Watching old osrs vids like

Watching old osrs vids like


Fucking SGS is 27M now, that shit used to constantly be above 40.


Non-degradable item easily farmed into oblivion by just kiting Sara around the room, I mean, yeah. After years, it's gonna get cheap.


>after years it's gonna get cheap Except it was ~40m for 5 uninterrupted years then crashed to half its value in less than 10 months, at this point the crypto market is more stable than the osrs economy lol


That’s because the game was growing and in that time period it has started shrinking. As long as there were new people who needed the sword still they could buy it. You now have less people getting to the point where they need to buy it, but still the same amount of people getting the drops.


Because you don’t need or even want an sgs for almost anything anymore. For healing in pvm blood fury strictly outclasses it. The buff to the blood fury is at almost exactly the same time as the sgs first started to decline. The only uses are maybe dks, and for casual inefficient slayer and even then only a handful of tasks. I don’t know why the subreddit generally only ever focuses on the supply side for prices. Of course the price is going to go down when updates remove the demand for an item.


>I don’t know why the subreddit generally only ever focuses on the supply side for prices Because the game must cater to maxed players farming end game bosses obv.


It’s good for extending Hydra tasks too!


Wait so I should sell my SGS and get blood fury for slaying? Currently at 84 slayer I’m an on and off player and never heard of it before now.


no, blood fury is too expensive to use for just slayer Which tasks are you using sgs on? You're probably better off selling the sgs and using another spec weapon and just using more/food prayer instead. If you like using the sgs though to save on prayer/food by all means keep using it, it is still convenient i use it from time to time, its just not the most efficient thing


Use SGS on most just for the spec use whip & d defender normally. I bought a blood fury and tried it out on my Garg task. I’d need to make 1m each task to make it profitable.so bought another fury to use. I’ll use the blood fury pvming later on probably. Be useful. I use bandos and piety most tasks. Take 4 sharks and hardly use them because of SGS.


As an iron my current spec weapon choices for melee tasks are sgs or dds. Sgs lets me save on supplies and complete most tasks without ever leaving the area, so that's my preference.


Yeah. In the next couple years it’s gonna be real bad if Jagex doesn’t figure out a solution.


The solution is a skill where you break items down and use components for... something. Whatever might be a good fit for osrs. You could use it to allow people to create ornament kits for items (not necessarily kits already in the game) or upgrade items or create fuel for current/new items (like scales for bp). Something that enables a constant sink for items.


Likely yeah, I agree that’s probably the best option that has been suggested. We don’t have to copy off rs3 for everything though; i’d like to hope we can improve upon it. Also idk why prople are downvoting what I said lol. This sub is really astounding at the lack of informative opinions sometimes.


Oh yeah it doesn't need to be invention, but there needs to be something that sinks items and that honestly seems like the best way to do it. Sinking items to actually get something you want is important. Stopgap measures like adding stones to boots to sink boot items only works until you get enough of the new boots in game. Then you're back to the same problem.


Suppose deaths coffer is meant to do this but I don't think it will be used often enough to put a dent in it. Making items degradable is one of the solutions but if everything is degradable it just becomes annoying, not to mention hardly anyone would use some the items enough to rebalance supply and demand. Maybe instead of adding a skill they could add a "study" feature which would give you a nice big exp drop for whichever skill made sense, like studying a godsword would give smithing exp for example. It would stop the price going too low in the same way high alch does based on relative gp/exp for that skill. It would completely change the meta for skilling and god knows what other consequences, just throwing out ideas. Idk it's a big problem with any long lived mmo. Wow solves this by making items soulbound but that only works because they constantly increase the level cap. I have no doubt this issue plagues Jagex and invention is likely one of the only solutions (I stopped playing after eoc so I don't know why this is so controversial)


From my very limited knowledge of invention it was really well received as an awesome tool to sink items while also being rewarding.


Your second paragraph is so many people in this sub. Constantly bitching about all the issues with the game, then bitching even harder when Jagex proposes a change. All the while slinging around the INCREDIBLY HELPFUL (/s) advice of "just ban all the bots".


People are just too stubborn to realise RS3 has also managed to solve some fundamentel problems runescape as a whole had. Invention was one of the best item sinks possible but something that reeks of a radical rs3 idea will never pass polls.




