Chinese official tells US ‘no room for compromise’ on Taiwan

Chinese official tells US ‘no room for compromise’ on Taiwan


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i think all this does is force china to move up their timetable. war with taiwan isnt a matter of if but of when and whos gonna be apart of it. chinas got its hooks in whole lot of countries so theres good chance many would abstain. america seems to have a vested interest in taiwans tech sector so i imagine its help would come with a few proprietary gets. so in the end to me it seems taiwan is caught between a tiger and a dragon


But would America risk ww3 for an island next to China? I don't think they would.


logically i agree it doesnt make sense but between the tech and the pride i think theres a good chance they would.


Yikes.. this isn’t gonna end well is it?


WWIII is already in the horizon. China and Russia doing joint military trainings, bomber flights, etc. Russia is massing troops and equipment on the Ukrainian border, and China’s ready to move into Taiwan. That makes the US have to fight in 2 different theaters. Not to mention a loose alliance with Iran and NK. To make matters worse (not trying to be political) is Biden isn’t known for being able to deal with military issues, especially on 2 fronts. The generals advising him? Political yes men.