Yoga centres are not institutions where you can enrol and enlightenment is guaranteed. Reaching a certain level to get enlightened takes many lifetimes. We may have just started or some maybe half way there or almost there.


I get bad vibes from him. Anyone else?


Many people believe he killed his wife, their is actually lord of evidence to support that claim. His wife’s father believed he killed her and got the police involved


I find myself really drawn to him. I love what he says, and he seems very pleasant in his talk. However, there is a certain edge to him and a kind of welcoming of celebrity-hood that I think is a red flag.


Ya I see it too. Some videos are great but some stuff I just think what????


Because it lenghty process and it takes a lot of time and experience. And once someone gets there he won't be bragging about it on reddit. Thats one of many reasons. So even if they have someone who achieved enlightenment you won't know. And secondly most people in Isha Yoga center are just blind devotees of Sadhguru, they don't attain much of spiritual evolutions. And I think even Sadhguru knows that.


The gift that keeps on giving achieve or gain is narrow sight the human race to love to heal is clarity Check please !


Who knows really. It's just another religion and all religions are fake. The only thing they get right is "God is love". That's it. All the rest of their teaching is just ego strokes.


I don’t know about this particular yoga center, so I will speak “in general”. Many “enlightened beings” don’t know how they got there so they can’t really help people to get there. Some enlightened beings just had an “experience” but never really practiced after and they open a school ( they can do it genuinely). The problem is they don’t know how people can go there. In ancient tradition, you have masters and enlightened people who stay discreet to focus on helping students elevate themselves. If the master show himself too much, there is no space for students to grow. Traditions also have proven methods and texts to help students understand and work in the right direction