Because a ghost would be able to hit another ghost, they can't be intangible from something that is also intangible. As for dragons I guess they're reptiles so they're weak to extreme cold


Abstractly it's a description of how the physical and spiritual worlds can only physically interact with their own kind. But it also has to be gameplay feasible. So normal and ghost are immune to each other, and ghost know other ghosts' tricks.


Came here to say the same thing.


hmm... interesting. thanks for the reply.


I always looked at it as at first, they were like, "Aw man dragons/ghosts are so strong/weird, the only way to beat them is with *another* dragon/ghost!" And then later they added other weaknesses for balancing.


yeah. Noted.


Yes, especially because each originally only had one family


I thought dragons were weak to fairy because in fairytales dragons are usually bad guys


1. Ghost weakness because ghosts can only be “touched” by other ghosts. Not by normal living beings. 2. Dragon weakness because dragons are so strong that they can only be hurt by other dragons. And ice weakness because lizards and similar creatures (like the western depiction of a dragon for example) die when it’s too cold. The fairy weakness was probably just a meta balance because dragons like Garchomp and Salamence were too strong in Gen 4 and 5 so they invented a new type to balance it out, like they invented the Steel and Dark types in Gen 2 to nerf the absurdly overpowered Psychic type in Gen 1.


Also because dragons are always slew in fairy tales.


okay but if ghosts can be "touched" by other ghosts and not any other living things, then shouldn't the be completely immune to physical attacks? keeping this logic in mind, think about it.


Well they are immune against normal attacks which are pretty much a standard physical attack without any elemental damage or whatever. In Gen 1-3 all normal attacks were physical and all elemental attack types (water, fire, ice, grass etc) were special so that makes sense as well. They eventually made the physical/special split in Gen 4 because it hindered a lot of Pokémon (Gyarados only had good special moves for example).


because you touch yourself at night




Family Guy reference. Love it.


To put some logic to it, I think the reason ghosts are weak to ghosts is because ghosts can interact directly with each other, so there's some sort of directness there. And darkness plays a role in that, as ghosts want to break away from darkness, so they're weak to dark types. Dragons are reptiles usually in myth and lore, so that's why they're weak to ice. And I think the reason they put Dragon is weak to dragon is because when they first put the Dragon type in the game, it was OP, so it needed some other weakness, so they gave it dragon.


I remember there being a Japanese story about how dragons left Japan and travel north only to subcome to the Icy conditions hence why we don't see dragons today. Also there is a lot of stories of just dragons being frozen in ice. Dragon vs Dragon is more akin to the kiaju fights like godzilla


Ghost are weak to Dark cause ghost-type represents the soul and darkness/evil can corrupt the soul. Dragons were very powerful creatures that could only meet their match with other dragons. Fairies are strong against Dragons cause they use magic and magic stands a chance against the beasts.