I literally drove by a gas station at 1.98 and my first thought was honestly"oh yay, that's low", before punching myself in the face, figuratively speaking.


Hahah me too! I thought to myself "yeah this can't be the new normal for gas prices". Normally I didn't really care, but once it creeped up past $1.75 I thought this is too much.


I did this today when I saw a flat $2/L :(


I said this to my husband yesterday and he told me to use my brain lol




Look up shifting baseline syndrome. It’s often applied to ecological and environmental data, but I think it fits pretty well with consumer prices as well.


I noticed this at the grocery store. The current "sale" prices are the old regular prices.


Yeah that's wat happens when central bankers print trillions out of thin air while supply chains got bottlenecked.


We'll just ignore that these corporations are raking in record profits. ITs tHe SuPplY ChAIn!


it's both tbh


Corporate agribusiness profits up 42% in the last two years, while food prices went up 33% last year. It’s greed.


yes. but it's also a shit load of money being printed.


Whats 2+2? Is it 4 or is it 4 and also maybe 5?


Its 5, for very large values of 2.


Lol why the down votes? This is factually correct. Go see how much money the US Federal Reserve has printed in the last 2.5 years.


tbh tho the research on that data says inflation caused by money printing is only worth about an extra percent of inflation, not the extra 6 we got, so it's mostly from other sources


Not until they're caught like grocery stores were with price fixing bread...which I think they still are...and then nothing is done anyway it's the cost of doing business


That story infuriates me to no end, because we all agreed that every grocery store was price fixing - and then they had to pay out huge chunks of money... but the price of bread never changed. We KNOW they're lying and ripping people off, and all the government does when they finally catch them, is take some of the money they stole for themselves.


Ya and the money they had to pay out was minimal. It's like if I robbed a bank and stole a million dollars and got caught and they fined me $10,000. I'd be happy as all get go and there would be no incentive to stop. And guess what I'd do again next week?


That’s because you’re not being fined for stealing money. You’re being fined for being poor and stealing money. Big difference


You know it


Yeah, I got my $20 payout. These days that’s enough for a piece of bacon


A very thin piece


Just chew the tray


What that established for me was that corporate conspiracies and effective monopolies that actively pilfer from the canadian citizen is clearly acceptable to our government and will not be punished to any meaningful degree


Oh no, they ended up giving out $25 gift cards to grocery stores as a mea culpa. It was a joke. There was even a condition that it couldn't be used to buy beer.


Sigh, someone messed up, we should have just given you points. 25 points for our store.


They probably won’t same as the big 3 cellphone companies blatantly price fix


Why do you think it will fall to $1.75? I don't think these high prices are temporary.


At least for a year I think $2 will be normal. Under 1.75? I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


$1.98 is the weekend steal.


I am disgusted but don't know how to fight. Public transit adds on 1.5 hours to my commute. Biking is great but I'd need a shower lol


I bike a bunch and can usually get away with just a change of clothes, and bringing an extra stick of deodorant. To be fair though, I don't do office work.




I have seriously considered it. I might just do it


Try one out sometime, they're very fun to ride.


OPEC does price fix. It's not a secret.


Came here to mention OPEC, but the true price fixing is done by the energy companies and has been in place for nearly 75 years. OPEC came later to the game in response to their influence.


Per the recent Wendover video: - OPEC is used to having a monopoly on oil and charging whatever they want for it. - In the recent decade, fracking in the US was starting to flood the market with supply so OPEC finally had to drop prices due to the competition. - Coming out of the pandemic, US fracking companies aren't really investing in expansion anymore as the writing is on the wall with EVs. - With fracking slowing down, OPEC is welcome to fix prices as they wish again.


Yeah it sucks. I'm currently living in the UK but still have my family out in Ontario....believe me that the gas price brainwashing is global. I filled up today A shade over 60 litres $198


Really? I can fill up my 2005 Toyota Matrix (50 litre tank) for about $100 or so. I'm not doubting you, that just seems high. I do use regular gas.


I'm in the UK currently. It's £1.93 for a litre which is $3.06 or more, so it was around 63.5 litres I put in at £122.50. That is disel to be fair, but the regular gas is about $3 a litre too.


