My kids sing,"bag it, tag it," over and over and over again during car trips. Sometimes they switch to, "maybe so, maybe not." My wife is not a phan and is less than amused.


Wild, my kids love Reba too. 6 and 4 and my son led that charge at about 4 years old, still the main crowd pleaser


Same here, also 6 and 4. They request it by name and to them the name is “bag it, Tag it”


Same. My daughter’s favorite song when she was 7. Now it’s first tube


So great to hear. My son learned the real name and now corrects his sister though I do try to get him to ease off cause just the fact they know the song and lyrics and love it is a real treat for me!


Yep, same over here for my 5 year old - he started requesting it at 4 by “bag it, tag it” and gets super excited whenever it comes on


My girls love Reba! They love the Randalls Island version where the crowd is chanting "Reba, Reba", then Trey hears them and busts into it. The girls love chanting "reba, reba!" and of course, bag it tag it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbHa1xidZXM


6 and 4 here, too!! 1.5 year old not singing it yet.


If only they learned to sing the jam!


My 4 year old daughter sings this “bag it, tag it, shdnklelemkdmemsjakdo in the store”


My kids, 7 and 4, like arguing over what the lyrics are after "bag it, tag it." Neither of them get it right and it makes me smile like an idiot.


My daughter, now 33, loved Golgi Aparatus.


I have another Golgi fan! She’s 6 and calls it ‘finance box’. Loved singing the ‘golgi golgi go-o-o-o-golgi’ part. It’s one of our bedtime songs! I don’t think she’ll ever be 33 though 😂


I sang Contact to both my boys before bed, they are 6 and 3.


How have I not thought of that! New routine starts tonight


My 3 year old loves Reba as well, but there was a few week phase where all he wanted to listen to was Tool


Fuckin love tool


Fuckin love tool


Me too. Contact was my oldest’s (now 8) favorite song for a few years. Perfect kids song. My son overuses the word “abode”now because of it.


All three of my kiddos LOVED this song! The oldest is now 19, and I took him to his first show in Charleston (N1). His favs now are YEM, Stash, and 2001 <-- which he got that night!


When I was a toddler, my dad would play Prince Caspian, Bouncing Around the Room and Bathtub Gin on his guitar while I fell asleep. His voice—and mine, too, now that I've grown up—has a very similar register to Trey's, so when I grew up and started listening to Phish on my own, those old songs sounded exactly the same to me as they did when he'd sing them. He was the Trey in the Phish cover band he started in his early twenties, so he knew those songs by heart and loved to play them. A bit later into my childhood, I found Esther, and just fell in love with it. It's the song I still use to introduce people to Phish, because it, to me, is the quintessence of their style. I’m 20 now, and to this day, I have every lyric memorized. I've been powered by Phish since I was a baby, and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)


I loved Esther as a kid!


when my kids were little they loved Sparkle. Now they are older and love Drake and Lil baby.


Sorry for your loss. ; )


They will always secretly love Phish ;)


You've implanted it deep in their core memories! They'll be somewhere, at some point, and hear Sparkle playing in the background, start singing along, and warmly think of you. : )


i've definitely failed. then again, when i was a teenager and was listening to the dead and later Phish, my parents didn't give me a hard time or make fun of me for having totally different taste in music than they did, so i'm sort of trying to return the favor here. Still, i'm hopeful they will join me for a show one day and change their minds...


Mine too! I took my 19yo to N1 in CHS and he got to see it! And you're right... all they listen to now is hiphop, which is totally fine. But the whole night he kept saying, "I know this one!" And then he realized how much we played it when they were younger... so u/dmcginvt is right: They will secretly always love Phish!


When my son was 6-7, he used to ask if we could listen to “some of that music that doesn’t have a lot of words.” That melted my heart. Now he likes AJR - I guess it could be worse.


12 year old loves Simple, Meatstick, lizards, heavy things, tweezer reprise. 10 year old has no idea who they are 6 month old seems to really enjoy the velvet underground so naturally 98 Halloween gets heavy rotation


Well that kid is probably gonna start a band someday!


Still bitter about getting VU for my only halloween show and then DSOM days later. IT didnt suck but 10/30 was the better show from Vegas because they used it as an anniversary.


10/30 of which year?




Sounds like you just need to hit another Halloween. ;)


Possum. Ages: 9, 7, and 4.


This tracks!


Yes, think it was this week they heard Possum for the first time...this is my future


My oldest, 8, enjoyed AC/DC Bag when she was around 3 or 4. Would ask to hear the bag song when we got in the car. She thought the Lakewood 97 Ghost jam was, in her words, "a really sick jam, dad." My youngest doesn't care.


