Lots of people have great muscular definition & strength from yoga... Youre using your own body weight to obtain certain positions, it takes a lot of strength to do this.


Okay, but how is that gonna get us bulky.. I'm also doing yoga but don't have a bulky body shape..


Yoga won't give you a bulky shape. You get that through proper diet and lifting weights.


Second this. Yoga will give you longer, leaner muscles since it’s all body weight. You will gain muscle if you’re doing power or vinyasa, but if you want bulk, that’s more likely to come from diet and exercise.


Yep. It really comes down to determining the body type you currently have, picking the body type you *want*, then tailoring your fitness and nutrition accordingly. OP, remember that you cannot out train a poor diet so if you are looking to put on mass, I strongly encourage you to do some research into nutrition designed for bulking before looking into fitness activities. Best wishes!


Even just lifting weights won’t make you bulky. You need to lift and train in a certain way :)


I know. That's why I said exactly that in my last comment :) ☝


Yes, but there is different type of weight lifting. Low weights with lots of reps vs heavy weights/less reps, etc. When younger, I was worried (as a woman) about getting bulky lifting weights but now I know that you need to lift in a specific way to get bulky. I know so many people scared of lifting weights because they will get bulky but you really need to do it in a certain way (at least from my understanding) ETA; I realized I might have not saw your reply to your original comment so sorry for the repetition)


People get ripped with calisthenics, which fits nicely with yoga. To build muscle mass, you don't have to lift, but you do have to do increasingly difficult moves to (or close to) failure to ensure the muscle is challenged. If you want to do traditional calisthenics work, you need a little equipment (like a pull up bar, parallel bars, or rings), but less than for lifting. However, you can also work classic calisthenics moves into your yoga practice, and I think many buff yogis do this. For example, press-up to handstand, pistol squat, and L sit progressions can all be done on the floor or with yoga blocks. Those moves build a lot of muscle but also require the control and focus that is central to yoga. Working them into a flow would be just as effective (with regular repetition) as the traditional reps/sets. A couple caveats though - 1) You can't give "pull" muscle groups like biceps and lats the same kind of love on the floor as other groups, so it's a good idea to find some sort of set up (pull up bar, TRX, resistance bands, or weights) and spend time targeting those muscles separately so you don't get imbalances. 2) If you look into calisthenics and decide you want to work on a certain skill, you'll want to Google the name of the move with "progression" to find moves you can do now that will build up to the target. 3) If you're trying to get buff, it's also important to consider nutrition and protein intake. There's some ceiling where more protein is bad, but most people who don't track their protein could use more protein.


Yes! Yoga helps you challenge your muscles and use them in different ways. It keeps you lean!


There are different types of yoga, some are faster & hotter than others. There are also certain poses tht will build muscle & strength more than others. I'm sure you'll be able to find some good yoga workouts online that specifically target muscle definition. Along with the yoga you'll need to look at your diet & what youre putting in to help create the lean muscle you want. You could also do some body weight exercises alongside the yoga for tht extra 💪🏾 & you dont need a gym to do this either


Many people practice yoga and also do other work outs.


Male 53 here. I have been doing yoga every day (in a studio) for two years. I do a lot of sculpt yoga (8 pound weights. Careful!). I doubt very much yoga would, or should, bulk you up. I'm very happy to have that 'toned' yoga look. every muscle gets worked in yoga but proportionally. forearms and triceps are my most developed muscles. i think!


Yoga doesn’t seem to build body mass. Incorporate weight lifting to do so. Good luck


Probably ashtanga is the one that will make you gain more muscle definition. (If you do all the vinyasas, jump throughs, jump backs etc)