I just assumed you were in Ontario due to the subreddit. I assumed wrong. I actually saw petrol drop below $2 CDN recently and I thought "well it's time to fill up". $3 is expensive I find it kind of amusing that people are agog that Boris is calling for a windfall tax on oil companies. I always find it odd when diesel and regular petrol are almost even. It was a few cents difference here for a bit. It's getting expensive. I'm fortunate that me and my wife are both a five minute walk to work. We used to go on roadtrips to breweries and beaches, or just towns we've never been to in Ontario, but those have moved from once every other week to once every couple months.


They literally start off their post with "I'm living in the UK"...


It probably will never go down. With the massive push to greener alternatives, oil & gas companies will most definitely squeeze what they can for the next 10-15 years.. this was just a good opportunity for them to allow it to take off. Just like auto manufacturers, Loaded 1/2 ton pickups went from ~$60k in 2017 to ~$90k today & the only things they really added were a few sensors and a bigger screen. They know their time is limited so they will squeeze every penny they can to be able to adapt survive when the time comes.


Wendover Productions does an exceptional job explaining this: https://youtu.be/AQbmpecxS2w


Never mind. Yesterday I got gas for $2.00/ltr and thought I was getting a deal. Last fill up was at $2.14/ltr


There will be a moment in the next couple of years when OPEC floods the market in order to delay people buying electric. Then it's going to go through the ceiling and never come back.


>At what point do fuel companies fall under “price fixing”? They have never not been "price fixing"... the whole industry is based on "price fixing" or "Artificial Constraint"


All of capitalism is based on artificial scarcity. Our farms don't produce as much food as they could, and then they destroy some of it anyway, then the stores wind up throwing out a good portion too, and the restaurants throw away enough food to feed every homeless person multiple times... and yet we have systemic hunger anyway. Because we could produce more than enough food for everyone and start exporting it to people in need, or we could produce the maximum amount of profit possible, which means intentionally allowing shortages to exist to drive up your price. I really don't understand how everyone thinks this system is "efficient" when it's pretty obviously not.


I think it's efficient because under capitalism every citizen is responsible for their own misfortune. Under any system that puts the state in charge, like communism, the state is responsible for their wellbeing. That's why communism has killed X billion people but descendants of slaves owned by capitalists get blamed for not being able to afford food and shelter.


As shit as the rising prices are I really do hope this causes non-car based travel infrastructure to become more of an issue in the consciousness of the masses.


it wont


It will


It won’t. Our society here is based on cars. There’s a stigma about not owning a vehicle. I haven’t owned a car in at least 6 years, live in KW so it’s easy to get around. Bus, LRT, Uber, taxi, bus, bike, walk to name a few. People still ask and inquire why I don’t drive, like obviously I must have a DUI or something because why else wouldn’t I have a car? Friend of a friend couple who own one car. One works in town the other works in Cambridge. They get up early so she can drive him to work on Cambridge, back to Kitchener and then again after work to pick him up. I mentioned he could take the car and she could take a 15 minute bus trip to work. Saves times and money. Nope. That’s the loser cruiser and she won’t be seen dead on it. We’re in our 30’s.


Some people are very afraid of that sort of judgement, but economics will win out in the long term


Lucky you to live in urban center - some of us live rurally which requires the use of a vehicle.


That's where these arguments about "Get more people on mass transit" fail. They point to Europe, and say, "see, they take the bus, trams and trains everywhere, and car ownership is lower". Europe has, for decades, built up better mass transit. Outside of Toronto, we have VIA, maybe GO, and small local busses in other cities. European population centers are closer to each other than those in the US and Canada. Lay a map of Canada or the US over a map of Europe, driving city to city here, is like driving across Europe in some cases. Hell, here in Windsor, a small city, public transit sucks. It's slow, frequency is bad.


Yes Canada is big, but most of the population lives in a relatively small geographic area. Hell, almost 1/6th of the country lives in the GTA. We don't have to make public transit perfect for everyone, that's likely impossible. We just have to make it better for enough people to move them out of cars. As for not having built up transit like Europe over decades, well, the best time to build it was in the past few decades, the second best time is right now.


Public transit is already pretty decent in the GTA, but that doesn't help the people who have to commute in to get to work. Like great, there's a Go Train from Barrie to Union...but it only runs a handful of times a day, so you better work banker's hours (and not get stuck working late/overtime or anything like that), and you still need to go to the train station from your house. You can't just say "Well hey, a bunch of people live in a small geographic area (that also happens to be impossibly expensive to live in), problem's easy to solve!" and be done with it.


