San Diego police shoot driveby shooting suspect after a chase 7-23-2021

San Diego police shoot driveby shooting suspect after a chase 7-23-2021

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Yes this is recent news but we also can’t have videos of people getting killed, that’s a sure way to get the sub banned. Sorry.


Running from the cops with a gun in your hand is an sure way to get shot.


Sure way to go straight to Game Over.




Old school game over. No saves or cheats to come back.


He had all the time in the world to throw the gun away. No sympathy should be given to him.


He had all the time in the world to not commit to a drive by.


That guy had more opportunities than the last 500 criminals with guns, who were shot by the police, to put his gun down and surrender. All of those cops deserve a medal and early retirement from that stressful shit.


If only he “put the gun down” even while running away, just drop the gun. If you are considered lethal, you will be dealt with lethally. I’m really surprised how long they chased a man while he was holding a gun. Even after he tripped and picked it back up again. They really waited until the gun was drawn.


It is crazy how sensitive those thermal cams are to vehicle exhaust heat


This video is so high quality too. When he throws the gun, I think that's when they shoot him. I'm pretty sure you can either see the blood or bullet fragments splatter in bright white.


Imagine in a couple of years when drones replace helicopters and they all have 8K cameras.


Yeah and when you go to view the video it automatically converts to CCTV Bank security video quality, just like the lord intended


I need to finish reading 1984


How far are you?


Roughly 60 pages in. Enjoying it so far, it's a bit depressing though.


\> 60 pages in \> a bit depressing Yeah, you’re gonna have a rough time.


When Winston has an orgasm, savour that moment. It gets much more depressing from that point forward. And never forget, "If there is hope, it lies in the proles."


Might need some synthetic gin to finish that one.


If I were you I would stop now. I kept going and like halfway through the book it still hadn't gone anywhere. Mf is still complaining about how he can't bang that chick. I had to put that shit down, just watch Snowden interviews or read Wikileaks reports or something, idk. 1984 is a dreadful book. Like I appreciate the message but Orwell is a terrible novelist.


yeah the first third is dog the second is better and the third is where stuff happens


Not for me then. A good writer should be able to make the exposition at least somewhat interesting, and if they can't do that, they should at least make the exposition less than half the goddamn book. His style of writing is super barebones and uninteresting to me as well. When I'm reading fiction I'd much prefer some more poetic writing rather than whatever the hell Orwell was doing.


Yup the James Joyce inspiration kinda muddles the story but I believe he knew what he was doing.


There was a video on police activity that was a drone literally 10 feet from the guy in a shootout with the cops from a side garage door. He didn’t even notice it, which is crazy to me because you’d think he’d hear the sound…


10 feet is the length of like 13.79 'Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Squeezers' laid next to each other


And assault rifles...


Kinda like this one https://youtu.be/b_EJ96Y9XNU?t=218


I've seen one from a chopper where you could see the guys footprints on pavement for a few seconds even though he had on shoes. FLIR tech is insane these days. There is also that infamous video of the shotgun suicide caught on thermal from a helicopter. Disturbingly clear view.


Post link to the second one pls


This isn't the greatest copy but first one I could find since the OG one was on liveleak. Happens shortly after timestamped part: https://youtu.be/P2Bkk7pmFdU?t=53


DAMN that was wild


Jesus Christ. The operator new right away what he just saw.


I mean… you saw the guy’s head explode and pieces fly as far as the top of that roof and splat over the walls. It’s honestly kind of incredible how sharp and detailed these FLIR cameras are, because that was an incredibly clearly filmed suicide.


Self Terminate


Please link that, my guy


This isn't the greatest copy but first one I could find since the OG one was on liveleak. Happens shortly after timestamped part: https://youtu.be/P2Bkk7pmFdU?t=53


Holy fuck


Yeah dude, I feel like it's even better than normal view during daylight.


My guess is the friction between shoe and pavement is what gives the heat signature.


Sensitive? Compressed gasoline fire fumes burn pretty hot bro


Exhausts get hotter than you think


Probably people exhaust heat too. Pfffffft


Played with the gyrocam that was installed on my vehicle in Iraq. The Thermals was so amazing I could read signs in pitch black darkness 500m away. The words of the sign still held the Heat....wild.


Pro tip Mylar emergency blanket.


I was fascinated with that the entire vid. Tires, wheels, exhausts, and hoods were all glowing.


Man these are so interesting to watch. I hope more of these are made public after ever officer involved shooting.


