Kawaki still isn’t even stronger than Jigen. Code seen how strong Boruto and Kawaki are at their current peak and he still believes he can actually take them on now.


Doubt he can 1v2 Kawaki and Boruto Especially now that Boruto can access momos abilities Code would most probably beat them individually but definitely not 1v2


How do we know that Kawaki still isn't stronger than Jigen?


You're asking the best question here. Because all we are assuming that Code is supposedly the strongest character are assumptions and statements from Amado. As we all know he is a liar and you shouldn't believe everything he says. As I said, I stand by my prediction that 100% Otsutsuki Boruto is equal with Code and that the fandom (once again) extremely underestimates Boruto.


Because borushiki isn’t stronger than jigen and kawaki is relative to him in strength.


How do you know that Borushiki isn't stronger than Jigen? Where was that referenced?


Because of what obito said and what happened to sasuke. Obito said that you need all of your dojutsu to be at peak power and sasuke was stated to have lost power after losing his rinnegan. Momoshiki doesn’t have these as borushiki and only has 1 byakugan so he can’t access the full power of his byakugan’s


It doesn’t need to referenced. Jigen could take on the likes of Naruto and sasuke simultaneously and defeat them, while momoshiki was getting overpowered by them. This is if we’re assuming borushiki even have his fused kinshiki powers to begin with still, which I highly doubt.


Yeah, Kawaki is not stronger than Jigen rn, but Amado has basically made a counter to Code's main ability. Plus, he knew that Code would search for him after Jigen's death, so I can't imagine that he didn't make a plan for it when he installed the new karma in Kawaki's hand


How can you tell though. It's not like borushiki beat kawaki. Chances are kawaki might already be Jigen level if he's 80% isshiki. Don't you think so🤔


The good thing is Kawaki won't have a break down like Jigen so I see that as an advantage


Stop with the dna stuff to proove power level, its just dna And he is not 80% ishiki he has 80% otstutuki dna which just mean he has otstutuki dna not that he has 80% of ishiki power level


Nah don't think so as Amado wanted Kawaki to be stronger before facing off against Code


Idk, Code seems confident enough he could take on Kawaki with his limiters off. Therefore, I assume he might have new powers that probably aren't affected by Sukunahikona.


That'd be cool, but at the same time, Kawaki would be extremely fucked up if Code's abilities are inmune to Sukunahikona (and I don't think they will make Code so broken)


Keep in mind at this point in time Kawaki is more versatile than Isshiki. Kawaki still has his cyborg body, ninjutsu, karma absorpiton, and Isshiki's robs and cubes. I'm hoping whatever Code has can't be shrunk by Kawaki because otherwise it would be too boring.


I don’t think that is entirely true I am with shikamaru on this I can’t help but feel like Amado is the mastermind behind everything, that will happen in Boruto and that everyone is headed straight to his trap or something than again I could be wrong


Did you miss the last chapter where he was worried about Kawaki's safety?


No, I didn't. When I read that part I understood that Amado was worried about Kawaki's safety because Code and Ada were there (have in mind that Ada still has some abilities that she didn't want to reveal to Code). Probably Amado thought that Kawaki wouldn't survive in a fight against Code, Ada and Delta


So after limiters gone code has now eyelashes that he didn't before.


I don’t think it will be one sided per se, but I think Code being limiter-less will be rather lackluster and not live up to the hype