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I think it's funnier this dude thinks sticky pee is normal


He *definitely* thinks women pee out of their vaginas.


Wait they dont?


Idk if youre being sarcastic or not so Im going to answer genuinely. No, we dont. Above a womans vaginal opening (vagina), we have a separate hole thats our urethra and thats where we pee from.


A vagina is not small enough to make the sound they hear from outside the bathroom door. Why don't men who think this wonder why it's not more like the sound of a water hose running? That always confused me.


...you think it's normal for dudes to sit outside of bathroom doors and listen to women peeing?


No, but I've heard my husband pee. I've heard my dad pee. Bthroom doors aren't that thick, and sometimes I'm passing the door at that moment.


My fiance says I pee loud. I also think he pees loud. When you coexist in a small place together for a while, it's inevitable u hear each other piss


Just wait til you've been married ten years and both trying to get out the door in the morning and you're comfortable with your partner dropping a load while you brush your teeth so long as the door is left open and there's a courtesy flush to limit the smell.


Honestly jealous of couples with this level of comfortability. Im a bit shy in the bathroom. Like I just started being able to even pee with him in the bathroom. But in ten years *fingers crossed* lol


Oh yeah, you're ahead of me actually. It took me about two years in to be comfortable peeing when they were in the shower and couldn't see. You'll get there.


Nope. Married 15 years & that ain't happening!! I don't want to see him poop & I'm sure as hell not letting him in the room when I do. Heck, I usually shut the door just to pee--that's 20 seconds of peace & privacy w/o a chihuahua or cat demanding my attention & I don't want a human (even my favorite human) to ruin that for me either.


Hey, Y'all are way more private with each other than we are and that's fine. Also, I got a great big dog who prefers sleeping in sunbeams to bothering me. And I don't have a mouse problem, so I don't need to go to a cat shelter and ask for an omnicidal maniac that for some reason tolerates dogs and humans.


I'm with you on this one! I saw a meme with a couple in the bathroom, one of the toilet and one brushing their teeth talking about "relationship goals" Nah, I'm good 😂I love my wife more than anything but I'm not trying to be in the bathroom while she's doing her business.


No. We’re at 17 years. Glad this isn’t a thing for us! We’re fancy, I guess, with a half bath.


The straggors are obssesed with women, of course they do. Perverts


The what?


I'm guessing a typo of "straights"


Lots of women can pee completely silent




isn’t the sound from the piss hitting water? there’s no sounds just from peeing itself…


Ahh, the confusion of this discovery – I was 18 (so it was quite a while ago), drinking with friends and one of them had recently had a UTI. I was quite shocked to discover this, but it’s not like it’s something I’d have any experience with or understanding of (gay, man). And it’s not like sex education is decent in the US, particularly in the south, so.


Well, at least you were willing to learn. Ive seen some men be told by women we dont pee from our vaginas and we have two holes (not including the back door) and just go "no". But yeah, Im a woman and didnt know until I was like 14. Which is an absurdly long time to not know smth about your body. Smth we all but ESPECIALLY girls should learn in health/sex ed. I feel like all I learned in that class abt my body was abt periods and reproductive organs (and only the basics of reproduction, nothing really abt overall health and possible complications) but a SHIT ton abt penises and balls. Oof. Did you get the iconic southern abstinence only sex ed? Im not from the south (thank god) and thankfully, we were only told, like, once that the only 100% effective form of birth control and not getting an STD was abstinence. Which is technically true so I guess thats why they say it. But they did talk to us abt STDs, how to use condoms, forms and most effective birth control and not to be a gd idiot and think the pull out method was reliable.


But my friend watches porn and he says there are only two holes, i asked him


Is it sad that with how many truly ignorant ppl Ive talked to on the internet, I still cant tell if this is sarcasm? Im going to go with sarcasm for this particular case.


Ya see, even in porn women don't get f*ked in their urethra. I mean, *not yet*...


Im sure its out there. I mean, sounding porn is out there. Im sure its not just guys participating. If someone thinks of it, its out there on the internet somewhere and theres probably porn of it.


That's not true. There's a woman named The Amazing Ty, and she does all sorts of very painful looking stuff to her urethra. And you should see what she does with a cactus.