All of them are public you just have to request the footage or wait for it to be released on the news


I love watching these on TV/Youtube, but this might be the first time I’ve seen someone leaving their car nice and straight in a parking spot before fleeing on foot.


Hey, its possible to flee from the police while still being considerate of your fellow customers


Yes, also it's good for both sides imo. Here it works for the officers, if the officers make huge mistakes, it works for the victim. Obviously you can argue that the officers are under huge pressure because of the cams, but imo the pressure is there anyway, with or without cam. It's often about life or death, where people want to know why someone died. And respect for all cops that understand their responsibility.


Yeah this is genuinely one of the best examples I’ve seen of body cams being critically important for police work. In general, I really dislike police. But in this instance, I think they acted appropriately. And without the body cam footage, it absolutely wouldn’t have looked that way at first. From the thermal helicopter cam, it looked like the dude laid down on the ground and was giving up, only for us to see the cop on the far right shoot him. Looks pretty bad. But then that same cop’s cam shows the dude aim his gun right at another officer, clear as day. That second of video basically completely clears these cops, and proves that at least in this instance, it wasn’t just another case of police executing someone in the streets.


Exactly. A digital witness. The more transparent these situations are the better for the PD and the citizens.


We're so far from the old days of VHS quality dash cam footage or, more likely, nothing at all besides incident reports from the cops involved.


Good. Don’t have to waste my tax dollars housing or medically treating this scum bag.


It's unfortunate that the criminal justice system has gotten so lenient in some places in the US that I'm becoming happier to see criminals get themselves killed up front. Shouldn't be that way, we should be able to have confidence that people taken alive will be appropriately locked up.


I think a big part of it for a lot of us is that we have little faith in rehabilitation. Official statistics show that on average, once someone gets out of prison they will be [arrested 5 more times over the next 9 years on average](https://bjs.ojp.gov/content/pub/pdf/18upr9yfup0514.pdf), with only [17% not be arrested again](https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/2019/may/3/long-term-recidivism-studies-show-high-arrest-rates/). That doesn't mean the 17% all become law abiding citizens either, a percentage of them will still be committing crimes but just haven't been caught. Once someone shows that they're prepared to pick up a gun and commit crimes, the risk to the community is extremely high. We all get to breathe a sigh of relief once we know they're never going to hurt anyone again. I wish prison changed people for the better, but it rarely does.


Sounds like your issue is with the US prison system.


My issue is with criminals.


No. You seem upset that the prison system doesn't allow for rehabilitation (which is true, because the private prison system encourages felons to remain imprisoned to exploit them and give those in charge more money). This is also a uniquely American problem. Rehabilitation efforts are far more successful in other countries that actually prioritize rehabilitation over imprisonment.


> This is also a uniquely American problem. No it's not. I'm Australian, and [more than half of our prisoners return to prison within 2 years](https://www.sentencingcouncil.vic.gov.au/sentencing-statistics/released-prisoners-returning-to-prison) here. But thanks for telling me what my problem is.


damn, aussie coming out swinging at reddit assuming he's american, haha. Majority of redditors are american and its the national pasttime for europeans to dunk on the USA with healthcare and guncrime criticism. As a Florida Man ^^TM Its funny when appropriate but yeah, I enjoyed your reverse uno card here, coupled with actual statistics and facts.


It’s called a deterrent


And it obviously doesn't work.


So people who are too stupid or bold to accept deterrence should be rewarded? Or how should this work?


Those are some pretty impressive mental gymnastics there to think prison is a reward. I'm not going to explain to you a concept as well known as punitive vs rehabilitative justice because it seems like you've made up your mind already, so if your interested you can research it yourself. Or maybe you're correct and the life they have outside of prison is worse, which is even sadder for the US.


Where'd you get this magical information? Stop being so stupid and pathetic. [https://www.itv.com/news/2020-04-30/uk-prisons-system-in-deep-crisis-report-warns](https://www.itv.com/news/2020-04-30/uk-prisons-system-in-deep-crisis-report-warns) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019\_Brazil\_prison\_riots](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Brazil_prison_riots) ​ ​ [https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment\_data/file/491119/re-offending-release-waves-1-3-spcr-findings.pdf](https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/491119/re-offending-release-waves-1-3-spcr-findings.pdf) "A sentence on page 19: ‘approximately 66% went on to re-offend, compared with 51% of thosewho were not living with immediate family members’ has been corrected to: ‘approximately 66%went on to re-offend, compared with 51% of those living in stable accommodation’. " ​ ​ Wow, its almost as if your wrong by doing a simple google search? maybe losers like you can just keep your useless opinions to themselves? stop spreading lies and shut the fuck up. I know I know, you saw some 20 minute youtube video about how capitalism is destroying the prison system via private contracts. Sorry life isn't so black & white. ​ There is not a single country on this earth that has a working prison system like what you describe that is available to the general public, take your fantasies and hide in your closet. Countries would go bankrupt if it invested in rehabilitating criminals, its a never-ending sink, you would know that if you worked in the field or had ANY sort of education on the matter.


