me when I come back from the grocery store: Collapsed on my bed, 4 hour nap, day is done


You feeling depressy?? I get this way, but it's usually either when my bipolar has cycled down or I'm in a sensory overload.


I mean, i feel like shit most of the time so idk


I was thinking that too about sensory overload. It took me years to realize why I would get mad and then need a nap after every time I was around people or went to the store.


I feel so tired all the time. I don’t know how to be productive


Totally. Im tired ,done, etc. Folded 2 laundry baskets. Have to cook for 2 teens and husband, do the dishes , etcetc. 😶




Yeah same. Everyone's been telling me not to kill myself. But bitch, how am I gonna survive in society if I need to rest for a day after doing one simple task?? You gonna feed me or something?


Yep. Almost every day. It's rare that I'm up and at it for more than one activity or task per day. Since I retired it's way worse.


Yeah I feel like this for most things (school not so much aside from zoom fatigue)


I've been feeling exactly this way. Been sleeping for like 16 hours on the weekend and going to work and then getting into bed straight after and crying and looking up rubbish on my phone


Omg yes! I'm the same way. I'm actually pretty ashamed to say that my fiancé does almost everything at home (dishes, laundry, making me snacks, lotioning me etc.). He tells me he feels drained and I've been so used to him waiting on me hand and foot that I've invalidated him before :( We're working on splitting up chores evenly and him communicating when he's burned out. :>


Yes, simple tasks like taking a shower feels almost impossible sometimes


Yes! 100%! Usually the creeping deadline throws me into a panicked, tear-soaked, last-minute rush that keeps me out of trouble; but when I'm having a proper crises, not even that will do. I've lost jobs that way and it would not surprise me one bit to lose my current one that way too. But one fine day I'll be dead and none of that will trouble me anymore ^-^


No amount of tasks get me tired. Thank the ADHD.


My ADHD has 2 modes...1.) Manically productive. 2.) I get tired just willing myself to do something.


I used to be like this, exercise changed a lot. Now I’m like this, but less often and less severe


Yep,.this is how I currently pass my days. I send an email and that's the most productive part of the day, I managed to draw something for college that's it...I go to school? I gotta hibernate for the rest of the day and the next


I do the exact same thing. 🙁