Addendum - do not look up Amazing Ty unless you want to be traumatized


Gosh I'm uneducated and I would like to stay it this way. No googling! ETA: instant regrets


Gonna be honest, I hope never


Dont look up sounding then


Read this comment, went to look it up! I should've listened to your numerous warnings! Aaaaah! I miss five minutes ago when I didn't know that existed! I looked for a definition instead of videos and didn't see anything and I'm pretty scarred from just imagining!


Do I even wanna know? Lol


Meh if you look deep enough you probably could find some really fucked up stuff. I (regretably) know that putting stuff INSIDE dicks is like a fetish, so why not urethras? If you can think of a very weird way of having sex, someone probably done it.


I pee out my butt


Dude same/j


IBS gang!


You know, I think I really should get checked for IBS given how much trouble my gut has given me throughout my life and how relatable people with ibs sound


It never hurts to follow up with the doctor and have them tell you you have the stress shits and you should just stop being stressed.


Are you a victim of the American School System (ASS)?


As a former woman: …we don’t?????


No, we dont. Women have a separate hole above the vaginal opening(vagina), thats our urethra and thats where we pee from. I actually had to learn that on my own too and the fact its not taught in sex ed/health, especially to the people WITH vaginas is really fucked up.


Well! Ya learn something new every day I guess!


By "sticky pee" are you referring to what comes out when squirting? My partner doesn't do that, so im lost when it comes to that in particular.


Never been with anyone who squirted (unless dicks count), but one of the partners I was with who had a vagina would always secrete a viscous fluid when she came. I searched online and according to dudejusttrustme.com, squirt can range from thick to watery


I assumed he was talking about female ejaculation aka squirting, which is apparently mostly pee.


This is a question I've been trying to get a solid answer on for a decade and 100% the reason I came to the comment section.


Well, it comes from the urethra. If she's well-hydrated and has already urinated that evening, it'll be clear fluid and mostly odorless. Otherwise, it can be yellow and smell exactly like regular-ass urine.


This was my intuition but the amount of people trying to say it's different - one way or the other - is remarkable. Like, I'm a medical professional and pretty familiar with pleasure-based sex education but it's still so hard to separate the truth from the bs. E: for clarity.


I am one of those that says it is markedly different. I agree to an extent with the person above you. But I've never had a woman squirt anything that could be mistaken for pee. Not texture-wise and not smell-wise. I suppose if a woman hasn't peed that night (what woman can hold it all night? Is she dehydrated?) That it will smell more like urine. But more like urine, not urine. If I had to guess, less than 10% urine. My source: I squirt and I've been with many squirters. I've taught a class on how to squirt. I have seen, smelled, and tasted lots of women's squirt. I have also seen, smelled, and tasted lots of women's urine. I've washed squirt out of bedding and towels countless times. I've washed urine out of bedding and towels countless times. A pile of bedding covered in squirt is not at all equivalent to a pile of bedding covered in urine. I know my opinion is just gonna get slammed, and I always get accused of just trying to brag about sex or being misogynistic (how?) or something, but I know squirt and I know urine, and they are not the same.


See, this is why it's been 10 years and I still don't know! I've seen a ton of very convincing arguments for both - just look at the responses here.


I am confused as fuck about the people who are saying that it is the same thing. Presumably some of these people have kids who wet the bed, or have wet the bed themselves. They have seen sheets soaked in urine, and sheets soaked in squirt. How can you have seen both and think they are the same thing? They do not smell the same, they do not look the same. Yes, squirt contains some urine, but like I said, I would guess it is somewhere in the 10% range.


