancing dildo?


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Disney hub when?


Very few employers let their workforce keep the copyrights of their work. It's standard practice that the work is copyrighted by the employer. Sure, there are exceptions, usually companies that were founded by artists and now aim for a different corporate culture but the industry heavyweights don't do that. As for work created in off time: that doesn't seem enforceable. At most there is a non-compete clause in the contract, so off-time art must not be published (at least not commercially) or something like that.


Yeah he claimed to have a Disney movie.


I thought artists usually wanted to work there?


If that’s the case why was Harlan Ellison fired for simply making a comment about *possibly* drawing Minnie getting railed? He’d only worked at Disney for like two days.


New to Disney +


Ok so on the off chance this is real how on earth is that contract legal?


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It is true that you have to sign a contract that says if Disney wants something you create in your own time they can have it. I had to sign it and I worked in the damn theme park. But it's not true that you have to hand it over to them when you make it. So this story is at best half true.


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