US prison system isn't geared towards rehabilitation. In fact, even after serving your time, you're generally hindered when trying to find proper employment. So even if a person has a desire to change and be law-abiding, that choice usually isn't on the table as crime becomes their only means to survive. This is why I hate for profit prisons. Such a system encourages recidivism because it's in the private prisons interests.


go to craigslist, click on jobs, type in "felon friendly" and click on the magnifying glass. As for housing, that's another can of worms, but there are halfway houses. I used to visit a family member and a couple of friends in prison. After getting out, yes it is hard, but it is not impossible and there is assistance available to you after you are released... provided you don't go back to the same shit (and people you were hanging around) that got you locked up in the first place, they were able to get jobs or start businesses.


> In fact, even after serving your time, you're generally hindered when trying to find proper employment. Criminal records make it hard to find top tier employment. The US prison system doesn't give you a criminal record. Every country recognises criminal records no matter how geared towards rehabilitation their prisons are. If you're a criminal you deserve to have a criminal record. Innocent people have a right to know what you have in your past. > So even if a person has a desire to change and be law-abiding, that choice usually isn't on the table as crime becomes their only means to survive. If your crimes were so bad that literally no one will employ you then start your own business. It's absolute fucking nonsense to say that crime is the only option for people once they get out of prison. > Such a system encourages recidivism because it's in the private prisons interests. Recidivism is when criminals reoffend once they're free. If you reoffend it's because you're a piece of shit criminal. End of story.


> Criminal records make it hard to find top tier employment. The US prison system doesn't give you a criminal record. Every country recognises criminal records no matter how geared towards rehabilitation their prisons are. If you're a criminal you deserve to have a criminal record. Innocent people have a right to know what you have in your past. I'm not saying that employers don't have the right to know. However, just having a criminal record even if it's for nonviolent crimes, will often disqualify a person immediately. >Recidivism is when criminals reoffend once they're free. If you reoffend it's because you're a piece of shit criminal. End of story. Sure, there are plenty of folks who just want to remain criminals, but are you going to discount the folks who simply don't have the option otherwise. There are others factors in it that it isn't so black and white.


> I'm not saying that employers don't have the right to know. So they have a right to know, because they deserve to make the choice whether to hire former criminals or not. > However, just having a criminal record even if it's for nonviolent crimes, will often disqualify a person immediately. That's not a "however". Employers have every right to disqualify convicted criminals from employment if they don't want to risk their business and future on a former criminal. > but are you going to discount the folks who simply don't have the option otherwise Yes I am. I know plenty of people who have criminal records. The only people who can't find employment (or start their own business) are criminal fuckups that haven't changed. If you're still a criminal fuckup you belong in prison and it's got nothing to do with private prisons.


I once hired a felon to work for me and I even gave him a ride to and from work when I could. Six months pass. Early one Saturday morning, he kicked in my door and ripped the tv out without disconnecting it; my girlfriend’s seven year old daughter was watching cartoons. I caught up with him just as he tried to open the car door (his pregnant girlfriend, that was someone else’s wife, was waiting as a quick getaway). It got pretty brutal, but I somehow was able to subdue him and keep his about eight months pregnant girlfriend from getting away until police came. They had been smoking crack all night and robbing me seemed like a good way to get some money for more. Long story short: He should have been locked up for the remainder of his five years parole and received another felony, or so I was told by police, after I pressed charges. Fast forward two weeks and my car’s brake lines had been cut and after I reported this incident, I was told the felon had been released due to prison overcrowding. I ended up having to move and find another job, which is basically what the police officer recommended we do. He gave me a parting word of advice: Shoot the MF and drag him back inside your house and it would be deemed self defense and nobody would have raised an eyebrow.


