AOD chests 2.0


Thought the same


the robes make it look like it's magic armor... maybe its hybrid gear? or just a boss in the dungeon idk


T92 Hybrid armour could be pretty cool.


More tank magic armour? Maybe another set of power magic armour? Lol


Possible but magic needs the least help of any style right now so it's a bit concerning


Its shown as Ramen says "some incredibly powerful loot"... But it looks more like a mini boss to me


I don't understand what this could even be. I imagine it's mage gear but I don't really get what angle they are going for with it since we already have tectonic and cryptbloom. Maybe t95 power armor? My second guess would probably be ranged tank gear? Maybe? It really looks like mage robes though.


I'm starting to think its a miniboss in the elite dungeon now


I think it's unlikely because they showcased it mentioning new gear, right after showing the new bow? Unsure


Yea for sure I can see that, seems a bit lazy for them to just slap player animations onto it though.


Elite Dungeons are the prime haven of reusing assets. I don't see anything wrong with it. Elite Dungeons were originally proposed as a way to spew boss content out at a quick pace from doing things such as this.


I've got nothing against them reusing content, it's more going half way that is off putting. They put all this effort into making the dude's model, mechanics, particles, arena, dialogue (possibly even voice acting), loot tables, lore etc then they skimp out on his idle animation. Sticks out like a sore thumb, especially when it's reused mtx.


It looks like a remodelled version of the Tithe Collector’s outfit that they sold last Halloween in SGS.


This looks like it's just [Tithe Collector's Robes](https://runescape.wiki/w/Tithe_Collector%27s_Robes) from Marketplace, with the [Cultist Robe Hood](https://runescape.wiki/w/Cultist_robe_hood) from Twilight of the Gods. *edit* - looking at it more, there are very subtle differences, but it is the same model. There's a Zamorak insignia at the upper waist of the legs on the metal plate (this is blank on the Tithe Collector Robes). My guess is this *has* to be a miniboss for ED4 because there is no way in hell people would accept reused assets for new BIS armor.


that's exactly what it is


I could imagine this being a T90/T92 Hybrid Armour, or a T85 Offensive Hybrid Armour considering the main styles all have their own T92+ offensive armours.


Note how the character wearing this uses the plague doctor walk override, which may suggest it's a player after all, in which case...


t90 hybrid please.


You know the feeling that you are about to get catfished or like shit too good to be true? Thats how I always feel when I see these. Oh and when they finally introduce it in game it just looks like a hot turd sundae. Jagex be like, gotcha bitch! No refunds.


Bikwitch (?) mentioned back during a stream that we only had the cultist robes in TotG because of new robes being worked on for Zamorak.


How is tech advancing so far but new rs gear from yak tracks n shit come out all washed out and drab looking?? We had clearer looking items a decade ago.


I anticipate this'll be a set available in the Zamorak themed Yak Track.


Maybe upgradeable (melee) gear? (based on tithe cosmetic and concept art) Concept art shows 3 tiers equal to 3 slivers. (upgradeable gear) https://cdn.runescape.com/assets/img/external/news/2022/06/Art\_blog2/24.jpg


i think the tiers shown correspond to the scaling difficulty of the dudgeon.


Definitely looks like that T3 cultist


its hybrid


Based on art blog few days ago, cultist armor t3 — likely made from slivers, i would hope near t80 Comes with mainhand mace and offhand dagger


I think it is aod chest 2.0


Isn't that tithe collector with the dis robe mask?


I'm getting assassin vibes. Waist up anyway.


dis order outfit, not a boss, nor a chest drop, literally from yak track and quest. theres 2 sets, one with a bronze mask and the other with a black mask


Yak track probably lol


Upgrade to Subjugation. Calling it.