Never said it was easy, but I am saying it doesn't have to be perfect, and certainly not to start. Start now, make improvements and get it to where it needs to be over time. I understand that we will likely never be able to replace private cars/transportation, but we don't have to. We just have to make public transportation a better option for most people, most days.


At the end of the day, the cost to make public transportation a better option for rural areas is so prohibitive that it's not plausible. It seems like COVID has led to more people working from home, but not enough to make a full dent in the usage of cars. Also you have to factor in housing costs when discussing all of this. People are being told to move out into rural areas because the housing is cheaper, and then also told it's their fault for owning cars and the increase in gas prices. You're not going to send constant public transit out to Oro-Medonte or Halton Hills or whatever, and it's going to be a very, very long time before living in any major city is affordable.


Yup I couldn't imagine how it would work for me when I live in Wilmot Township... Oh there is a bus that comes around once an hour, so to do anything I'd have a decent walk to the bus stop, do quite a few transfers and my couple errands which should take 2 hours including driving now takes over half a day. But I better be back to bus stop by 7pm or I'm stuck at the boardwalk. Oh and it doesn't run on weekends.


Yep there’s been no passenger rail service in my area since 1990 and they greyhound stopped coming through here sometime in the last five years. Not a lot of options for public transit around here


Really? Rural living *requires* a vehicle? You realize people lived rurally long before Mr. Ford (the OG) was born, right? Rural folk used to be satisfied trading peace and quiet for isolation. Now they enforce peace and quiet where they live, but their car dependent lifestyle imposes noise, pollution, danger, and sprawl on anyone that happens to live close to actual services and would like to use their legs and lungs in the city.


Lol I hate the city - Nice assumption but that just shows what an ass you are Plus you obviously have a hate on for farmers. Hope ya starve


Believe it or not, the world has changed in the past 100 years...


And believe it or not, some want to change it back. We need some real public space on this continent.


You want to go back to pre-1910?


Car-wise, yes. Streets used to be public space, now they're for cars only. We have very little public space in our cities now. People who claim to hate cities usually just hate the effect that cars have on cities. (Cities aren't loud, cars are loud). Shopping malls were designed to emulate the city street pre-car. Imagine if all city streets felt like walking through the mall, except people live there, too. If you want to live rurally, fine, but I believe cars should be banned from cities.


sry wrong country, try europe, canada is too big for it to make any sense to develop walkable spaces outside of large city centers. even then that wont provide any relief to gas prices for a majority of canadians because most of Canada does not spend their entire life in city centers


>sry wrong country, try europe, canada is too big for it to make any sense to develop walkable spaces outside of large city centers. even then that wont provide any relief to gas prices for a majority of canadians because most of Canada does not spend their entire life in city centers You may want to check where the majority of the population live. Hint: In cities which are more than capable to switch away from car commuting if the city pushes for it.


>canada is too big How to say "I know nothing about Urbanism or the population density of Canada" without actually saying it. No one is taking the train the Nunavut ya dingus.


You think the only alternative to driving is walking? Where people live will also change. High costs of commuting will force people to live in denser areas


Not only that, rural communities are already urbanizing and getting denser.


I have heard legends of these things called "buses" and "trains". I have even heard of the whimsical idea of a railroad that is under the earth! I believe it was referred to by the storytellers as a "subterranean way". Perhaps we can switch from these horseless carriages to these mythical forms of transportation. :D


Walk? No way I'm walking across across a city even just limiting it to those. We need more trains/buses/etc in this country.


It won’t but it is encouraging people to look at electric vehicles, but those are coming either way


I don't want a car I want good transit, walkable and bike able cities and regions.


Why can’t it be both? There’s a lot of us that public transportation is never going to be an option. I would love to see bullet trains between major cities, but there’s still a lot of Canadians that don’t live close enough to a major city for that to help at all. Electric cars are cheaper to maintain, cheaper to operate, but more expensive to buy, we just need to drive down that last part. Not to mention the environmental benefits. We can have both, there’s room for both.


To be clear I do too, but I don't just want EVs. Our country is already too car centric and its unsustainable, whether ICE or EV.


Electric vehicles are not the solution. They just piggy back on the same infrastructure, but apparently damage it even more because electric vehicles are heavier. The solution that some urban types who are tired of slow traffic want is one that's not reliant on car based infrastructure. Separated bike lanes and enough room for cargo ebikes, and then a reduction in traffic lights is what we're after.