Obscure clue items? All non f2p uniques are 1mil, it's not obscure items. Easy/med clues are actually a good money maker early game. For training invention? They are used for perks and gear Low value god swords and slayer items? God wars are like tier 70, slayers goes to 120 and bis gear all comes from bosses, of course low level things and generic slayer gear is not gonna be worth much. Ironically I got the feeling you are the one that doesn't play rs3


What does slayer going to 120 have to do with anything ? Tier 70 is for most weapons the highest tier in osrs? The argument is would invention fix the osrs economy by being an item sink and no it wouldn’t because a whip that requires 85 slayer is still 100k meanwhile a willow composite bow is 1.4 mil just because it’s efficient for training invention.


By destroying items like whips you are removing them from the game. As long as there is a good enough reason to destroy them (i.e. get some upgrade or w.e) and the supply is the same this will drive the price up because there are less whips around. Again, no, clue items are not used to train invention. They are used to make high level gear and perks.


Whips are useless in rs3 because they don’t give any good components when disassembled. Unique clue items (like the willow comp bow) give fortunate components which are used to make/charge a bis amulet and some other bis skilling gear. If something like invention were added to osrs, I’m sure the components for disassembling gear would be different and more tuned for osrs as a whole.


do you, by chance, play rs3? The only godsword not inherently worth anything is the Bandos godsword, every other godsword has useful components that are constantly in demand. and items from clues being 'bis' for training invention is also non-sensical. Fortunate comps (the main comps gained from clues) are primarily used for Alchemical Hydrixes and made into the highest teir jewelry. thats why the prices of those 'items' are inflated, because BIS necklaces and rings require those components. Buy and large most items that drop from slayer monsters are in constant demand and are constantly taken out of the game via invention, whether that be godswords, salvage drops, ect. Comparing the OSRS value of a SGS to the value of its rs3 equivalent (which i think is what your refferencing with the line '...godswords/slayer drops are still worthless.") is also pretty far fetched due to one main reason; godswords in OSRS have a variety of uses both in pvp and pvm, whereas in RS3, godswords are either too niche or, in SGS' case, outclassed by other, way easier methods of their respective abilities (Soul split + high dps will out-heal any SGS spec).


My point has nothing to do with comparing godsword values between osrs/rs3


An activity or just an item sink, never a new skill.




It’s way too far from what the game is intended to be, a recreation of RS2. I’ve played since the beginning and I would probably quit if it happened. I have no interest in a new skill, I think it would completely change everything.


Or everything degrades and item drop rates are tied to the amount in the economy, like in real life.


Items degrading to nothing feels fucking terrible though.


What is inherently bad about items being cheaper? Not being rude, just interested.


The fact that activities become not worth doing anymore because item prices tanked so much, while the only things that are worthwhile are newer released content, until they too follow the same route and become not worth doing. It’s almost like content becomes dead after a certain period of time because nobody cares about trying to get a drop like say a gwd hilt anymore.


People are still going to hunt for pets. But ofc people are not going to be excited for hilts, godswords aren’t very useful anywhere. With few exceptions the only uses for the godswords are, bgs for Corp solos, ags for pvp but claws out class it outside of when you need to stack 100+ to get a kill, zgs for the master clue step and sgs only for casual slayer and maybe dks


Oh true. I wonder why I didn't think about it from that angle.


Bosses whose profits are heavily based in alchables become more lucrative relative to those that are unique-based. Vorkath is currently better money than CoX because the non-tbow uniques are worth nothing (and dex in particular, which was a huge portion of the profits, is 1/3rd as valuable as it was a year ago).


Especially in the case of dex the fall in value was inevitable and probably would have happened alter if it weren't for the community's complaints about its drop rate on release (it was increased). It's a one time use item that obviously means that unless a great number of players are entering end game all the time, the value drops.


People only ever need one dex scroll per account, of course it was going to trend downwards over time. And yes, lots of people pointed out that drop tables like vorkath were bad for exactly this reason when vorkath was released. But they were mostly shouted down by people who just wanted to make 3m/hr in the moment.


This will be me


Man in its day the AGS was so badass


Havent played for a minute, whats the most powerful weapon in OSRS now?


AGS is still the most powerful special attack weapon for pvp


Also unlike D claws, you can still KO after using spec with a AGS whack


Crunching some numbers from the wiki: Dragon Claw spec can hit 89 damage in PvP with consistent hits and damage (see the wiki). Can be used twice at 100% special bar. AGS spec can hit 70 in PvP with high accuracy but inconsistent damage. Can be used twice at 100% special bar. Dragon Dagger spec can hit 96 damage in PvP but is notoriously inaccurate and does not do consistent damage like the DClaws. The Crystal Halberd spec can hit 146 in PvM against large enemies (takes up more than a single tile) and while doing a slayer task using the Slayer Helm or Black Mask. Outside of specs: The Ghrazi Rapier, Inquisitor's Mace, and the Blade of Saeldor are the strongest melee weapons in PvM, and probably PvP too. The Scythe of Vitur has the strongest cleave. I have no clue about ranged weapons.


