Whoever packed that didn't know what they were doing.


Agreed. I gave my parents clear instructions which included consult with the shipping company about how to pack, but either they didn't think to or the company had completely run out of any sense of customer service. I was honestly shocked seeing it upon arrival. Super disappointed.


A couple tips for the future: - keep the box and padding for your case, since you know it'll fit and somewhat protect if for long moves. - I tape the glass, not sure if it helps, but would probably make clean up easier if it doesn't - keep your GPU box, padding, and anti-static bag. - when moving your computer remove anything heavy, like GPU or big air cooler.


Every time i moved i carried all if my pc stuff with me in my cars passenger seat like a little baby lol


Just moved last week... Did the same


I removed the GPU and sat my PC in my lap when I moved a couple weeks a go


That’s a laptop




Holy shit it's real lol


There are dozens of them! Dozens!


Believe me, it gets crazier... There's r/G502MasterRace, r/G502XMasterRace, r/g9masterrace, r/G900MasterRace...


Hey!! Wuuttt!! G502 masterrace!! I mean I use it and Can’t swap to anything else! But not a master race! 🤣🤣


Tbh the Logitech mouse laser are pristine


About to move again for the 2nd time in less than a year. Will only trust myself to transport it.


Strap it in like a person


Mobo against the seat


This was the best part of heading to a LAN party imo


This is the way. EDIT [https://imgur.io/gallery/iFHCwAR](https://imgur.io/gallery/iFHCwAR)


Lol hfs I thought I was the only one to ever seatbelt my PC in the passenger seat. Along with all my pillows.


Moved a couple weeks ago. I insisted on taking my PC in my car as well. I had it sitting on the floor locked in place by the passenger seat, and the monitors laying face down on the seats with the seat belts on. Ain't no way that was moving in the van


When I moved I rode shotgun and held it in my lap the whole way. If the airbag were to deploy it would have smashed by PC right through my skull and I was fine with that fate


Merging with the PC and becoming one, truly the finest way to die


Who says he’ll die? He’ll just be the upgraded Stephen hawking.


Trapper keeper 6000


That’s how we form the TRUE PCMR… we must merge with the PC and birth MR


Worth it.


Who says I'm dying? I'm just doing a rapid integration of the 7nm process


this is the only correct way to move a pc.


I work in IT for a company with workers constantly switching to different remote locations, company learned not to trust carriers and now pay me to drive 2 hours just to drop off a workstation personally


Moved my PC in a day early before everything else I put way too much money and effort for an oopsie movement


That's how my 3d printer survived a 500km move.


I've done this every time. It's a two reason thing: 1) I know I'll be ridiculously careful with it and 2) I don't want someone else to be responsible for it if it gets damaged. I'd rather have my dumb ass to blame than be mad at someone else.


Pc gets front seat with seat belt!


Just drove 3,000 miles across the country with my PC in my car. Was NOT gonna risk something happening to it.


Left my ex 1.5 years ago. Can confirm this method works over 120 miles.


I moved across country during Covid and had it in it's original box, wrapped in blankets and other random stuff. All tucked away under the back so it wouldn't shift during turns. Basically my most important property.


I’ve moved with the original box for my PC three times over 11 years. I’ve handled it myself which makes a big difference but the original packing is tremendously helpful.


I do the same but not quite as long because I have upgraded my case over time. I have the original boxes for my monitors and my desktop usually. On the last move I had to sacrifice the desktop box and just pack it in the trunk naked but the monitor boxes are essential.


All good tips and things I would've done had they not thrown the boxes out, or known how to remove components. I did have them tape the glass, though. But the case got wrecked from every other side, lol.


The three most recent moves I moved my desktop and server (really a desktop) in their original box. I used anti-static bubble warp to fill the void inside the case. Each move was 10+ hours of driving over the last twelve months.


Would've of gladly done it if I was moving by car! The original case boxing is really essential for shipping, too.


