I usually listen to one set at a time, it’s a little more do-able for me and then the next time I want to listen to Phish I just put on the second set of the show I had previously been listening to


Wait.. there are bands other than phish??😊😏


I know! I was surprised too when I found out! 😛


Live phish app, I'll play a show here and there until I finish it. Right now I'm loving that live bait #19.


Head phones while working


Does your job allow for headphones? Mine does not, but I sneak them in during tour season because life is short


I work from home but got wife and little ones so I use headphones. Prior to having a family and had to go into the office nobody cared if I wore headphones as long as I was not in a meeting etc. I write code for a living so lots of head down working involved.


Unless I’m in a specific mood I usually hit the “shows on this date” section of relisten, then pick one usually based on year, then choose a song from the set list and go from there. Otherwise I just hear 1st set openers, which is fun too.


I’m all over the map, which is why I love Phish radio in my car. The Live Phish app is pretty awesome for the huge library. I often just pick single songs I want…like “hey, I’m in the mood for the Island Tour Roses”. Sometimes I’ll continue with the set, sometimes not. When I have more time, I usually pick one set because I never have time for a full show. I actually like picking a random set where I don’t have the set list memorized, because a huge part of the live experience with Phish is the wonder and excitement about “what are they going to play”….so if I’m listening to a show where I don’t have the set list memorized, it captures a tiny piece of that.


Uh i push play before I go to work or the grocery or for a walk or to the gym and I listen and what I don’t finish in one session i simply start back later. There’s absolutely no reason to deprive myself of a show just because I only have 20 minutes of time available. I continually listen to phish shows from beginning to end. I simply take a break whenever I want. Every single show that they play, I listen to it.




Flair checks out!


i really like the youtube clips that phish posts. theyre usually the highlights and its really easy to keep tabs on where they are and what they're doing. so i watch those when they pop up and try and snag the set openers if i can. really amazing what they post on youtube. big fan




I press fast fwd and listen to the shows at 4x. Sounds a little jumbled but I take away the highlights at least.


Mike says Yes to “too many notes” chip tune phish


I often listen while I workout. Can reliably get through one set, and I’ll either start set two if I’m going slow/have a longer workout that day, or I switch to other tunes and save set 2 for the next day


I like to listen to one set at a time with headphones while I'm reading in bed. Oftentimes I'll half fall asleep and it can get pretty groovy in that weird kind of lucid dreaming state. Especially with a nice trippy Type II jam.


Put the cd in my car. I have a <3 mile commute, so it takes awhile.


You'll appreciate this short McSweeney's piece that was posted just after Coventry: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/bathtub-gin-by-phish After he wrote that I emailed the author through the email address listed on the article (that used to be a thing, once upon a time) and I directed him to the nugs.net Free Stash where an AUD of that Radio City show was available for download, and he thanked me in reply, saying "You did a good thing today."


SiriusXM in car. 30 minute commute. Full shows (YouTube) or Live Bait while hanging on deck or during long projects (like cleaning the garage).




I usually listen by set throughout the day while doing errands.


I still listen to shows all the way through, just so it over the course of a few days


siriusxm phish radio is cool!


I listen while I stock groceries at kroger lol


LivePhish app. I pick a tour and listen from beginning to end whenever I have time. I am a teacher and have at least 1 hour every morning in my classroom solo. I put my headphones on and go. Honestly if for some reason I can't listen in the AM my whole day is thrown off.


I’ve listened to every show since 2019 or so. I used to just listen to random shows and still think 97/98/99 is my favorite era but I now listen in sequence. I’m currently at Vegas last fall. I listen during a 2hr kayak trip I take once or twice a week. I skip a few songs and can make it through most of a show. Sometimes I’ll listen to the encore while I’m packing up after the trip. It helps to have music to keep a steady rhythm and I love phish. https://youtu.be/0UWSIFC85ag


I listen while I exercise. If I can't make time for a show or two worth of exercise a week I have bigger problems than not listening to music.


I almost always skip any song without a jam. I also usually go right into the jam in any song with a long composed section. So basically, just the jams.


Amazing question. Guess I wouldn’t as much. I mean, 3 whole hours. Wow


One disc at a time my phriend


I usually listen in the car on the way to and from work, when I’m at work, when I’m working out, when I’m cooking. I pretty much use every opportunity to listen. It’s really interesting to fall asleep with a show playing. It makes some interesting dreams!


Now that I work from home, I love streaming a video of the show Otherwise I would just listen in pieces


Nothing more fun than grocery shopping on a summer afternoon in austin when my brain is deep in the second set in the centrum on a cold autumn night.