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Get your mum to test with DNA kit from Ancestry or My Heritage. She might match with a close relative.


Thank you! It’s her birthday soon so I’ll order her one, would it help if I took one?


It wouldn't help her but if your interested in knowing your fathers family it could, and it could also help someone in his family find more about their family. Be warned, DNA genealogy can be a lot of work. It's not going to say "You're parents were Jack and Jill Smith of Berwick upon Tweed", if you're lucky you might get a half-sibling or one of their descendents if not you might get a few 4th and 5th cousins that you'll have to try and link together. Of course, in the future you might get a closer match even if you don't have great matches to start with. Personally it's the working it out that's the satisfying part but I wanted to warn you just in case that's not your cup of tea. Join us at /r/genealogy to pick up some tips. Lastly, don't get a test from MyHeritage! Ancestry is the best and you can, and should, download your DNA file and upload it to MH. It's free but you get a limited amount of information but perhaps that's enough. For £35 you can see everything a MH customer would see. Recently they had a period where new uploads got that automatically so if you're patient they might repeat it.


Start by searching wimbledon birth records for her name, birth certificates have bio parents names on.


This is the way to go. It shouldn't take long to go through everyone born in Wimbledon on one specific day and you're unlikely to get many name duplicates. If you only have a birth year, you're going to be spending some time in the library.


Slightly more complicated than that. If OP's mum has a fairly unique name then it shouldn't be hard to find but there are some stumbling blocks. Firstly she may have been born in the Wimbledon area rather than specifically Wimbledon and the birth might have been registered somewhere else. If it was Wimbledon it'd be a different registration district than if it was registered down the road in Malden (Croydon vs Surrey Northern). If she was born at the end of the year the birth might not be registered until early 66. If the older sister isn't a red herring it might be a big help narrowing things down if there are multiple candidates. If you're confident you have the right person then a certificate might have only the mothers name, something I imagine is more common with children that are adopted. If the parent's weren't married it might be hard finding out more or if one of the parents had a common name it might be tricky finding out which person of that name is the relevant one.


Thank you! I’ll ask her if she knows more precisely where she was born to try and speed up the process


Use these resources: https://www.adoptionuk.org/faqs/tracing


You can probably rule out the wombles?


I wouldn’t be so sure


DNA test with ancestry could help


Ask in local community Facebook groups in Wimbledon


It depends on if she was adopted at birth or not. If a child's birth is registered at birth before they are adopted, then their birth records will be where everyone else's are. If they were adopted without being registered they will only show up on the adoption register.


I’ve helped a number of people find their birth parents and there are essentially three different routes: 1) get the birth certificate and see if that has the info 2) get the information from whoever managed the adoption process 3) DNA testing your mum. Typically cost ~£80 (although sometimes on discount on holidays). Would recommend ancestry.co.uk for it (if cost isn’t an issue I’d also test with 23andMe) (If you want to DM me her birth name and DOB I can also see if I can pull anything useful from some databases I have access to.)


thats a lot more information than most adoptees of her age know. you can probably just order a birth certificate. you could find her on [freeBMD](https://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/search.pl) too (which will give you the mother's maiden name), but you'll still need to order the birth certificate to find the rest of what you're looking for. once you have the parent's names its easy to find the rest on any of the genealogy websites


Do a DNA test I recently found out my secondary school friend for 5 years is my 2nd to 3rd cousin had no idea. DNA tests are a great way to find and connect to relatives you don’t know about.


I just did this with my mum. We’ve managed to track down her family. I used an agency called Joanna North Associates. Although she was born in scotland so it’s a little bit different.


Just a point because I got pulled up on this once - it's Biological parent not real parents.