The point is to reduce our dependency on oil. We are slaves to the oil companies because they charge what they want and we are forced to pay. Our biggest reliance on oil is driving places and heating our homes. EVs can solve the biggest part of that. Traffic is a different problem entirely, but I'm with you on less people driving and using other forms of transportation instead.


I don’t have traffic issues, I generally agree we should have better public transport, but that’s restricted to a very small part of Canada, public transport won’t help rural Canada, but electric vehicles would be more affordable for everyone.


Rural Canada is actually "the small part of Canada". Most of Canada lives in municipalities over 100,000.


Population wise yes, geographically not soo much. those towns can be hundreds of kilometres apart. A robust public transportation system would benefit the GTA, anywhere else not so much. I’m not sure what ur issue is anyways, it’s not like we can’t have better public transportation and electric cars at the same time


This is the wrong answer. EVs are impractical for so many people. Even if the infrastructure improves along with the technology and lower prices…ultimately, if you do not own your own home, you can’t own one because you can’t count on having overnight charging (because even if your landlord installs it, if you ever have to move or get evicted, this puts a huge restriction on where you can move if you need that vehicle…because, say, transit is shit and you have to keep working). Public transit being more accessible and reliable would be so much more helpful. And it would really help those who are struggling the most financially.


You’re not thinking big enough, once Evs become mainstream, chargers will be everywhere, make charging stations mandatory in most parking lots, not necessarily every space, but a certain percentage. If evs were mainstream, every house and apartment building would have chargers. Will there be some growing pains, yes but in the wrong run it’s better and more sustainable. With the added bonus that it takes the energy profits away from big oil and into our electricity market, which is dominated by crown corps, where the profits stay in house. Atleast then they MIGHT do some good. BP isn’t going to help anyone but itself


People said the exact same thing about gas cars around 1910


Except I am not saying that EVs shouldn’t exist or are terrible or anything, I’m just pointing out reasonable barriers and saying that they shouldn’t be the focus in terms of addressing issues like affordability. I mean, there are plenty of people who can’t afford vehicles now or that are forced to have one even though it is a huge financial burden simply because public transit isn’t an option for them. Making it viable for people would make much more of a difference for the people who need help the most.


Fords government removed EV infrastructure. And the rebates. Ontario voted him in again. We evidently don’t want this shit.


You mean about 17 percent of us don’t. Because considering the turnout (43 per cent) and the actual percent of people who voted for the PCs (40 per cent of that), that’s the actual support he got. Our electoral system is fucked. I didn’t vote for that regressive, corrupt, flip flopping ass.


But didn’t you hear? Just before the election he was all-aboard the EV train again! His hypocrisy is insane. Whatever gets votes and makes him look good at that moment in time, end stop. It worked I guess, look what happened.


We just voted for more highway


I certainly did not.


Your ballet was casted already


> ballet You mean the thing with the bears in little cars?


What a load of cope; do you see the state of public transit infra in Canada? Do you know how much it'll cost to build it out? Who's gonna pay for it (especially with the amount of insane taxes we currently pay)?


All the money spend on building highways could have been spent building and/or improving current railways...


Well then how would Doug Ford's developer buddies gain even more millions? Won't somebody think of the millionaire developers!


>(especially with the amount of insane taxes we currently pay)? I mean, we don't even pay insane taxes, to be honest. Canadians, on average, pay less tax by percentage than the OECD average.


The truth is, 1.70 is still better then 2.15 like it is now. Does that make either good? No, both are fucking terrible and it's a joke. But in terms of actual expenses in life and the fact that we the public seem to have absolutely no say in how they gouge us, I would still rather 1.70 over 2.15. What do I really want? Reasonable gas prices. I remember when it went up to 1.30 years ago and it was shitty then. Then it was at one point a few years ago around 75-95 cents per litre for a while. That was fantastic.


The plan is to boost gas prices to 2.20$ , then drop it down to $199.99...then people will be like "omg! Gas prices dropped! Better fill up now." Such a big scam. Nothing is gonna be done by the way. Expect Gas prices to be high forever.




Shhhh, a lot of people don’t like facts and reality. I don’t like current gas prices either, but I’m not all aboard the conspiracy / price fixing song and dance that so many want to latch onto. There’s very real reasons prices are what they are right now. Taxes play a part, absolutely, but it’s not a big giant conspiracy to the level some want to believe.