Ags can hit higher than 70 lol


Claws hold the value that the AGS used to have.


dying economy has this sub in its feelings but it feelsbadman


Dying...or is GP just deflating?


I am no economist but how could it be deflation if the value of gp is going down as more of it comes into the game, by definition that is inflation. Wouldn't the price of SGS dropping be more relative to the fact more of them come into the game than new players need new SGS, so the price follows demand and goes down?


GP is likely leaving the game at a greater rate that it's entering. Or it's very close to equilibrium. The jmods have said several times they're happy with the current gold sinks when asked about a GE tax or other sinks. Do keep in mind the duel arena has removed trillions of gold just by itself. They're so comfortable with the level of GP in the game they let players burn items instead of raw cash to pay for gravestones.


that's not what's happening. right now more items are entering the game than gold: you have people making items from thin air by farming bosses over and over again, but most of the money people are making is circulating around the grand exchange, it isn't actually new money. this is deflation. there are two solutions. either stop new items from entering (cut the drop rates, make the bosses harder, raise the barrier of entry), or make sources of new gold (like, idk, super high level alchemy that gives 100% of the value of the item or something). once the value of items created matches the amount of new gold created in the game, prices will stabilize.


Option 3: Give incentive to take items out of the game. RS3 does this with invention and it works really well at give a reason for players to remove a 100m+ item out of the game. This revitalizes content across the board. Even fucking maple logs have a demand because of invention.


Yeah, you're right I neglected outflow. Item sinks + gold sinks has to roughly equal item creation + gold creation or else prices will change and we'll get inflation or deflation. So another option could be actually reducing gold sinks.


Your gp is more valuable now than it was before.


> dying economy LMAO


Not sure you know what a dying economy looks like


I wonder if people would play fresh osrs servers (like all current updates in) Might be fun


Old school runescape 2, runescape 2 part II


Osrs 2: electric bagaloo


Leagues. They’re awesome, too bad they’re temporary


I love leagues in games. Totally addicted to poe and trailblazer. I just wonder what a fresh econmy would do for the game. Maybe if they crack down on goldsellers/no bonds on that server.


You know, on a post memeing the economy I should have considered you were interested in a fresh economy haha


Trail blazer was awesome, I think it would be fun if they did one with free trade. No GE just classic RS where you had to hustle and haggle people at Varrock West or Fally Park.


That’d take away all the competitiveness from the gamemode though.


I want to see a Bronzeman League - you can only use the grand exchange, can't directly trade with other players.


For real! Leagues is the only time I’m motivated to sweat now. Everything else is just mellowscape😂


I think it’d be cool to have fresh restart servers, but do you reckon re-release content as well like classic wow ?


Might not be a bad idea if they sped up the release schedule.


Ladder worlds. On account creation you can choose ladder/no ladder. After 1 year the ladder resets. The account becomes a regular non-ladder account. Servers reset.


rerelease everything except the ge


GE is mandatory if you want the game to stay relevant. People CBA to have to world hop, waiting in a login queue, and then find the bot typing in color text to sell them whatever they need. GE being added to OSRS is one of the major reasons it's player count skyrocketed initially.


I was just thinking this a few days ago when I was watching stuff about Diablo 2. Why doesn't Jagex make a Ladder system? Fresh accounts that can only play in the current ladder worlds. After 1 year ladder resets and those characters become normal accounts.


Integrity change bringing a kind of invention skill to osrs? I’m not asking for it, but I’m certainly not surprised if it happens.


I see the same perspectives; items are too common therefore: Content isn't worth it anymore/need ways of removing or replacing items Solutions are over complicated. It fixes itself stop worrying, if it's not worth getting the item, people will stop trying to get the item. Reducing the supply and increasing the value, causing it to be worth getting again. Being able to exchange an item for other items just generates a third party of value to all items involved in exchange. And it'll be in this order: Gold -> initial item -> exchanged items


Anyone remember "The Noob Wars" series some dude did on YouTube?


Who remembers Ags for 126M ? and since I bought it , it kept crashing 1/2m a day and sometimes up 2M but slowly crashing below 60 and so on Tho I made it back with pking with it in rune and combat bracelet ahh good times


Time for gwds 2


This wouldn't have happened if we didn't take the rev caves from the Venezuelans.