Haha omg a decade?? Yes, it’s mostly pee. Here, from a study: Conclusions: The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists. [Source](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25545022/)


Love you for this, stranger


> I've been trying to get a solid answer on for a decade Okay. First, if you and your partner are enjoying whatever it is you're doing, you can stop reading. You're fine. Second, humans know *fuck all* about human female anatomy because it's all still based on the daydreaming of the doctors in the 1800s who thought a woman's uterus would fall out if she was to ride on a train. The size and scope of the clitoris was only discovered *in my lifetime*. So, tl;dr it's pee and not pee. There's a gland inside the labia, at the entrance to the vaginal canal. When someone's aroused, that gland will start saying "yay". Obviously, this is external, insofar as you can call a vagina external. At the same time, in some women for unknown reasons the bladder will start to fill. As far as we know, there's only one way for fluid to get in there. One study (insufficient numbers for meaningful data) showed that there is a minor chemical difference in urine vs squirting. But that was kinda flawed and they seemed to draw the opposite conclusion. Plus urine doesn't come out of the vagina anyway, it comes out of the urethra. So it's mostly urine, albeit quite diluted, and then some of the excitable fluid. A quick experiment with asparagus will give you a fairly conclusive result. Whether or not it's mixed up before or after probably requires some better camera technology than is publicly available.


>A quick experiment with asparagus *My sides*


Incorrect, you need both an egg and a sperm to make life not just the sperm. Otherwise billions of men everyday would be conceiving children in their rooms by themselves.


The mpreg crowd would be all over that shit


You definitely need a woman. She is a bodybuilder and a flesh 3D printer


You need someone with a functioning uterus, it definitely doesn't have to be a woman. Some trans men/NBs can get pregnant.


> when men orgasm they make life Men who did vasectomy: I'm not so sure pal...


also, condoms. and masturbation.


All those condoms, towels and tissues brimming with life


If you leave them alone long enough they will be


Prime example: The Coconut


The cumbox anyone?


Also... they dont "make life". They have the seed that starts it but if you dont cum in the right place, nothing happens. Its not like a dudes tissue is going to come alive, beauty and the beast style bc he came in it.


Wait, that *isnt* supposed to happen??


*Runs out of the house and just keeps running*


It Came From Where I Came, my new novel, out this October


Bravo, had to give my free award to this one. Alternate title: It has risen from whence I’ve jizzen


Oooh I do love that. I love an alternate title included in the original. Dr Strangelove is my favorite movie lol


I mean... it *shouldnt*, at least.


Well, shit. *off in distance* JERRY! BUDDY WE GOTTA GO!


Exactly. They contribute one single cell which a woman’s body can accept or kill. They don’t even have to be on the same continent when conception actually occurs. Tell me again how he makes life?


Exactly. Like, I get it takes both the sperm and the egg but Id argue that the egg and womb are more of the ones "making life" since theyre putting in WAY more of the work.


You sho as hell don't inherit your dad's mitochondria


"Fun" fact, this used to be a really common genuine belief until science proved beyond doubt that children do, in fact, have their mother's genes as well. And so we have all those ideas of "bloodlines" only "continuing" when sons procreate.


TIL men (or non-operated AMABs) who got vasectomy can still cum.


I have to pee many times a day in order to keep my body functioning normally. I never have to “make life”.


This is why quality sexual education matters


Usually when I organsm I throw up violently


Nah just better to piss on his dick apparently 💁‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


That's _My_Fetish.gif


You should probably go see a doctor because I'm not sure that that's how it's supposed to work.


They may just be sex repulsed.


Peeing. You have to pee multiple times a day, but you don't ever have to have babies :D


Also peeing is a vital function. If you don’t pee, you die


Yeah, that's what I meant


Ah I didn’t get that at first haha


What point is he trying to make???


I believe this is an argument for not giving a shit about women achieving orgasm during sex. A bad argument lol


Ohhh thay makes more sense then I was thinking. I thought like this was like piss kink or something


Pee bad, cum good


the age old battle. pee vs. cum.


Which is stored in the balls? Nobody knows


I'm going to assume he gets pissed on by his GF, all to save his self esteem. "Yeah, I totally came babe. Didn't you feel it?", meanwhile, he just got hit with the super soaker.


The one time that the typically degrading act could be otherwise.


Sounds hot.


When a woman orgasms, it increases the likelihood she will get pregnant. This is advanced biology. Too big brained for his small brain.


This has always made sense to me - when a woman orgasms their pelvic floor muscles contract upwards and inwards, thus facilitating the movement of semen towards the cervix. If we are going by what benefits conception as a metric of importance, finishing together is the obvious choice. But this dude is really over here believing all women squirt when they orgasm, which is really not too common. Tell me you’ve never made a woman cum without telling me, Bob.


To my knowledge, the "upsuck hypothesis" is unproven.