We live in Canada, there’s so much price fixing and collusion that it’s wrapped around from being not funny, all the way to being “Walter White finding out his wife gave away all his money to her rich boss and is about to be murdered” funny. And the best part is most of it isn’t even illegal here (or is effectively unenforceable)!


Americans (and by inclusion, Canadians) are addicted to gas like they are to hypertension and diabetes.


More like addicted to cookie cutter suburban living spacious accommodations dependent on their motor vehicles to get anywhere useful.


Actually we \*should\* be paying a \*lot\* more for gas, when you factor in the externalities of automobile use.


Gas goes up so does diesel, diesel actually goes up more. Diesel goes up so do transportation costs of basically everything , so do farming costs and home heating costs for a large percentage of the population. How much more do you want to pay for… everything?


As long as crabs from the north sea get sent to Africa for processing and then back to Germany for sale, transportation is too cheap. Same with Canadian blueberries that get sent to southern America iirc and... We ship way too much stuff around the world to save a few cents on labor cost


It's not about "want". The price of transporting stuff using fossil fuels is way too low given the \*real\* costs. Costs to the environment, our economy and our health. Every time somebody drives a car, they are creating a liability for everyone. Every time I point this out everyone says "well, derrr, what about the price of food, derrrrr....". Ok. So let's start by tackling other issues first. Stop fucking driving to work if you have other alternatives. Stop driving your kids around everywhere. Stop building sprawl dependent on cars. Stop building big-box stores with giant parking lots, while letting downtown die. Stop ordering useless shit from Amazon.


The truth nobody wants to hear. Thanks for having the courage to tell people we're all part of the problem. Humans are fatally 'immediate gratification-oriented'. That's why corporations only care about "this quarter-next quarter." That's why politicians can send us a sticker rebate cheque (bribing us with our own money) and we'll hand them the reigns of power. We myopically chase what feels good now instead of understanding our sacrifices today will yield literal human race-saving dividends in the future. Nobody has the patience to wait for the benefit of a "five year plan" - let alone a twenty or one hundred year plan.


I'm trying my best. It ain't easy to get through to people who have been brainwashed their entire lives to believe that society's utter reliance on cars is normal.


Another elitist telling people how to live their lives lol. What’s the solution? Bike lanes and public transit?


Build more sustainable communities, dummy. PS. The price of gas will never go back to "normal". Have fun with that.


The timeline for that is so far out of reach than ICE vehicles will be antiques by the time it even gains any momentum and the point will be moot. Expecting higher fuel prices to cause anything but economic hardship is foolish and will result in nothing approaching sustainability instead it’s likely to lead to strife, unrest and war. Building sustainability like most other things needs to happen BEFORE you can expect any impact on things like cars for travel. You need to entice change over a long period with better options if you expect it to work. Forcing higher prices in people in a short term will not accomplish that.


Yes, but people have been warning this would happen for \*decades\*. You can't say any of this is a surprise. By the way, nobody is "forcing" higher prices, except for the oil companies. The government already subsidizing the cost of automobile-dependent communities. If all the true costs of driving were accounted for, only the upper class could afford it.


What is a more sustainable community? The only options I’ve seen proposed are high density nightmares where nobody has any space for themselves. But sure, let’s take away people’s ability to drive as well


This guy has never heard of Montreal


If it's impossible to have a job or buy food in a community without having a car, that community is not sustainable, period.


70%+ of Toronto is zoned for low-density. "High density nightmares" what? Outside of the *financial core* we don't even have anything resembling a stereotypical block of Manhattan or where I came from — Hong Kong. I really don't mind living in a high density nightmare. At a minimum I can get rid of auto insurance, a parking spot (this ain't cheap to *lease* anymore), and gas costs.


How is it that using bikes and public transit are regularly derided as low class but also somehow elitist?


People dont want to hear it because its not the truth.


>Stop fucking driving to work if you have other alternatives A lot of people don't have alternatives, and often the cost to move closer to work is a non-starter >Stop driving your kids around everywhere. If you live somewhere rural, what's the alternative here? >Stop building sprawl dependent on cars. Stop building big-box stores with giant parking lots, while letting downtown die. Yep, I'll get right on that.. > Stop ordering useless shit from Amazon. Wait, how does this add to the use of fuel? What's more expensive, 100 people driving to stores to buy things, or one person driving to their houses and dropping things off? Like I don't support Amazon, but your last point is more "yelling at young people about eating avocado toast" than anything relevant to the matter at hand.


