Silk, me, digital, 2021

Silk, me, digital, 2021


Beautiful art, love the hair and shadows coming off of it.


Just what I came here to ssy. The color composition is great as well.


This work has a lot of depth, it almost looks 3D.


Holy shit right! The textures, anatomy, colors, lighting everything is spot on !! Great job OP !


i love the brushstrokes and all the texture in this. and the colour palette is INCREDIBLE. this is fantastic.


With art like this i always wonder how you know which colours to use to acheive the depth. Is this pulled from the ether? Are there palettes? Is it practice?


guessing it’s practice and them just picking a color for example red and then for shadowing they get the color wheel and move it a bit down so the color is slightly to purple and then shade same thing for lighting but with a shade thats up on the color wheel not down if you want a picture of a color wheel to really get what im trying to say ill be more than happy


This is what I've been doing with the colour puck in Autodesk, I'll use it to help find complementary shades and do highlights and stuff... but specifically these colours that you would think would be contrasting that end up working within the palette to add depth if that makes sense. Like adding a stroke of a purple on top of brown instead of just choosing a lighter version of the shame shade of brown. It just seems like colour magic to me to be able to find those shades in a work without having a reference picture or something


Yes it’s colour magic for sure!!


for most artists it’s experience and trial-and-error. some artists go to school and take courses over colour theory, which helps a lot in creating and understanding palettes, which goes into the relationship between primary, secondary, and tertiary colours, as well as the different colours needed to add definitions like highlight and shade, and pops of colour in places you want to draw attention to in your work. you can get to a place where you understand this on a basic or even intermediate level just by practicing for some years, but taking some classes on colour theory, even if you don’t go to school for art, can really help get a fundamental and rudimentary understanding of how palettes can work for a piece, and how it can make or break a piece. your outline can be horrible and the palette could make up for it, or the outline could be stunning and the palette could be so bad it ruins the entire work. i’m sorry i kinda went on a rant about palettes and colour theory a little bit, but that’s the long and short of it. TLDR; it’s sorta practice, sorta schooling, mostly colour theory, can be complicated and could take years to really master depending on the artist, medium, etc. [edit: i would like to note some examples of relationships between colours most non-artists could understand in case we have some reading this thread, as well as beginning artists trying to do some beginners things to start out. purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel—they compliment each other well. orange and blue clash. red and blue (two primary colours) make purple (a secondary colour). tertiary colours are often seen as the shades of colours that could be classified as either a shade of a primary colour OR a secondary colour—maroon is a red-dominant mixture of red and purple, salmon is a (barely) orange-dominant mixture of orange and red (IE: pink. pinks are either red and white or red and orange. weird shit.) i hope these examples helped understand the concept a bit better in basic terms]


No don't call it a rant! Please feel free to preach colour theory, I've been noodling so much with digital art since getting a tablet but dropped out of art school. I consider this free inside intel.


my colour theory knowledge at this point is limited to 2 semesters (well 1.5 i have yet to finish this semester) but it is possibly one of my favourite things about art. even more than making it. the entire idea is just fascinating to me and it’s so easy to pick up and it makes so much sense, it’s like—artists do this without even thinking about it and when you put it into words it just makes sense. and i don’t really get to apply it in school bc my concentration is ceramics, but i paint in my own studio time, so it’s fun to use there :)


It's just boggling to me to see what effects you can acheive with different brush strokes and colours and that the whole fandangle is just wavelengths in our brains and rods and cones anyways. I had a really good art teacher who taught us to try and look for the colours in incandescent light, but I can't even imagine how you teach this kind of thing. Like... you study pigments? Colour wheel after colour wheel? How does colour theory work in practice? (If you don't mind explainin)


it essentially helps to understand the vibe of different colours and tones and different shades of those tones?? i don’t really know how to convey it eloquently. it’s kind of like seeing colours as people, and getting a feel for the emotions they’re expressing to you, and using that in your pieces, and creating palettes with the tones that express the direct emotion and message you’re trying to get across with whatever piece you’re working on. it’s very feeling-oriented.


Marco Bucci has amazing short videos on value and color theory on YouTube if you're interested, I picked him because he's a digital artist so you get to see it applied to a digital interface


Yea thank you! I will!


daaaaym them colors tho and them strokes


she is so beautiful wtf. and this art is amazinf


Ok, came to talk about the incredible skill shown with contrast and depth....but DAMN if the textures aren’t just as, if not MORE amazing. Wow. Congrats on the amazing display and f skills! More power to wherever you go from here. Remember us mortals.....(sniff)....


Going back through your posts it’s amazing to see the progress someone can make when they are as diligent and disciplined as you have been. You were working between line and value for a long time and then went straight up hue. Then back to value, then perfected line IMO on the sketch work you were producing, at least a Stanley Lau level of line, and then it looks like a steady progression in understanding how to effectively combine those as you have here. Great work!


This is incredible! I'm stunned.


Bruh how did you even paint this, What program and brushes?


Photoshop CC. Brushes mostly my own, they're in my profile.


Beautiful textures and colors, well done!


OP, genuinely asking, do you happen to teach art/would be interested in teaching art? I’m intermediate level and would love to learn from someone with your skill :)


The art is absolutely fantastic don't get me wrong. But who the hell is this woman? She is even more stunning than the art itself.