Imho if you work for a company and a package says fragile on it you do not stack a heavy object or multiples on top of it which was clearly done. This is what caused the box to crumple in this manner. To me this is someone who doesn't care about customers goods or the manner/respect in which they do their job. Hopefully nothing there is permanently damaged or destroyed for the OP.


So funny story, and it's totally PCMR because it's an essential part of my gaming setup right now. I own a hard-modded vintage tube amp, which I paid $900 to have done up all gucci last year with a new system board/rectifier all in one. An amp of this quality from McIntosh today would cost you like $6000-8000 or so (the Mc275, the closest equivalent, is $5799 right now new), but you can build a decent one with plenty of power for around $1800-2200 new, depending on how custom you want it to be. When I first bought mine it was a 1956 vintage amp with original driver board, only the rectifier had been updated, and I got it for $500. Ultimately I burned out the first set of tubes in just under a year, along with the remaining life span in the replacement rectifier board's capacitor bank. That was what led me to the board designer's site, and their current up to date offerings, which had improved significantly since the 90s when my amp was worked on last. And that leads me to the point of my story, because the guy used to live locally, but he had since moved from the SF Bay Area, to near Seattle, WA. So I did what anyone who is dropping around $2000 on an audio device which uses a bunch of glass bulbs and vintage parts older than my parents, and I bought a giant sheet of high density foam, the same as they use to pack PC cases. I went to the garage, and I found a brand new box which contained a bench drill press that I hadn't opened yet, which weighed about the same as my amp (the assumption being the box would be rugged enough to be up to the task). So with my super durable box in hand, I cut a bunch of custom foam pieces up and built myself a proper shipping box for such a valuable device, and shipped it out to get worked on. I did as much of the work myself beforehand to save on costs (I'm pretty savvy, but ran into issues, and wanted it done proper), because I knew I'd be the one maintaining it and biasing it every time I rolled in new tubes. When the amp showed up, the business owner said that it was the best packing job he had ever seen in the 40+ years of doing business, maintaining mostly just old Dynaco amps. For those who like my story and want to DIY their own shipping boxes, what you want is called Kaizen foam online. I ordered this on amazon, but there are probably better deals in terms of price per foot cubed. Just remember when you're shopping for it, to check the LxWxT, that's length x width x thickness. Most people forget thickness, and end up getting something too thin for their needs. This thickness happened to be perfect for mine lol, I had to remove a top layer on the lid piece but that was it, everything else was exactly the thickness I needed to contain my amp. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B084Q48JSB


I can't speak for everyone but I packed my PC in the box the case came in and did not remove any components. Cross country move in a semi-truck. It survived completely perfectly. Maybe my movers just handled everything carefully? But normally I move my PC by hand.


The cooler method might have been useful. Buy a cheap cooler where whatever you want shipped fits. Put it in there and fill with cardboard or whatever. Tape it shut and ship that. Reasoning is, grab a baseball bat and go ham on a cooler; what breaks first? The cooler or the bat?


Yeah..you really should have just told them to stuff it full of clothes or something.. Cpu should be fine, one bump to the unsupported gpu can rip the Pcie slot on the board (ruining it) and break the gpu at the same time. I travel with my pc a lot and always take the GPU and ram out. If you do that and also position the pc so the motherboard is flat on its back there’s literally almost nothing that could go wrong, besides a high speed collision maybe. Are you sure the GPU is done? it didn’t look damaged from the picture at least.


When I shipped and didn't have a huge GPU yet I used to leave it in and carefully wedge an inflated ziploc bag or those little plastic bags you get as packing material. I would lightly stuff them in on both side of the GPU so it couldn't move out of its position. I've never heard of removing ram... it's just so small.


A guy sent me a motherboard once with the ram in it, snapped the slots right off the board. I got my money back on that one.


From what I can tell regarding the GPU, yes. I'm not positive as I don't have a test bench, obviously, but I'll be playing around with another friends PC to see what still functions. Trust me, they had much better instructions than they showed when packing it, but it was a combination of poor packing poorer handling, and a LONG time in the postal system - it was in the mail for nearly three weeks.


