On the subject of Tooti Fruity

On the subject of Tooti Fruity


Yikes lol I find this Tik Tok’s aura threatening


Right? It’s reminds me of the Central Park Karen incident, the kind of white woman that’s gonna call the cops on my colored ass and pretend I was threatening them just cause I did something they didn’t like. As a POC this “meme” on tik tok scares me.


exactly!!! its eerie and I've seen a lot of black women I follow on twitter discuss this very Tik Tok, saying that it exemplifies the weaponization of white tears for a white women's manipulation. I can see that, just the speedy transition from crying to smug makes me feel queasy like, I can imagine the discomfort POC would feel seeing something like that and knowing that white women have historically used tears and emotional manipulation in their acts of racism.


You might really like Imani Barbarin’s videos on this (@crutches_and_spice) if you’re interested in more videos on how fucked up this trend is! But if it’s triggering & you want to avoid it, that makes sense too 🥰 I’m sorry such a scary thing is trending rn


I used to work with a girl like that. Always playing victim, always "crying" and always throwing whoever wasn't there to defend themselves under the bus whenever she messed up. I say used to cause she finally got fired after we all got tired of her bullshit and she wasn't able to scurry herself out of it. Good riddance.


I haven’t thought out this for years but there was a girl in my group at school who used to bully me - used to hit my arm a lot, call me names, say horrible things and outed me to other people. Whenever I stood up for myself she’d cry like this and everybody would presume that I was the horrible one 😩


SRS What is this, the “Kill Emmett Till Challenge?” I ain’t trying to be tasteless, I’m trying to let you know how tasteless and harmful this is. Edit: two words.




very interesting indeed