If you only had 3 sentences to tell your life story till now, what would it be?

If you only had 3 sentences to tell your life story till now, what would it be?


I lived. I loved. I died.


Vixit, Dilexi, Moriar. I don't speak latin by the way and I'd hoped Google Translate could do it perfectly for me, but it turns out that says something more like he lived, loved it, I'll die. Which sounds much better for /u/afraid_of_blowback, but not so much for me...


But.. your alive


Joined Military. Went to College, and Law School. Married smoking hot girl.


I was born in Finland, and most of my childhood happened here, even though we lived in Norway for 2½ years too. I started in a local Swedish school here in Finland and went on to the middle school and now to the GUSC (General Upper Secondary School), as it is called, and I've been doing great. Right now, I study Chemistry and Russian at school, and I study Korean and Romanian from home aswell, and I hope I get to study one of the mentioned subjects at a university.


I lived. I lived. Good Grief!, am I immortal?


very. very. short.


I was a troublesome and rambunctious teenager, which landed me in quite a bit of trouble. Marriage in an attempt to live a "normal life" ended with my being piled under debt and recovering from multiple physical incidents, and it added "divorced" to my pedigree. Life is currently just a smallish blur in which I am attempting to formulate a new plan as I see the light at the end of the tunnel of debt.




I was born to a single mother, she married a horrible man making us the fucked up Brady bunch. Met my husband when I was 8, traveled to Asia when I was 17-18, had my daughter at 19, married at 20, had my boys at 21 and 23. Pregnant now with my 4th and have the most amazing husband.