There is no solid evidence for this hypothesis


it's BaSIc bIoLOgY


And here is me, who can not pee when someone is around......sorry bf....you have to leave the room so I can finish my orgasm with peeing in the bed


I might be wrong, but I don't think women are interested in "making life" (ew) with inconsiderate toads who don't even help them achieve orgasms.


what’s more impressive, blowing your load for 10 seconds or growing a whole human over the course of nine months?


*Image Transcription: Twitter* --- M [*Censored*] When women orgasm they pee when men orgasm they make life. Which is more important? --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


when women orgasm they actually make sandwich for men See how easy it is to turn their logic against them ?


Wait, sandwiches come out? I must be doing something wrong


Aside from everything else wrong with this, most people only make life at most two or three times in their entire lives, but have to pee multiple times a day, so I'd say the pee is more important.


Dudes not being able to tell the difference between pee and ejaculate in women is the best thing ever.


When my wife has a squirting orgasm without peeing before sex, you can definitely smell if she had coffee before hand. There is definitely pee in it. But if she does pee before sex, she can still soak a mattress (but we lay down absorbent pads because we're not heathens), so it's not entirely pee. And who cares if there's a little bit of pee anyway? If my wife is cumming her face off it's absolutely worth a little bit of pee, end of story.


This one's a keeper.


Props to you, a legend


Holy shit a man of quality


Because when squirting the liquid does come from the bladder. It's like watered down urine. Also women can ejaculate, it looks a bit like sperm but of course is completely different from actual sperm in ingredients and function. It comes from some organ that is often called the female prostate.


Female ejaculate contains at minimum some volume of urine.


It's urine + maybe some form of the mucosa that secretes into the vagina. Maybe. Anyway, scientists tested it, and there is no significant chemical difference between "squirt" and urine.


I used to think this until one day I looked it up and they've done studies that have found it is actually mostly urine. The "pee vs creating life" argument is still bullshit though for other reasons obviously


Lol “they’ve done studies”. I’ve looked into those very few studies and they’re laughably flawed. As others have said, when there’s pressure some urine is going come out. But women don’t pee through their vaginas and there’s no way internally for urine to go from the bladder anywhere but out the urethra. What comes out of the vagina isn’t urine.


There a “skene” glands in the urethra https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/female-ejaculation#ejaculate


I know science around women's biology has always been questionable, but I really don't understand why people deny this particular thing in spite of having no evidence on the contrary. No one thinks it's bad that there's urine in there too. It's just how it works. And if there are studies saying that it is not true, why do those carry more validity than ones that say the opposite?


I have those exact same feelings.


I assume projection, a lot of people have unhealthy hangups about sex in particular.


I have never seen "squirt" come out of the actual vagina, it comes from the urethra. Hell even in porn you see it all gush from the urethra. What crazy take is this?!


Considering overpopulation, I’m gonna go with peeing.


Let me fix that. “When men orgasm they regret it and send thousands of people into a sock”


Thousands? Dude better see someone about that low sperm count.


Eh with how disgusting people like this are they probably would have a low sperm count so I wouldn’t worry about that


We can only hope.


The greatest disservice society has done boys and men is teaching them their penis is the most important thing on the planet.


Uhhhhhhhh what???


Today I learnt a man can make life all by himself


With enough audacity anything is possible.


I can go a century without creating life. I can't go a day without peeing.


If she’s peeing there’s probably one of two reasons: 1) it’s your thing( I don’t judge) 2) she’s disgusted or highly amused at what you’re doing


Men are the ones who make life now? I could have sworn women were the ones that got pregnant.


You can live a long, fulfilling, healthy life without bringing another life into the world, but if you don't expel your waste, you will die. I learned this from playing Biogenics: The Game of a Lifetime. No mater how many times I've played it, no one ever gets to the point where they create a baby and win. Everyone always dies in the end, because they accumulate too much waste :(


Am I the only gal who really needs to pee after Cumming?


Nope; it's a biological thing - your body is trying to protect itself from potential infection by driving you to flush away any potential bacteria you were exposed to during sex.




Women create life! Sure men contribute, but I've been taught that the woman got it all in her and all the Y Chromosome does is block part of the X Chromosome. If all men died right now, women would probably find a way to survive. If all women died, we would be in trouble...