Shit, I’m sorry man that’s sucks..At least GPU prices fell off a cliff recently! Hopefully you’ll be able to use some of the parts still.


I just shipped a PC to my brother last month and arrived pretty safe and sound. I used the PC box plus the box from my office chair as the double box. Inside the PC had enough foam to hold all components in place. No vertical or lateral movement. If possible, do not do what I did. Which was shipping with the GPU inside. I didn't have a choice because my brother doesn't know how to assemble it all back. In which case, fill with foam to prevent any movement.


Such gigantic GPU as R9 390 left in PCIe slot for shipping was really brave idea even if it was packed properly and not like a bag of potatoes.


Did you pay the extra for insurance? Will you be able to claim for the damages?


Even if they did pay for insurance, there's no chance it'll get paid. Putting insurance on something, then packaging it terribly and having it broken, won't get you the insurance. Otherwise people would be slapping expensive, breakable stuff in poorly packaged containers all day.


…or what they were packing.


"I don't know what I'm doing." - op packer


Yup, of you don't feel safe dropping that box at least waist high it ain't packed for shipping.


Exactly. Improper packaging.


Rip! Hope you can salvage most of the major parts


MB and GPU are shot I'm pretty sure. From what I can tell PSU, CPU and RAM are fine. But it's hard to want to reinvest in getting replacements since they're all a couple generations old - though they were still very capable.


I'd pull all the data off that HDD and then dispose of it. I *definitely* wouldn't trust it to store any data reliably. They're such high precision hardware, and shock and vibration will ruin them. I don't know if the battering this has taken would affect it or not, but either way I wouldn't be able to trust it. Just my 2 cents.


I second this. HDD's are notoriously fragile so the best bet is getting new storage and retrieving everything off these HDD's before tossing them in the trash.


how are you sure the motherboard and gpu are dead? they look fine in the pictures but it’s hard to see much


There's a bunch of damage not shown in these couple of pictures. The PCI-E slot is half ripped off the board and the GPU is making foreign noises and sputtering, but it could be the MB that's causing it to begin with.


yeah thats true but prices of gpus are down a lot so rn would be a good time to get a 2060s for $200 on Facebook marketplace and then all u need is a mobo and some other tiny stuff maybe hdd, sdd or something


Did Ace Ventura drop it off?


Wont be needing another card for crossfire.


Did you look through my history? Hahaha, yeah. No longer.


If you live in michigan you can have my 1660 s


Well that's super cool of you. I'm gonna test on my GPU on a friend's computer to confirm if it's blown or not. I live in Europe, though so Michigan is a bit far. I'd be happy to pay for postage if I need a card. Only problem is I don't know if I trust the post anymore, haha.


Damn! I completely understand that. GL homie!!!! If you figure out postage and you find it’s broken please hollla!!! It’s just in the box collecting dust.. I would like to not be a total POS and I could die happy knowing I helped a fellow pc gamer.


This is the way. My great respect for you, my friend.


If it's packaged properly in the original box then it shouldn't be a problem unless something falls on it or somebody steals it.


I live in the UK and have lots of spare cards. Most are pretty shit but I'll see what I've got spare that I haven't collected and send it to you if you are also in the UK.


You’re a good person. Made me smile :)


I’ve never seen a fan fall out of its housing like that. Someone must’ve really kicked or smashed the box. On the bright side it could give you an excuse for an upgrade. I feel so bad for you though.


Biggest mistake was the Fragile stickers. They see those and it’s game on. Next time hand write with crayon on the box. “Do your best to destroy this package.” You’ll get it back in the most Pristine condition.


I heard someone once suggest to put Biohazard stickers on it. idk if you can do that but...


I mean, why not?


They might refuse to ship it


Well, they failed at shipping it already


This exactly.


Yeah, I keep seeing this pop up as a suggestion and I've heard it all my life. I don't know how accurate it is but I think the shipping system is just rough rather than wilfully destructive (is most cases). The PC was also in the mail for nearly three weeks so that was a lot of time to receive abuse, whether intentional or not.