That girl knows good jams


My 2.5yo requests the Clifford Ball AC/DC Bag every day. It’s awesome. He has recently started singing Makisupa Policeman at random moments, which is adorable.


her new one is knuckle bone broth avenue


None they roll their eyes when I play phish


I was going to say keep forcing them, but pffft, it would go against my own advice of let them find the things they love. Meh fuck it, keep forcing them


Sorry bout it. My oldest, now 18, was the same way. Keep having kids and one may drink the kool-aid


My neice is 4 and loves sparkle. She hsed to run around the kitchen in circles to it all the time.


My 4 yo loves some sparkle too, that and contact


My almost three year old loves split open and melt. Last night she requested it while listening to the DC sand lol


Pretty hardcore for a toddler tbh!


I can just see it, "Its not about quantity, its about quality, put on 04/22/22 Split open and melt"


Ocelot, Contact, Sparkle. Both kids from time to time run around the house shouting “won’t you step into the freezer!”, so all of them?






I think Axilla is my 3 year old’s favorite song haha


Axilla was my 7yo favorite of N1 in Charleston. He has an aoxotol toy and calls it Axilla so we brought it to summon the song. It worked and lost his little mind. Fan for life!


My kids’ hands and feet have been mangoes since they were infants. They’re now 13 and 10.


They sound like geniuses to me


Good one!




Huge hit cause of the dance!


Carini! Proud of my boy


That's something to be proud of. My kid, 6, likes fluffhead and its hilarious to hear her shout "but I sure got some powerful pills"


Oh yeah. Nothing funnier than singing about some dude's lumpy head. Always a winner with the kids.


I heard too many horror stories about kids getting older and hating phish, so I purposely would not play it in favor of things like the Beatles, Paul Simon, Stones, Zep. It also forced me to start listening to new music because I wanted him to listen to as much diversity as possible. I wanted him to figure it out. Then I heard him listening to Fuego album on his own and it made me smile. Taking him to his first show in August. All I'm saying, is Phish can be hard if you don't have a musical appreciation, make sure to mix it up and make it fun for you and your kids.


Well said, my kid couldnt help listen but have to phish and it definitely dominated, but my love of all music dominated just as much, I played it all!


My daughter is named Hailey.


Golden Age, particularly Vegas Golden Age. Currently 19 years old.


My 6 year old son loves to dance to Ya Mar


I always liked Reba as a kid


My 7 year old is all about Kidz Bop, but when Reba came on the other day, she told me not to change it to Kidz Bop. “I like the Bag it, Tag It song a lot. And the one about Lizards too!” There’s hope for her yet.


Haha, this feels like my life too


Oh, and she still does, too


This is impressive as I see Reba as a pretty patient song


Cars, trucks, buses


9/18/99 Tube was on Phish radio this morning. Looked in the rear view and my almost 2 year old was jamming hard in the car seat.


Hmmm yeah maybe she’s ready for the big funk!


ocelot but I forced the matter


The ending of antelope “run like an antelope out of control, run run run run run run run run run run run run” E: we should make a “phish for kids” playlist when this thread has run its course


My 11 yr old daughter loves Chalk Dust Torture and Wolfman's Brother. She'll be going to her 5th show this summer in AC. :)


My 4 year old loves SANTOS, thinks “this is what space smells like” is the best line in any song. Sometimes she’ll just tell me to put on some “really crazy phish” at which point a mid-90s antelope is the go-to.


It's a banger! Hihohihohiho is one of our favorite lines to sing at the top of our lungs!


I have a 6yo girl who absolutely loves Phish. I played her the slow maze and her reply was "it sounds funky". She wanted to listen to reg maze then slow maze again. She's got quite the ear for music. Her favs are Possum, Turtles, Reba (which she called the meat man forever), Stash, Llama, Sleeping Monkey, Shade, Santos, and requests to listen to Miami every day on the way to school. Such a proud moment the first time you heard your kid singing a Phish song from another room. Also have an 18yo who couldn't care less, but we are taking him to the Raleigh show and he's pretty excited. Taking the 6yo as well and she already has her outfit picked out. She loves couch tour. Proud mama. We are a Phish family.


Also loves Egg in a Hole, Carini, and Divided Sky. If Divided Sky is on when we pull into our driveway, we sit in the car to finish it. Shes my jam buddy.


I’d be super proud too


Took our kids to see them at The Gorge this summer. Later in the year, my 13 year old played Mama Dance for her choir class during the lessons on transitions. She said the entire class was grooving on it (She was torn between that and Julius.) Proud dad moment.