Well you're not wrong. There's enough semen stored at sperm banks to kick start the population back. Not so sure about the other way around though, pretty sure we'd lose at least half the guys due to religious issues with test tube babies


As far as I know, babies without a host mom are impossible yet so we'd likely loose all


It actually is possible without a host mom. Hence why test tube babies is a phrase. ETA: I'm wrong, IVF still requires a host which I was not aware of.


According to my Profs, test tube babies are ones that have been artificially fertilized but it's not possible to sustain them yet without a living mother.


Yeah I edited to add, it's been a while since I looked into any of this stuff so my information is a bit wack 😅


Heh were you imagining a sci-fi style tank filled with goo, with a fetus attached to a tube through its belly button? It would be cool if that technology existed but sadly we're not there yet


Lmao kinda, and yeah it would be pretty neat


A bit reductive, if memory serves correctly there's about 50-70 coding genes on the Y chromosome (so a fair bit more complicated than just deactivating part of the X sex chromosome), and it's the fastest evolving part of the mammalian genome, on top of being solely responsible for male development.


The Y chromosome is not evolving, its degrading which causes changes. At least one rodent species has lost its y chromosome completely, male development in them is no longer controlled by the now missing y chromosome. It is possible that even now the y chromosome is shifting its functions to other chromosomes but we know so little about how it actually works as a whole we won't know until it degrades completely. If it doesn't compensate we could lose males in the distant future unless science is applied


Kinda funny that you think this isn't evolution.


There are trails with primordial cells that can be convinced to become like a sperm or an egg. It's still relatively new but it is showing promise last I heard. This technology would probably be accelerated if something like this happened. They would need to design a good artifical womb if only men survived though, so 100% women are more likely to survive.


Well I'm still in year one of med school, so I have to believe the fundamentals I've learned till now😅 The point i was trying to make is that men aren't the one "creating the life", the woman who has to carry a baby for 9 months and cannot be replaced is responsible for that


i gotta go for the pee


As a person currently creating a whole ass human, I have a certain finger I would like to show this dude 😒


Assuming you have not had an accident or a congenital anomaly you have two of those fingers


Yeah, but I feel like one will get the point across fine. On my right hand, it has more pizzazz.


Beating it into a gym sock /= creating life.


Making more of him is the opposite of important.


That’s a long way of saying “I’m terrible at sex”


Wait men carry a fetus for 9 months in their body?


Cis men definitely don't


Someone’s been watching too many squirt videos


When women orgasm the vagina helps the sperm travel to fertilise and egg. Also men an orgasm without ejaculating and women can orgasm without squirting.


Peeing is more important. If you can’t pee (due to kidney disease or whatever) you die


Who makes life?


Pee. Fuck having babies.


Um…important…? Who cares which is more “important”?


Do these people not have biology classes at school?


This guys probably "makes life" on his bag of napkin to hentai everyday.


7 billion people in the world. i think we're good fam. No one needs your shitty dna replicated


The women one bc making life is not necessarily for many people bc the world is already over populated but if you don’t pee you can get a balder infection and that is no good (also yes I know when don’t actually pee when they orgasm but it’s funny to humor such claims)


Dude needs to stop watching porn. White sticky stuff comes outta there too it just doesn't have the swimmers in it


I wish it worked like that. Getting old; need to pee 1000 times a day.. would be cool if they were all orgasms


That feeling when you cannot discern squirting from orgasming. Smh my head. If you’re gonna talk about something do your fucking research beforehand. What a clown. Also I bet they say this cause they’ve never made a woman orgasm.


they're not ok


This is a joke, but I'm still sick of the "woman bad" joke.


Even as an atheist I pray to God that he was high when he saw a man jizz on the floor and “life” growing on its own from there


Peeing is required to live, no one has to reproduce in order to continue living, check and mate


just say you get zero bitches and call it a day!


Sooo if he masturbates he's commiting mass murder?


actually when men orgasm they make me a tasty snack 😋




Well not all women do😒


Even ignoring all the wrong things in this; I could go pretty much my whole life without reproducing/giving life. I don't think I can go much more than a day without peeing tho...