Here is what happend ! I found the culprint ! [Delivery guy !](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YrpmZFixp0)


That was a great laugh. Appreciate the post and will need to rewatch the great pet detective at work sometime soon.


No one seems to ever take notice of the obvious fragile sticker


I worked at a fedex hub for 10 years. Even if people are carful with it the sorting system doesn’t give a fuck. Packages coming flying down a chute into a trailer and if the trailer is backed up, everything just ends up getting crushed together.


Worked with ups as a package handler for 4 years.... Can confirm that "fragile" doesn't mean anything when it's flying at you and getting crushed between boxes because the chute is backed up


No one thinks to make safety protocols and designs to ensure the chute doesn't crush boxes when it gets backed up?


That would be the government's job. The only thing a company is concerned with is making money.


I work at the post office distribution center and the machine we have is a huge yellow conveyor that has 2 levels. The top one being about 25' high. They drop down off of that into a chute that has 5' x 5' wire containers with other packages. I know exactly what you mean.


If anything that seems to be a signal to throw it about like a wet sock..


[Don't mind if I do](https://imgur.com/8vaaoxB)


Studies say that's the case.


I worked at UPS for a short period of time loading packages onto trucks. We were taught to load the packages one way, but when the supervisors needed us to speed up, they would tell us to disregard the proper way to load boxes… just get them loaded up on the truck and throw the small stuff behind the wall of boxes. The amount of glass I heard breaking in those boxes, the amount of destroyed packages they made us load onto trucks… those fragile stickers mean nothing.


I just wanna say as a driver for ups, delivering packages that are destroyed is so embarrassing. I always do my best to handle packages as if they were my own and when I find one in my load that is obviously destroyed I usually just return it to sender and save the customer a headache going through the return process


Being a conscientious last mile driver in such a rough and tumble industry must suck. I sympathize.


As someone who worked in the UPS unload I cannot tell you the amount of times I unloaded a box with a fragile sticker that was very obviously shattered glass inside. If we went too slow a supervisor would jump in the truck with us and just start soft-balling packages on to the extendo from wherever they where in the truck. Zero fucks given.


Why the fuck does their insurance company still, you know, insure them? If these parcels are being claimed as damaged then someone is paying out for the damages, and I don't comprehend how an insurance company would let a package mover company *routinely* destroy packages in the name of speed. Nor does it make sense for an insurance company to keep getting paid by the package movers for higher and higher premiums to match the volume of claims... So how the fuck does that whole house of matchsticks actually *function?*


Shipping facilities move around 80,000 packages an hour. The machines that scan and drivert them go insanely fast. OP also didn’t have a shipping box, he had a moving box which is much weaker than a shipping box.


That's completely meaningless, put there to give the customer peace of mind, it doesn't offer any special treatment or protection.


Can confirm. I worked for one big shipping company straight out of high school and no one ever mentioned to us to treat fragile packages any different. Every package gets the same treatment: pull it out of the "wall" of packages inside the freight truck and put it on the conveyer belt behind you. And by put it on the conveyer, I mean lightly toss it about 1-2ft onto the belt. They not only don't care if it's fragile, but they don't want their workers losing momentum to take an extra second to care. Pack it well, the grunt worker at 3am making minimum wage in the dusty baking-hot warehouse isn't going to to notice or care.


I sort packages. Every package has a fragile sticker. Therefore, no packages have a fragile sticker. This thing was just packed like shit. If there's any wiggle room in that box, it's gonna get slammed around. Even if you packed it perfectly though, if you didn't take the gpu out of that pcie slot, it's gonna get broken lol.


Must be Italian.


I worked for FedEx. They all say fragile, no one gives a fuck.


From what I've heard from people who have worked at hubs / sorting centers and the likes they're timed they have to load or unload a semi-truck trailer within a certain time frame. They don't get in trouble for throwing packages, but they do get in trouble for taking too long.


