You should be able to route each sound through a mixer such as Voicemeeter: [https://support.voicemod.net/hc/en-us/articles/4411297693074-How-to-Configure-Voicemod-through-Voicemeeter-and-OBS](https://support.voicemod.net/hc/en-us/articles/4411297693074-How-to-Configure-Voicemod-through-Voicemeeter-and-OBS)


okay thank you! sorry for being naïve, but how exactly would this accomplish what I’m trying to do?


>I use VoiceMod for both my stream (Streamlabs) and also in game (mostly Warzone/COD) > >currently I am able to achieve a configuration where my stream can hear my VoiceMod sounds/effects, and also the people in game chat. > >the issue with this setup is that when I want to play sounds where ONLY the stream can hear them, and NOT the people in game chat, I am unable to do this. > >either game chat can hear ALL SOUNDS (even those intended only for the stream), or they hear NO SOUNDS at all. > >is there any solution to this specific scenario? I think it would be possible if you set up your microphone and the Voicemod microphone through Voicemeeter. Then, set those inputs as Voicemeeter virtual outputs to a Voicemeeter virtual input to Warzone/COD. And, finally, set up the Voicemod microphone in OBS. When you want the sound to go to the OBS, you activate only the Voicemod microphone input and disable in Voicemeeter the Voicemod microphone. When you want the sound to go to the Warzone/COD, you activate in Voicemeeter the Voicemod microphone.