Most people say that ex-cons deserve a second (or third or tenth) chance, but that's easy to say when they're speaking hypothetically and it's not going to be their front door kicked in and their children terrified. You put your money where your mouth was and I'm sorry you had to get fucked over for it. People like to pretend that non-violent drug crimes are no big deal, but it's not always that simple. Getting caught with a baggie of weed is one thing, but when people get addicted to drugs a non-violent offender can turn into a violent one very easily. I helped at a car accident scene once where the piece of shit heroin addict nodded off at the wheel. That non-violent offender caused a lot of damage to innocent people, and he had a baby seat in the back of his car at the time.


When police say "DROP THE... (ITEM)", you drop it. You literally open your palm, and let it fall. Not lift your arm, not turn it to the side, not point it to the sky, or to the side, not hide it with your body. You literally just. Drop it. SMH. And before people say that the suspect "didn't turn his body or head"... I can shoot a gun without turning my body or my head, FYI.


Even if he didnt turn around its so asinine to expect that you need to wait until the persons shooting at you to fire. They just committed a drive by and are evading police with a gun still in his hands as hes out running around people in their vehicles. The fact they didnt light him up sooner is actually showing how much restraint they had.


Does anyone else remember the video of the dude in the hotel pulling his pants up and getting gunned down? He just kept repeating "Please don't kill me" and they gunned him down. I think it was the wrong dude too so it was double rough.


Daniel Shaver?


all people need to do is watch the videos where the officer gets shot in a fraction of a second to understand what these guys are dealing with


He was probably high and/or drunk. So that logic won’t compute for him.


Had people telling me you can't fire a gun with handcuffs on recently so I feel your pain lol.


Not a Daniel Shaver fan, huh?


“All three guns were unregistered ghost guns” Just goes to show you that more gun laws will not stop criminals and only make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to be able to acquire firearms to be able to defend themselves. And yes you can buy gun parts that are not a firearm until milled down a bit at which point it IS a firearm and you are then legally obligated to register it as such, but alas... criminals do not follow laws. You can not purchase a gun anywhere in the USA without a background check as is unless it is a private sale or from a criminal.


Is it illegal to buy/sell these kits?


Not illegal to buy but in a few states and in california its only illegal to build them or mill out the lowers. Until then it is not considered a firearm.


Yes 100% legal until milled and then You are required by law to do paperwork on them. Look up 80% kits. However actually doing this requires very precise equipment and expertise. [here is a video](https://youtu.be/BTojV_NqWCA) this guy fails several times and shows it isn’t really feasible for a criminal to go this route although it IS possible.


It is my understanding registration of a milled 80% for private use does not require paperwork, however you cannot sell or transfer it to anyone without doing the ATF paperwork.


correct as far as the feds/atf are concerned. Federally it has *always* been legal to create your own firearm for private use, only restriction is so long as its not NFA (since the 30s), and not a full auto machinegun (since the 80s), and you not construct it with the intention to sell it. However, due to 80% lowers becoming more of a thing, and mass hysteria by politicians and "journalists", states have passed laws infringing on these rights (the usual suspects: CA etc). Theoretically you could challenge and take it to federal courts and have the state law struck down... but if you're making 80%s the whole point is to not draw attention to yourself...


Federally speaking: You can legally sell homemade firearms. You do not need an FFL to manufacture firearms intended for personal use. There is no requirement to serialize firearms if You do not hold an FFL. You may sell a firearm manufactured for your own personal use afterwards as your circumstances change. "downsizing my collection" Intent matters. If You dispense with the wink-wink or let someone talk you into making a firearm for them you are now "in the business of manufacturing firearms" without holding the manufacturing FFL. Same story for "downsizing the collection" - do it too much or too blatantly and it becomes "being in the business of distributing firearms" without holding a dealer FFL. How many is too much? Nobody really knows, entirely up to ATF discretion. Could be 2 per year, could be 200.


80% kits take skill to do right, but 3D printed lowers are way easier to create and get up and running, really easy.


AR 80%s really don't take much in the way of skill. Just a bit more capital investment than a tricked out Ender 3. HF drillpress, Jig from 5D tactical or Modulus makes it super easy, DeWalt DP611 router. First one took me 90 mins to go from 80->100%. By the third one I was down to an hour, by the 5th I had the milling down to 41 minutes doing 2 step passes. Now 80% AKs? That's a lot more work. I'll spend a good 3-4 hours getting my trunnion holes lined up just right, dimple for swell neck rivets, FGC and trigger guard holes drilled and trunnions riveted in. But the real work is headspacing the barrel and populating same. 80% Cetme/HK receivers? Fuuuuuuck that. Much respect to everyone who does those! Bend just right and weld shit in without blowing through the sheetmetal. That's so far out of the league it might as well be a different sport.