They ignore it, I've asked if I put a fragile sticker on a package will they stop throwing it and treat it better? They said no, it's the shippers responsibility to package it correctly and under the assumption that it won't be babied. They are moving 100 mph trying to get packages to people quickly. If it's light enough to toss it around, it's going to get tossed around.


To be fair the major components look ok and you could always use an upgrade anyway.


The components are all on that edge of relevant enough to continue using, but not necessarily worth replacing as the sun would soon be setting on their performance.


You can hustle back some cash with your loaded WW2 dice


They weren't mine! Was asking for a friend. They were really cool, though.


That’s what they all say. Bake him away, toys.


Your PSU is a nice one and will last for many years. Don't forget to open it and check the fan before you turn it on.


Uhhh idk much about PSUs, but I feel like if I know one thing it's to NEVER open a PSU unless you know what you're doing. Idk how relevant that is to just checking a fan, but I felt like I should throw that in there.


Yeah I bought it with future upgrades and whole systems in mind, but I received some advice that it may not be safe to use. Any steps/ideas on how to test it for durability?


Just open it up (while unplugged of course) and see if the fan is ok, give it a spin with your finger and see if anything rattles/grinds. If it does it is easily replaceable. Everything else should be fine, that thing is built like a tank. judging by your photos your case took some extreme force (that hdd cage, ouch).


Im a manager at a UPS store, meaning I have packed & shipped many a PC. I also spent 2 years in the warehouse as a package handler, meaning I know the rough journey a package has to go through. Whenever someone has to ship a pc i step in and pack it properly cuz trust me I *know* whats on the line seeing as i build my rig piece by piece. All that being said, this makes me sad sad. 😞


And this is why you ship a PC with foam or airbags inside it. The sorting center, especially the automated part, does not care about your fragility sticker. This is totally on whoever packaged that PC.


[Was that the package Ace Ventura delivered to rescue that dog?](https://youtu.be/7YrpmZFixp0)


Specs so far as I remember them: CPU: i6700k RAM: 2 x 8GB DDR4, speed I can't recall. GPU: R9 390 Storage: 500GB SATA SSD, 4TB HDD --- Mulling over what to do, either wait as I have been for years now and hope the 4000 series GPUs and AMD's ZEN 4 come out and either blow past performance standards or drop the price of the current lineup. Not to mention DDR5 RAM and what that does to making DDR4 possibly obsolete in the near future. I don't know. Been hit with some dumb stuff lately and this, while not the worst thing by any means, really served as a kick to the nuts. If anyone needs parts from it let me know and I might be able to send them your way pending what I decide to do.


>hope the 4000 series GPUs and AMD's ZEN 4 come out Yeah the hype is real. But even the current "low end" and midrange CPUs today will blow the socks off that 6700k, and GPUs are finally around MSRP - you could always buy one now and sell it at a loss later, there is no telling what will happen to 4000 series stock in a few months. >Not to mention DDR5 RAM and what that does to making DDR4 possibly obsolete in the near future. While DDR5 in a year or two may make DDR4 obsolete, you are definitely paying a premium for DDR5 vs DDR4 today for not that much more performance unless your workload revolves around compressing files. Also if past history is anything to go on, I wouldn't want to be the first customer to test a new AMD platform (it took a while to squash all the x570 bugs, and AM4 has been around for a while...), especially now with a new RAM standard and new PCIe standard coming out.


I'd expect the CPU, RAM, PSU, SSD and probably the mobo to be fine. Hopefully the GPU is okay too! If the motherboard is dead, just grab a secondhand board to replace it. Upgrading is nice, but that spec is totally usable so I wouldn't go spending loads of money if you don't want / need to.


Did your parents ship via trebuchet?


It’s impressive how long the R9 series of cards stayed relevant. I have the R9 380X paired with a 2600k. I’m sure you’re worried about the ol’ gal. I sincerely hope she’s ok. the new 7000 series of cards look like the perfect replacements- if you can wait until October- November. All the best bro


~~send that bad boy back on the double.~~ edit: wait, had your parents pack this and send it? oof. you cant just throw a pc in the mail without appropriate packaging and shipping procedures. this is on you


Jesus, did Ace Ventura do the delivering?


