Yes... It depends on how well it will be animated...


True, Kawaki vs Garou was emotionally insignificant yet it tops every fight besides Fuzed Momoshiki vs NaruSasu and BB because it had great animation and the best art style in any boruto episode


Not this fight alone but the arc it’s in will be a sure fire hit. It’s non stop action with flashy powers and abilities. The only backlash that will transpire will be Naruto’s perceived passivity. But when this arc is animated the Boruto anime is gonna get a lot of positive attention.


Hopefully they add in a small fight between sage naruto and code then code takes shikamaru hostage


It’s funny cause every hates on boruto for Naruto being too much of a MC in “Boruto”, but they’ll probably be complaining about him being sidelined once this arc airs lol


Rly? I always heard everyone complaining about the exact opposite... naruto not living up to what his powers can do.


They complain about that too lol. It’s “boruto sucks it’s just about naruto and Sasuke all the time anyway. They carry the whole show” and then 20 minutes later you’ll see “Naruto and Sasuke are nerfed so hard this show sucks why aren’t they still protected by plot armor blah blah blah”


I hope they keep it the same and save Naruto Sage mode for a later fight that hasn’t even happened in the manga this arc has done a good job of Featuring Boruto and Kawaki and a splash of team 7 in chapter 58,69. If they change the first major fight of this arc to add Naruto fighting we will hear the same arguments about old gen carrying the anime especially if it’s better animated.


>Naruto's perceived passivity You might have a point because Naruto was utilized about as well as Himawari in the manga (existing in a scene to make others upset) but considering what happened, narratively it's fairly justified. Can't help but feel bad for him at that moment.


Hopefully this will be like the first Naruto and sasuke valley fight. That fight is forever timeless and underrated.


Lee vs Gaara is best fight of Naruto and Naruto vs Sasuke is the best fight of Naruto: Shippuden. This fight will surely be the best fight of Boruto.


Obito vs Kakashi is probably the best shippuden fight imo.


In my opinion the best fights in Naruto part 1 and Shippuden is Naruto vs Sasuke (both of them). Second best fights in my opinion are Lee vs Gaara and Kakashi vs Obito.


Honestly I think a lot of the popular Naruto fights are a LITTLE overrated. I’d put Sasuke vs. Itachi and Sasuke vs. Deidara way above a lot of fights. For part 1, Naruto vs. Sasuke on the hospital rooftop is one of the most underrated fights they had and it felt genuine, no crazy hax power-ups, that was both of them in base with no influence from Kurama/Curse Mark. I also really like Naruto vs. Neji just for now much it developed both characters. Naruto and Gamabunta vs. Gaara and the Shukaku is also a GOATed fight.


Naruto vs Sasuke in part 1 is my favorite fight in this series. When he hit Sasuke with that combo I was like DAAAMN. It felt so good after Sasuke kept calling him a loser 😭


That moment when Naruto remakes the mountain in Sasuke's image lol


It’s top 3 no doubt but many forget Obito let Kakashi stab him in the heart to remove the seal, that is one thing that separates it from the final valley we’re even tho Naruto held back he didn’t completely let off the gas and gamble his life.


I really like Sasuke vs Orochimaru in the forest during chunnin exam, too. Even though it was short


hmm i someway agree to this statement.


Time skip yet bro




wdym by overrated?


It all depends on the budget Pierrot has available for it.




>It all depends on the budget Pierrot has available for it. don't think money is an issue. They must be making that fat paycheck from naruto.


They definetleu gonna under their budget on this fight studio periot isn’t dumb, when there is manga canon theirs always atleast 3 god tier animated fights in one arc


Sure, plus Boruto's death, this chapter would have a lot of hype if it is animated well.


It can go both ways when I read the manga is always enjoyed Koji vs Jigen the most but the anime adaptation didnt do the fight justice


If we’re speaking in terms of Boruto. I personally don’t think any fight surpassed momo vs naruto and sasuke


I think Boruto Vs Kawaki might be the best animated fight in naruto/boruto history. They HAVE to go all out.


Naa we have a big fight coming i think that will surpass it


Jigen k2 vs narusas is better than baryon vs isshiki i think its hard to top


they have been saving up money for this fight and now the others are stuck in 30fps


It should


It really depends but I highly doubt it. 189 still stands as the best animated fight in Boruto and that was a sort of one of because it was Kawaki's debut.