1. The expectation that the price of gas would rise, and continue to rise, is factored into the higher price of living close to jobs. Living in the middle of nowhere might be cheaper up front, but in the long run, it will cost you. Also, I would wager than my downtown property costs less than your McMansion in the country anyway. 2. Well, don't live rural unless you are a farmer, or work in some industry supporting agriculture. The people who truly need to live rural are a small minority, and can be exempted from the above comments. Also, let your kids walk or bike. It's not healthy for them to be chauffeured around. 3. Everyone can vote in their local elections. Don't vote for politicians who promote sprawl. A lot of people voted Conservative a few weeks ago. You voted for car dependencies, and further misery at the pumps 4. Not sure how else to explain to you that when you order stuff you don't need from Amazon, that adds to the demand for fuel. Your comment about "100 people driving to stores" doesn't even make sense. It's the number of trips, not the number of people, that matters.


I literally could not have a job if I didn't have a car because our transit is so trash. If I were paying more for gas I'd almost be paying to work instead of being paid to work.


That's because wherever you live is not sustainable.




All its done to me is make me drive way less and I never fill up the entire gas tank. I hate that it went from $45 to fill my tank and now it's $75+ Remember when gas prices were at 70 cents per litre at the start of lockdown? Can we just do that again please?




You mean the governments reaction to Covid.


Came here to upvote this comment.


Here's a pro tip, drive as little as you can and don't look at the price when you fill up.


>don't look at the price when you fill up. ignorance is bliss


Captain Moneybags should be his /u/


Cries in literally anywhere outside of the GTA. Norther Ontario prices are $2.20+ currently and good luck "not driving"


>we should still be paying under $1.30 a litre. What? Is there any logic behind this arbitrary number as the price we _should_ be paying?


And there was a US article the other day saying it could take up to 3yrs to return to normal pricing


Last time oil was $120/barrel gas was about $1.30. That’s probably the logic being used here and it’s not completely wrong.


It is wrong. It's not oil that's scarce, it's gasoline. There's a bottleneck at the refineries and no quick way to build more.


I remember for most of my childhood, when gas hit $1 a litre it was considered a high price. Now we see $1.90 and think Jesus himself came down to grant us this gift.


People are willing to pay anything if they are convinced that they are getting a good deal


i cant believe i get relieved when I see prices go under $2 nowadays


Price fixing had been going on for decades until the economy became too volatile at which point it was each man for himself which is when we started seeing adjacent stations with different prices.


Where are you seeing 175? Still 202, 206 some places here today. Will the gas price ever go back to 1.15 norm anymore? Is it forever $2+?


They should fall under it now. This profiteering is ridiculous.


I doubt it's gonna happen. Gas prices will only fall as far as 1.90


Everything in Canada is a price-fixed monopoly. That said, we’ll need markedly cheaper energy prices to have any shot of digging out of this inflationary situation.


Shoulda went the China route and built up a modern PT system


>At what point do fuel companies fall under “price fixing”? OPEC is a literal cartel, so I'd say go ahead and call it price fixing.


That’s how they condition us


wait, why exactly should we still be paying under 1.30 again?


People that drive a little Elantra have all the right to complain. People that drive four-wheel drive pickup trucks just because it makes them feel more alpha, or people who drive SUVs because they like to feel like "they're higher than everyone on the road", shouldn't be complaning. If you need it for work, fine. But let's be realistic, how often do they need such a big truck. It's all about appearances 95% of the time.


I have a luxury SUV... not complaining at all... double those prices, get people off the roads, force people to use transit, reduce gridlock and better protect the environment. Something so damaging to the environment shouldn't be so cheap anyways. And I personally drive a SUV after being in a Honda civic hatchback in my youth and having my car crushed in an accident... so it's a safety thing for moi


You're participating in an arms race though, you've made yourself safer at the cost of everyone else. If you hit a pedestrian in a sedan they would be way more likely to survive.


As long as we have delivery trucks, mini-vans and other large vehicles on the road, the arms race argument is just poppycock. I rack up 90% of my driving mileage on highways so yes, me and my families safety is of utmost importance. A safe driver in a SUV is still much safer for pedestrians than a shitty driver in a sedan. There are a lot of bad drivers in this city... I can control my own driving but can't control others who might hit me (happened three times in my youth - one very bad as mentioned) - twice with parents as a youth and once driving myself - zero fault. So nope... easiest way to get me off the road is to design a subway/LRT system that is quick and efficient.