What paperwork? It's also absolutely feasible. $75 drill press and a jig that often comes with your kit and it's brainless if you can read the instructions or follow a YouTube video.


It would get silly very quickly if you tried. The line between what is a kit and what is just me ordering random stuff from a hardware store is really only clear for common modern designs and with desktop fabrication you would have to regulate all plastic, spring steel, everything elastic and metal tubing. For simple double barrel designs you could probably build something in a Lowes before loss prevention even bothered you as long as you brought the ammunition with you. Guns, particularly simple guns are extremely easy to assemble.


Either way, criminals only obtain these guns because the USA has a huge supply of legal guns to where some of these legal guns spill into the criminal world.


/r/fosscad It's too late. Can't stop the signal.


Absolutely true, if you live in a failed state.


que benny hill song


You're going to get downvoted to hell. Make one funny and everyone gets upset and butt hurt. If I had an award to give you I certainly would! Your comment is pure gold given the video.


cya in hell fuckers!


we celebrate the cops in this thread, everything else: downvote


Looked like he was trying to wind up to throw it, but if you're running from the police with a gun in your hand and do even one stupid move, that's on you. No way those officers could've known his intent with that motion. Sucks that someone died but he did it to himself. Also, maybe I'm wrong and he was about to fire backwards. The only person who knew for sure was him. A high stress situation like that while totally gassed sounds like a nightmare too. That was a long run.


That's what I feel, he was instinctively swinging it back to chuck it. I'm not excusing what happened and he brought it upon himself, of course. Should've stayed down the first time he fell.


Did you see the end of the report? The gun was actually fired but the bullet didn’t go off. Probably because those half brains didn’t assemble the ghost gun properly


From the image they showed, it looks like it didn't have a mag inserted (unless they removed it) and just that single chambered round. Wonder if his plan was to try and use it for leverage later on or what.


unlikely his intent considering he had just dropped it moments before, but picked it up before continuing to run.


I figured he picked it back up so he could get rid of it so there is one less piece of evidence linking him to the drive by.


Yeah this is one of those “damn cop *probably* shouldn’t have shot him at that exact point” but is completely justified and the “probably shouldn’t have shot” part only goes as far as a passing comment


He should have been shot before he had a chance to get to the front door of the restaurant. This could have been a lot worse.


Full chase with a bit more info: https://youtu.be/2owviDirgb0 https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/story/2021-07-23/san-diego-police-shoot-allegedly-armed-person-in-city-heights https://fox5sandiego.com/news/local-news/bodycam-video-shows-fatal-police-shooting-behind-fast-food-restaurant/


i wonder if having all that blood surging through you after a chase is worse for your chance of survival after getting shot, like, you lose it a lot faster or something.


It is. Your heart rate at 200+ BPM and any kind of arterial bleeds are going to cut your already slim chances of survival down a lot. Heart beating faster causing you to bleed out out more is going to cause you to go into shock that much quicker


What is an "unregistered ghost gun"? No serial number?


Ya basically a gun made in someone’s garage or machined illegally without the proper documentation


Or serial number scratched off. Which is likely the overwhelming majority of “unregistered ghost guns” used in actual crimes vs hobbyists making guns in their garages. Pretty sure it’s easier for a criminal to buy an illegal gun through a straw purchase than calibrate a 3D printer


> calibrate a 3D printer Most likely created by finishing an 80% lower which you can do extremely easily with a drill press. 3D printed weapons have come a long way but they are way more work and require specialized tools like you mentioned so they aren't common. On an AR-15 the part that is considered a "firearm" and serialized is the lower. And 80% ones aren't considered a firearm since they are unfinished so you can have them shipped to your house without an FFL. Also it's not illegal to make a gun yourself. You just can't make one and sell it without a license and appropriate paperwork.


They usually steal them or have someone else buy them and scratch the serials off. They also buy them for cheap used on the street. Gang members circulate their weapons among their members too.


And even that is harder than scamming a pawn or just buying a stolen gun off a fence


Not illegal.


It's just more California bullshit. Calling everything and anything that shoots an "assault rifle" simply isn't enough. We need guns that can haunt people, too. Voters will approve more anti-gun legislation if the guns being banned sound scary.


