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I’m white so take this with a grain of salt, but as far as I know traditional and ceremonial masks aren’t really in use amongst South African black ethnic groups. I’ve never seen black groups use masks during ceremony here. Chances are that if it is genuine, then it is based off something central or west African; masks are especially popular with West Africans. Maybe find west african and central african communities and post there? If a South African seller tried to sell it to you as something local then sorry to tell you but it might be fraudulent.


idk but hes stoned af


Looks like a West. African death mask. In Swakopmund there is an antique store with a room full of like a thousand of these masks. It's. Unsettling.


Thank you :)


I'm from Swakop, is it that German one on the corner next to Kücki's Pub?


It's on the same street but down the block and opposite the road from the gem store. The antique store is like THE antique store in Swakop. It might be opposite kucki's, if kucki's has like a delicatessen with cured meats and jars of pickled stuff and oils and artisanal breads and shit. Oh I miss Swakop now 😪 Edit: the antique shop had a man's name in it iirc


Its Mukaka . From the Mmphupi tribe


I really can’t find anything about him online 😂 Can you please help me and tell me what he symbolizes and what are the benefits of keeping it in your room Thank you a lot ❤️🙏🏼


I'm pretty sure they were being rude/joking - "kak" means "shit" and "phupi" = "poopy". Which would explain why you can't find anything online.


Lmao![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy) that's so evil


Good one lol


I don't know, but many of the masks you buy at markets are sort of amalgamations of folkore / gods etc from around a region, so it might not be any one specifically.


They say it’s someone that rappresents void


There is a place in Kramerville in Johannesburg that sells masks like these called Amatuli they could give you more info about it, most of them are copies but they are brought over from around Africa, because the masks can change so much you would need to look at specific characteristics such longer jaws or squinted eyes, generally masks were used for celebrations.


My dad's got a bunch, ceremonial masks from inside Africa


The owner of Bushcraft Trading in Jhb is an expert in African Masks.