Kid loves contact it’s like a silly kids song and the studio has the kids signing


Gotta Jibboo


Sparkle!! My kid loves to yell “laughing laughing fall apart” Meatstick- she loves dancing to it!


my friend my friend


My kid is now 26. His first show was clifford ball. Im not sure what his first favorite was but I think it was AC DC bag. Then he saw the first tube video I shared here the other day. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1BdWdkg52M](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1BdWdkg52M) It quickly became his favorite song because what kid doesnt love a psychedelic video, I mean as a 52 yr old I was raised on psychedelic Sesame St! [https://www.google.com/search?q=psychedelic+sesame+street&rlz=1C1ONGR\_enUS935US935&sxsrf=ALiCzsabvis-6kFlrdVIZ\_ZTq907\_HSq-A:1654823054018&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjQ1LOi2KH4AhXmlIkEHX5XCdMQ\_AUoA3oECAIQBQ&biw=1920&bih=929&dpr=1](https://www.google.com/search?q=psychedelic+sesame+street&rlz=1C1ONGR_enUS935US935&sxsrf=ALiCzsabvis-6kFlrdVIZ_ZTq907_HSq-A:1654823054018&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjQ1LOi2KH4AhXmlIkEHX5XCdMQ_AUoA3oECAIQBQ&biw=1920&bih=929&dpr=1), seriously give all those vids a watch! We've been to plenty of shows since, coventry, spac, gorge 2016, msg 8/4/17, got curveballed. It was 8/4 that hit me that I couldnt ask for a better person to see Phish with, he knew as much as me by this time @ 21 yrs old, because he grew up with me. I get chills thinking about it. By 13 he was into dubstep, and then he expanded his horizon and it's now world music, he listens to so much insane music he's the one turning me on, but he still loves the phish from VT.


6 year old only loves shade (when ur blocking the light).


My kids used to love singing "Harry! HARRY! WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN THE LIGGGGHTS GO OUT?" when in their child seats in the back seat. They'd start singing it as soon as Fish hit the toms at the beginning.


My daughter who is 2 request Timber every night while brushing her teeth. She enjoys dancing to it in the sink while brushing. It also help that the September 3rd 2021 ticket stub has "Dinosaur bones" on it, so that's what she calls the song.


My daughter definitely has some favorites but I love when I catch her singing some random song like The Line.


NMINML (when my youngest was a little gal still it was snowman in snowman’s land and been a fav ever since) and Blaze on, KDF.


I might prefer Snowman tbh


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 856,106,126 comments, and only 169,290 of them were in alphabetical order.


Alphabet bot, thank you!


Gotta Jibboo


Esther. Poor kid


My 3 year old daughter always wants me to play “This is what space smells like” every time we drive in the car.


3 and 5 year old get down to meat stick and Moma dance. We get wild in the car to antelope…run run run run run! Wife is not a phan either which it makes it even more enjoyable.


My 8 month old zones out on the screen every time I put Phish or Umphreys on. Doesn’t have a favorite Phish song yet, but Triple Wide has never failed to keep his attention when I have to get some chores done.


Even an infant respects that guitar work!


My now older teen and 21 year old loved Bouncing Around the Room and Sleeping Monkey as little kids. Set up a playlist long ago with lots of fun songs that I liked too. They still appreciate the songs on that list till this day.


My 8 year old gets a kick out of Smell of a Mule


I love your 8 yr old!! Such a funny song, I appreciate their sense of humor!!


My 4 year old girl loves Reba, Halley’s Comet, . I love it when she will say, can you louder up the music? The other day my 6 year old son was singing “thank you mr. miner”!


My daughter loves everything's right and he fav is the vocal part in SOAM.


My girls (4 & 6) love Reba, Guyute, Nellie Kane, Foam, and Stash.


Dogs Stole Things. I told my daughter it's about puppies and kitties


Back on the train!


Turtle in a cloud and SANTOS




The “falling into a deep well” song


For a couple months, every time I took my 4yo to the store she would sing S.A.N.T.O.S. up and down the isles as loud a she could.


Contact and.Esther. Can't ever play them enough. He's 5 and constantly asks for both.


Natural selection decided I'm not supposed to have kids, but, if they existed, I like to think they'd love all of them.


Piper, all day. They love the “red red worm”


Contact they used to play it on the kids channel on Sirius XM


Mercury. So much mercury.


Surprising to me!


Right?! We watched it on YouTube from Mexico a few years back. Loves watching fishman play the marimba lumina. The words are strange to hear a toddler sing repeatedly all day. His teachers were perplexed and asked us about what song it was. They ended up having a dance party to it and other phish jams! Lol


He’s 4.5. Been into song for 2 years though.


Brother for bathtime.




