How do you make it so it does not make your tank brown

How do you make it so it does not make your tank brown


lol, if you really don’t want tannins i suggest you pick a different type of wood, unless your very keen on mopai... i had a piece in my 20 long for over a year and it stopped leaching tannins roughly 8 months after (kept the water pretty dark), i actually picked this wood for that reason... obviously if you don’t like it then that’s your opinion, but if you think it’s bad (some ppl do) it’s actually good for fish (at least the low pH loving ones)


Purigen for 10 bucks a pack will keep the tannins out.


Soak it for a few weeks with regular water changes.


Great question. 1. Soak it in a bucket. 2. Dump water out of bucket. 3. Repeat till water in bucket is clear. (Water will still be cloudy for a day or two, but it will go away soon)


So every day do a water change for a 100%


or soak in a separate vessel/bucket


I have put it in a bucket outside


You can boil the wood for about 10 mins and it’ll release a lot of tannins out. It’s probably not gonna let all of it out but it’ll get most of it out


Soak like the other comments and I used purigen to help after they were in the tank


Iv boiled wood for abt 12-24 hours and its realeased minimal tannins in the tank