Jeez your parents sure didn't give a fuck huh ? You should (and did I guess) have expected that from the postal service, but with that kind of packing there was just no way it was going to arrive unscathed.


"Expect that from the postal service"? You can't just slap a fragile sticker on something and expect magical treatment of a package. You literally have to pay for the fragile handling and apply a specific sticker. Everything gets handled by machines unless you pay for fragile handling. It's the same with any other parcel company. Not to mention, like you said, it's packed awfully. There's too much "free space". If the contents of your package can move around at all when you shake it, you don't have enough in the box.


The one time my inner Karen came out, when my university mailed out our degrees and the envelope said "do not bend" in big bold print, mail person bent the envelope. Immediately walked into the house and called the post office. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” ― George Carlin


fragilé? must be french...


To a shipping company, "fragilé" means "made of titanium" in Swahili.


Pretty sure "fragile" means "stab with a forklift, then run over with a truck" according to shipping companies.




Oh dude, that’s rough. Hope you’re alright.


This happened to me on my first build too when I was shipping it to college. I printed out the Newegg invoice and they pretty much gave me to full amount after I sent in pictures. Nice because I could get a bit of an upgrade. Really sorry this happened to you


fra-gee-lay? Must be Italian.


I'm sorry OP, I hope you're able to claim the insurance for the damages


Is there something stronger than NSFW we could use? Sorry for your loss.


Pcs*, it’s not ‘pc’ if it came in more than one piece. Congrats now you have 2


Damn. I’m so sorry my guy. That sucks. I had my parents send my PC when they shipped my car. (It was in the trunk) so I’m lucky. I really do hope that you can talk with customer service and come up with a solution. This is pain at it’s finest💔


"Hey, Frank! What does Fra-geel-lay mean?"


I think it’s Italian.


I lived in New York for a month which is on the opposite side of thw country from me. Ended up bringing my PC in a bunch of boxes as my carry on. No case, just set it up test bench style on a MOBO box. Everytime I've moved I literally tear down my PC and rebuild it at the new place. I know this wasn't an option but stuff like this is why I'm terrified of shipping a PC already built.


Idk where you live but you can file a claim for damages done to your package. Often its insured up to a certain value. Better than nothing I guess.


I'm sorry for your loss, but appreciate you putting the NSFMR flair. Did the shipping company hire a gorilla to jump on that PC before they shipped it to you? I shall press F now. Respects. F


I would actually feel much better and assign next to no blame if it were a gorilla. They're woefully underemployed, you know.


Sorry man, but that's your bad. You gave instructions to your parents? I wouldn't expect "parents" to have any clue on how to pack something like that.


Well on your behalf, I'm sorry I trusted my parents to pack a box well.


Packing a box well is half the battle. You need to secure the inside of the pc as well. Really you shouldn't have even had the GPU installed. The stress on the PCI slot is too much to risk. At the very least you should have gotten one of those expanding foam inserts. This is on you


Even without insurance this just looks like negligence (on top of the somewhat inadequate packaging) It's clearly just thrown around, the shipping company is definitely responsible for some of the damage.


here's what happens. the person with the broke shit comes in and says their shit got broke. the shipping company is going to ask if they purchased insurance. for some reason nobody ever goes for the insurance. when the person with the broke shit complains, the shipping company will say they're not liable for how packages are packed, and they're not liable for the damage since no insurance was purchased. if insurance was purchased, they'll pay out however much was purchased based on the declared value of the item being shipped.




That's going in the book of grudges


Maybe a footnote, but they're good people and I've got worse that I could have used to hold a grudge with. I'm just bummed out.


My heart breaks for you. God speed, good sir.


you win some you lose some




Which company shipped it and did the company pack it, or did the sender pack it themselves?


Did you buy insurance?