Calculations for how fuel prices arrive at what they are aren't secret though.


People complaining about $2 gas and then walk into the gas station and buy a litre of water for $2 to $3. Pretty sure it takes a lot more work to get that litre of oil out of the ground and refined than it does that bottle of water.


Considering it is a globally traded commodity in a competitive market, its far from price fixing except the companies have no reason not to produce more, they are just choosing not to and return $ to investors instead. We shouldn't pay for them to reduce emissions though (subsidies) they have enough cash. If we have to save for when our life changes and unexpected expenses, so should they.


It's called getting fucked. And not the fun kind of fucking... This is what the government and idea of such, was supposed to help and protect us from. But they are the ones helping us get fucked. It's all fucked, for lack of a better term. Unless a massive social uprising happened, it won't change, and that won't happen because our generations are a bunch of fucking morons. From anyone born in the 1970s right up to now. We were sold and send up shit Creek without a paddle or a clue. Unless you're already rich, prepare to get fucked, or more fucked.


Bring it back to 1.39 or we riot, simple.


Paid 1.66 yesterday, I go to a gas station on the native res. Always cheaper.




Oh you sweet summer child. Transportation costs are reflected in the prices for your goods so you are most definitely paying for elevated gas prices.


Always find it funny how redditors want to elect green party and NDP and liberals (really, all 3 of those groups have the same policies, with the greens being more obviously extreme) then wonder why energy got expensive. These people promised us they would transition us away from fossil fuels and would stop fracking and pipelines and approve less drilling. It's a "my party would never do anything to wrong me" type attitude. Redditors convinced themselves that oil companies became exceptionally greedy only recently, they'd believe that before the idea that their supported policy positions had any effect on the current predicament. You cant have your cake and eat it too, this is what "a transition away from fossil fuels" looks like. You didnt expect the government to buy you an electric car, did you? No, they're going to make it more and more expensive by reducing supply until you have no choice. The idea that oil companies dont want to get more oil is laughable propaganda.


The gas industry is dead. Gas prices are never going back and this is the new normal


Why should we be paying $1.30/L? Legitimately I can find nothing at all to justify a price that low.


Seeing as people are unwilling to change their driving habits and still whine about finally building proper alternatives, gas is still too cheap. Tax the hell out of it.


Given that fossil fuel is a finite resource I doubt we will ever see it come down to $1.30 again. There is bound to be a point where we just can’t produce enough to meet demand.


Just got gas for 4.79 a gallon in Niagara, What I noticed is that, in 5km 8 different gas stations varied in price from 4.79 per gallon to 5.05 a gallon,


Should? Says who? Where were you when housing soared? Oh I see you didn’t care when your portfolio was appreciating. Here you is used in general sense means an ordinary Canadian.


thats why we needed a national company that sold it for a fair price and forced the rest to follow suit


Nah. 2.20 is still too low.


We should be paying more actually.


Should be paying that? Says who? You? And why? Based on what? Just because you want to pay less? That's not how the economy works.


A few years back (high 130 max era) my uncle found an old video from summer 2001 documenting his prom and surrounding day, and we all got to watch it. There was one moment in it where the camera zooms in on a gas station sign, with a girl in the car saying something to the effect of "Why is the gas price so high?" It was at 71. I still think about that to this day.


>we should still be paying under $1.30 a litre I don't understand. Why?


They never went down after the big price jump after Katrina in 2004. They won't be going down after this one either. This is the way it is. Good luck changing the system.


I stopped willing to pay for a full tank of gas right around when gas went back to 1.30. That is my limit. Until it goes lower than that, I'll put 20$ in at a time or not pay when I need more gas than that.


I did that too when I saw 199.8. Like wow, sub-$2 gas?! It's awful. They're looking to pass legislation in the states to enable prosecution of oil companies of price gouging, so at least the problem is kind of being acknowledged there. I don't feel that way about here, though.


Don’t forget, part of the problem is the war. The prices will be high for as long as they’re such inconsistency in the supply line.


Why do you think you should be paying 1.30?


Funny thing is that we produce more then 3X the amount oil then what we actually use in Canada. Produce 4.7 million barrels a day. Use about 1.5 million…. And on top of that we for some reason import over 800000 barrels per day. But yeah there’s a shortage and that’s why we’re getting screwed at the pumps. All smoke and mirrors to bring us to our knees just that much more.