9 and 12 yr Olds love Sleeping Monkey


Blaze on. My son LOVES IT.


My kids are older now but my oldest used to LOVE Ya Mar, especially "play it leo!". She also loved Antelope because if we ever ran across a busy road near our house I'd say "run like an antelope!" and she'd say "out of control!" My youngest loooovvved Sing Monica when it came out - it's still her favourite. I'm taking them both to their first show this summer :)


Sparkle has long been a favorite


My 12 year old loves loves loves Lizards!!


my almost 3 year old son is obsessed with runaway jim and has been for ages now. loves tons of other songs (pyite, reba, ac/dc bag, hood, mango song, etc.), and can call songs faster than his parents half the time. the funniest is that he HATES bathtub gin with a passion and has since the first time he heard it. we always gotta skip that one.


My daughter who’s 8 loves Wilson my boy who’s 6 walks around singing Ghost!


My two year old loves singing AXILLLLLAAAA! and "Pay My Dues" (Everything's Right) My four year old loves Birds of a Feather and 46 days!


5 yo likes Wilson and Harry Hood. 7 yo isn't down on any particular. I'm still working on him.




My now 6 and 3 y/os like Reba, Antelope and ocelot. But Blaze On was by far their favorite…primarily because of the Blaze and the Monster Machines show, but I will take it. It was played so much my non-phan wife couldn’t help but sing along.


11 year old feminine child loves The Lizards and Undermind 16 year old masculine child hates to admit he likes Tweezer and Cool it Down. There’s still hope for him.




Pyite, 2001, santos, hood, chalk dust, Wilson, lizards are the first that come to mind. I love when my kids dig the phish


Some solid old school good taste right there your child has!


My adolescent sons love Meatstick. haha My youngest is 12 & he loves Phish & the Dead. I catch him singing “I didn’t know” (he asks for an electrolux so he can do the vacuum solo) fairly often & he’ll ask me to play YEM bc he likes the bass after the big build up & Boy! drop. He is a Pink Floyd fan & he loves the cover of bike lol


My little one is under a year so they haven’t verbally told me which is their favorite. They do, however, clap sometimes (almost on beat, most likely a coincidence but I pretend it’s on purpose). Also, we listen to Phish most drives to and from daycare.


My 3 year old daughter loves Fluffhead. I have mixed feelings about her singing along with what the banker says. She lets out a high pitch “achoo!” when Trey’s guitar “sneezes” right before she wiggles to “tipsy fuddled” etc. But best of all she calls out “here comes the peak!” and screams “Fluffheaddddddddd!” more or less at the right moment. The first song she requested a lot was Simple. She also loves Blaze On.


Roses Are Free and Heavy Things


My kids love Lizards, and my daughter used to make me sing Meat every night before bed.


4 and 2 yr old race circuits around our kitchen island to Antelope screaming "run like a CANTALOUPE out of control" 4yr old also sings Destiny unbound when we get in the car. At least the chorus.


More. My 8 and 11 year old love it.


Turtle in the clouds


Ghost, runaway Jim, wolfmans, fluffhead.


Definitely Contact. Nephew loves it


My 3 year old loves Meatstick and Fluffhead. Unfortunately, I’ve burned my wife out on Phish in the last couple months, so I need to dial it back a bit.


Foam is dense and kind of scary because of the key, tone and lyrics.


Meatstick, Possum, First Tube, AC/DC Bag, Famous Mockingbird. Girls 6 & 9. Long-time phans and tour vets already!


Gotta Jiboo


YEM because it is the only "authorized" time that he can say shit. He delights in it!


That’s genius actually


Kids are 6, 3, and 1. They love Sparkle and Water in the Sky.


Martian monster


My sons were 4 and 2 when Story of the Ghost came out and they loved Guyute. They would yell "Play ugly pig! Play ugly pig!" every time we got in the car. On a side note, later, when the youngest heard Heavy Things, he said, "He needs glasses so he can see those heavy things."


Turtle in the Clouds, Mango Song, Sparkle, Antelope, Possum. They request these in the car.


Carini- 5yr old girl 🤦🏻‍♂️


Mine looooove fee


Don’t have kids, but I always thought that simple would make a great kids song. You could even change the words around and ask the kids who/what they’d like to be in the band!


Currently it’s PYITE and Possum (about to be 11) but over the years we went through contact, mango, ocelot, Reba


Mango Song, Ocelot, Runaway Jim, Scent of a Mule....they like the silly ones. And animals.


Water in the Sky is a bedtime standard for my 5 year old. We sing it together




I know I’m late to this post but my 3 year old daughter loves Mango. She always yells for Mango in the car. She’s going to be a genius some day.