I had this happen to me once. Just recently got a new build and they wanted to ship it but I insisted that I just travel to pick it up. In my experience, computers should never be shipped.


Fraa Gee Lay. Ew la la thats fancy. The packaging must be all banged up because its shipped all the way from France.


Had a mover once… paid for by my work. Dude picked up my computer by the front end. Ripped the whole front grill off and dropped it 4 feet onto the pavement. My thermaltake case took the beating thank abortion and nothing was ruined! Sorry for the state of your machine bro. Hopefully you can get it repaired. As long as your core components survived you should be ok.


Fragile... must be italian.. /s (sorry this happened OP.. :( )


I say your lucky what arrived was actually your pc. I sent my own pc from my home in Italy to my new home in the UK by courier. What arrived was a Bridgestone Tyre... £3k worth of parts, water cooled, custom case, etc. I was not happy.


HDS sir, and how are you this afternoon, alrighty then. I have a package for you.


Been a while since a picture made me exclaim “Holy Shit!”


Was this shipped through UPS?


That is disgusting but sadly realistic with shipping today.


Dang. Also a option if you get a FedEx label you can also insure your package. I’ve done it for hardware worth up to 25k for our Biomed Team.






Whoever packed that don't appear to know how rough the automated sorters are. Sorters which aren't able to read those "handle with care"-stickers.


This is really on you for not even verifying with your parents on how it's packed, the minimum should have been original packaging, and surely not whatever the hell this is


Realistically you need to packing stuff that can survive a 10 ft drop without damage. The fragile stickers are meaningless on regular mail. Unless you're paying for a premium service expect your stuff to be thrown around a bit.


I work in freight/mail delivery. Don't blame the driver for this, the idiots in packaging and shipping send these on pallets and for some fucken reason they pack the heavy stuff on top of the light stuff.


I feel like putting fragile stickers only increases the chances of items being damaged.


Shipping with the GPU plugged in? BIG BIG no no


Looks like it was packed in a weak box.


Your hard drive is 1000% toast if your case looks like that.


What’s the issue??


The amount of force needed to pop a fan out like that is incredible. Suprised it's not half the size it used to be. The AIO itself should still be good (as good as a 120 can be), unless the rad got mangled. Here's hoping the GPU doesn't have a snapped PCI-E finger.


Who's the crappy shipping company? When my 3D printer arrived, I watched DHL bounce my printer off another and then dropped it on the ground. I was so pissed! Luckily, Prusa packs really well


Lol wtf note to self pack PC myself before leaving.


Just a reminder that conveyor belts can’t read.


Why I, when I move, I will never trust movers with my PC. My condolences to you dude.


Thats on you. The box must be able to withstand shipping. So if you didnt pack it right so that the box wouldnt crush then its all on you.


I think it's been proven that putting a fragile sticker on the box basically guarantees that it'll be handled even worse than normal.


It doesn’t look plugged in


Bruh. That's pretty damaged. I feel like whenever couriers see "fragile" they get 10% more aggressive with the package


This is why you save your case box. Also why I save my TV boxes, but that's more for moving. That sturdy ass case box with those Styrofoam pieces just for your case are perfect for shipping or moving.


It looks like someone bashed the shit out of it with a pumpjack, how the fuck does that even happen to the harddrive enclosures? (Assuming the case isn't made out of papier-mâché)


butbutbutubtu buttt have you tried turing it off and on ?


Box: “Fragile” Driver: ..and I took that offensively


wtf! call the police immediately! cos that is a goddamn crime


Wow… I moved house a few months back, and stupidly packed my pc into the van instead of having in my car with me. Let’s just say I have a new one now.


FRAGILE BE CAREFUL FRAGILE *beats it with bat*


Pour one out for ya dead homies


I mailed my PC on my last move, ostensibly to make sure it doesn't get damaged in transit. I lived on the third floor of an apartment complex at the time. Saw the delivery truck show up. Went out to meet the courier and saw him rolling the box up the stairs. It worked fine, but you better believe I video taped every moment, from opening to hooking up, to start up.