The textures, lighting, & color, are all so on point it's not fair lol. Definitely keep going!!


This is amazing and I love it because is not that simple cheesy realism where it just looks like a bad photo. This to me is art, is based on reality but it express something, it says something that reality itself cannot.


This reminds me of Merida.


I love this! The sharpness of the color really gives it that graphic read. Keep em coming haha.


Omg yes. What’s your IG




Post this!


Damn. The shine on the nose ring is phenomenal


This is gorgeous it looks so painterly! 🥺


What program was this done in?


The skill and beauty of this image prompted me to check out your post history. You are incredibly talented! Good stuff!


I really love the texture of her hair. Incredible


I have no words. Absolutely amazing


Whoever drew this is exceptionally talented


Love the detail of the entire piece, but the hair is especially stunning


I loved zooming in on this and seeing all the detail! That earing... *Chef's kiss* Gorgeous work. Must have taken a long time.






I aspire to get to this level!


This looks good but where is the silk ? The skin ?the people need to know. Me I'm the people I need to know.


agreed. why named silk? beautiful work <3


The composition here is amazing! The attention to and placement of details is remarkable.


Whoa, how did you do that hair? It's like it's got embers in it. It's really cool


Definitely winged it. I have a pretty textured style, so I was trying to figure out how to make it look soft and fluffy but still textured. I think it has like 15 layers of different stuff I threw at it, lol.


I could fall into her Afro, the texture is amazing, I love how realistic it looks without doing individual strands


This is amazing, well done


yep, i'd pay for this. really beautiful picture


So refreshing to see something not photo realistic on the front page. It's beautiful.


I thought I was good at portraits and then I saw this. Beautiful work.


This is moving. The beautiful features. The glow. The lines. The plumped skin and lips. This is like earth. Like joy. Like a first kiss.


Wow wow wow. Amazing work.


this is honestly one of the best pieces of art i've ever seen... amazing !


I feel like I’ve seen this face before, could you tell me where you got inspiration from if any because I can’t finish that thought to how I’m thinking of


Love this! It reminds me of Merida.


Love it, Retro Vibes there


Love it! Want to do something like this myself! Thanks for inspiring!


Incredible! You're beautiful. So is this work of art! Great job! :)


Damn. This is incredible! Amazing job.


Such a great piece, your technique is awesome.


I legit thought this was a photo


Sublime, adj.: "Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe." Burn bright.


Outstanding work. Your understanding of light vs contour and tones is superb. Beautifully done.


This is so so gorgeous!! The colors, the brush textures, the subject herself. Everything is so pearlescent and, well, silky. Hair reminds me of the Milky Way, I love the purple of it, the smattering of glitter, and the blue of the highlights on the skin. The earring is so pretty, too


That is fantastic. Well done


Kermit: “It’s 2021, Maaaaaan!


Love this! The hazy colorful highlights give it a real dreamy quality


Amazing, would love to see more like this!


i spent about 5 minutes just staring and zooming...absolutely amazing


That is so lovely! You are amazingly skilled in realistic art!


I know 4c when I see it. She hot, good work


Really dig the details having an analglyph 3D look to them


I looked at this and said "Holy fucking shit" out loud. Seriously in awe.


Can I post this on Twitter and DEFINITELY credit you in it? Cause I have mainly all black followers and they would absolutely love it. More people need to see it


Love this! It reminds me of Merida.


Good facial structure. Beautiful picture.


She looks like a young Michelle Obama, before she met that Barry fella!


The colors, shadows, hair, I can go on and on...it turned out great!


Beautiful,. You've capture her self reflection perfectly


Gives me Dr Seuss Midnight Paintings vibes


Wow, I love how you did the hair! Nice job.


Wow, how do you achieve such a real looking skin texture?. It's mind blowingly good


This is eye catching as hell


This is a really nice piece


This is amazing! Do you have a website or something else that contains more of your art? i'd love to see more.


This is one of the most accurate depictions of black hair I’ve ever seen, it’s so beautiful!


I thought this was Monica, I'm getting kind of obsessed with WandaVision lmao. Nice job I truly love how you played with colors and textures!


hoeing sprinklers doesn’t give me flashbacks


The artwork looks very real


She is so beautiful the way it is painted its looks real.


Impeccable style that’s skillfully done.


Is the woman of wolfstein 2?


The PATRIOT Act killed it for me...


This is really, really beautiful WOW!


Glorious in every way!! Absolutely mesmerising well done!!


Gives me Dr Seuss Midnight Paintings vibes


Everything about this painting screams quality. The brushwork, the color choices, composition. Absolutely beautiful.


Unreal! This is really Unreal!


She is so beautiful and your skills are out of this world! 😍


Do you have an IG? I really like this


I love the depth here, and I especially love the textures. There’s a lot of rough yet neat strokes in there that adds to the texture. I also love the use of violet and reds for the shadows. Great stuff.


Wanna know how to paint this yourself? OP can teach you, but OP has to charge. Jokes aside, this is really beautiful :)


Yeah I’d have that on my wall. Take my upvote


Amazing work! Are you on ArtStation?