I don't think this fight will remain the best just because it was Kawakis debut.lol.


That's not what i meant. I mean they decided to do that level of animation and sakuga because it was Kawaki's debut. The fight isn't the best because of it being Kawaki's debut but because of the animation. And the animation was so good because it was Kawaki's debut


I highly doubt studio periot won’t go ham on this arc they always go ham on manga canon fights only disappointing fight was jigen vs koji and if U noticed all manga canon we got one top s++ tier fight naruto and sasuke vs momoshiki, then kawaki arc we got naruto and sasuke vs jigen kawaki vs garou and baryon mode


Ah ok.thx for clearing it up.lol.


They always animate the climax of each arc very well. I don't know if it will get ep. 189/217 treatment, but at the very least it's going to look good as hell.


I agree with @Ordinary_Capital the kawaki fight was tense but newer fights are kinda okay.


the arc as a whole has huge potential tbh


This arc would surpassed the previous arcs


Are talking about the fight in this image or in the timeskip


Yes they better have a big budget for the arc. I want the fight to be like 10 episodes at the least


Not yet!!! If you'll think about it , this fight parallels part I final valley fight ( first time they went all out with an amp) . Yet it's already being considered as one of the greatest clashes in the verse. Just think about what their final fight would look like.


I don't think so. Tbh, I don't care much either. This arc kinda ruined Boruto for me. Btw, that clash doesn't have sense. Kawaki had absorbed a Rasengan like 3 pages before, why didn't he absorb that one too? Or he could have shrinked it with Sukunahikona. That scene is pure fanservice, it exists just so fans can say "omg! It's like Naruto vs Sasuke!"


Not likely


No lol


Wait cant Kawaki just shrink his rasengan??


good question don't know why this is being downvoted.


Lol I haven't even realized, it was a genuine question lol


True. Same thing with Isshiki when Naruto did that rasengan.


Previous fights as in all the way back to Naruto? Then no. Previous fights as in the ones in Boruto? Probably still no.


Nah. Naruto and sasuke vs momoshiki >


I fockin' hope it's getting fantastic animation!




depends on the staff working on it. If Yamashita-san directed it and did the board it would be purely badass but I think it would be better if he did Boruto and code fighting since he's really good at making character introductions. Chengxi Huang, I doubt he's gonna direct another episode for a while seeing as he's working on his own movie but he might do some cuts with Jay1. Nozomi FUKUI the guy who directed and storyboarded Baryon Mode seems like the most likely choice to me. Though imagine if Norio Matsumoto was the lead animator that would be sick.


What fight? Borushiki running for his life you mean?


No rofl


it does, but it is kinda short imo. it's more like a clash between the 2 than a full 1v1 fight


Kawaki's hand is very much like CM Sasuke's


This episode better have the quality of episode 189 and the emotional impact of 218 (Kurama's death). Especially if they play a Shippuden Ost like "Darkness" or Sadness and Sorrow


Not Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki. But I see it surpassing the other ones


Depends how much is in the budget


I think the actual Boruto vs Kawaki fight after the time skip is more likely to surpass previous fights


No. Not even in boruto , Naruto , sasuke , boruto vs lord momo-cha>>>>>> every other fight.


go to sleep.


No, am I the only one who thinks this is very minor, or at least not that big a deal. Only thing that happened was borutos otsutsukification has stopped and they kinda skimmed over that in the manga. This current arc or story so far has been very lacking imo, monthly manga doesn’t help either and the fact that when kishimoto came on board the started DRAGGING out every moment in the manga doesn’t help either, I need something to happen and it better happen next chapter with these limiters being removed. I’m tired of cliffhangers and these lazy numbs spending 30 days to make the worst new gen manga and for it to only be 40 pages. Damn, just thinking about the current state of the manga makes me angry. I gotta do something else.


Everything has the potential to surpass the awful style of the previous fights, last good fight was kawaki vs garou


What? Naruto and Sasuke vs Jigen, Team 7 vs Boro, Borushiki vs Boro, Boruto vs Ao, ep 215,216,217 and 218 were all really good.


Good but not great as kawaki vs garou


Sarada vs Chocho clear