This is San Diego, California, where gun sales and imports (if you move there from out-of-state) must be registered.




The two guns from the car appear to be a pair of Polymer80s, which resemble a Glock 19 Gen 3. They have a general “serial number,” but it’s the same for all of them. You’re supposed to put your own serial number on them when you complete them, but the issue is that there is little incentive to do that if you’re doing something illegal with it.


Crazy I drive in this area every single day


fr bro I was litteraly at that yoshinoya to get some noodles the other day


The quality of this night vision camera blows my fucking mind.


And people think body cams are a stupid idea.


Who says that?


In my area it’s a very controversial issue with the bodycams. The Union fights it hard.


The police unions?




Body cameras should be mandatory, even myself as a civilian i wear one when riding my motorcycle but i haven't used it much because the process to take video off is so cumbersome and archaic. I'm waiting for the GoPro 10 to drop to justify getting another one. I figured everything is Bluetooth WiFi now with an app, I shouldn't have to be connected to a computer to take video off a camera.


Ive actually never met or heard of a police officer who wasn't down for body cams.


1. those IR cameras they have on those helicopters are amazing detail and quality. You can actually see where cars have (and havent) parked based on the heat coming from the asphalt. 2. San Diego not only has a Yoshinoya... they have one with a fking drive through. SO fucking jealous


Damn can you imagine reveling in your drive through yoshinoya during this? I would’ve shit myself for sure. I wonder if they still picked up their food and then bounced, that would’ve made it a little better. But then after that, you still gotta clean up that stained car seat and that’s a bummer


*Crying and eating beef rice bowl*


One more piece of shit of the streets.


Yea getting shot hurts wayyyyy more than people think.


So when do we start “peacefully protesting?”


Why tho? The dude was a white trash.


I don't know, maybe tomorrow, we'll beat up someone's car. /s


I havent watched a chopper vid of a chase in a while. Man the cameras are so good now.


All of the stories when this happened was that the police shot a kneeling man. Now with the release of body cam footage we know the weapon was pointed at officers...though I don't think he was intending on shooting them, rather it looks like he was trying yeet the weapon. Of course there's no way officers would have known his intent. Given the circumstances, I think this was a justifiable use of their service weapons.


LeBron strongly disagrees.


What's the point of running when you already been shot. You need ro stop


Looks like he wanted to get shot. The little blasé gesture with the hand and gun made it look like he gave up and just wanted to be shot rather than go to jail.


This camera is amazing


Mr. Valeta done fucked up


Damn I was hoping for some helicopter airstrike action.


I wonder if he was vaccinated?


LOL, what great self control, "DROP THE GUN! DON'T POINT IT AT ME!" Nice.


2:11 is that brain matter or blood flying off the suspect?


Drone or helicopter footage?


He leakin!


How are Californians thinking they can just run with a gun next to cops?


Drive-by shooting, or drive-in shooting?


Damn that was only like a 1 star wanted level


mr.valeta was a dumb fuck


My cousin van is a shit turd


Damm I was litteraly at that yoshinoya the other day


What kind of night vision is that?


Camera operator been playing Kovaaks


Why does it say “armed, fire, armed” on the left part of the camera feed?


If you've just committed murder or attempted murder and are fleeing, I think cops should be able to put rounds in their back. It's way too risky chasing an armed suspect. Really lucky his gun jammed. Either way another scumbag off the streets. GJ


Bro what's with the front wheel?


That shit reminded me of the old top down GTA games


It’s seems as if they were very hesitant right up to the point where he went to shoot behind himself. Even though he is clearly armed and a danger to the public and officer.


I know he should've done it sooner and got what he deserved but he was clearly trying to chuck it away. Should've done it sooner tho idk what was going thru his head. PD is also looking for reasons to justify their shots taken at the target, but it's clear as day that he was trying to toss it away. Oh well I guess noone was gonna wait around that long to see. Split second decisions could mean life and death difference


did the suspect run in a fibonacci sequence?


Being a police in the US is such a pain in the ass right now.


Hard to run when you are holding your pants up.


Man runs like a gta npc


This was a great video explanation of the incident. I feel like it was accurately documented. The cop who ran around the car when the guy passed the drive through was in a scary position with that gun pointed his direction with a finger on the trigger.


Talk about self control.


Rookie mistake, when you hear that boss music play; hit save.


Just another instance of pigs shooting someone once they’re defenseless