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Blame end of Shippuden for starting that.


End of shippuden had the perfect opportunity to reset power scaling. Naruto and Sasuke lost one hand, their seal and the tailed beasts wanted to roam free. And momoshiki died for real in the boruto movie. It's clear they wanted to do something with scientific ninja tools for the boruto series. I mean the tools which allow to store a jutsu and use them like loaded guns. Now when we talk about them, it means an android or some stupid modified stuffs like eida /daemon. They just chose the cheapest route to power up boruto.


Boruto could have reset the power scaling by being 100 years later


The power scale at the end of shippuden was clearly laid out, you can say you don’t like the power ups but the power scale itself was always fine throughout naruto


bruh wht, before the War arc, every fight was strategical, but during the war arc it just went to who had the more tailed beasts, and mf's throwing nukes left and right. I was done with the power scaling in the franchise the second Naruto spawned a whole new sharingan lmao.


Pain vs Naruto was strategical? Or Naruto vs Orochimaru. I agree that the war arc power cliffed, but Naruto outdamaged his opponents constantly when Kurama took over.


At least bring some argument...


Practice what you preach




Bring some evidence as to why it isn't shit perhaps


I'm not the one making any claims here. The burden of proof is on OP.


Well I mean he did say "change his mind" meaning it is obviously a opinion.


I actually sorted by new.




Naruto loses Kurama and Sasuke loses Rinnegan. Writers: maybe we could take this as an opportunity to reduce the power scale... or maybe not 🤭


Blame the War Arc in Shippuden for the downward spiral of scaling, it went from "pure strategy and creativity" to "who could dish out the stronger nuke."


I mean yeah but it became worse at boruto


Here we go again.


Blame then end of shippunden for that


I think we all know this already.


Been shit, treat boruto like a fun action series and leave your brain at home . In terms of power scaling and things making sense


Give me a few examples and I'll explain why the powerscaling isn't bad.


why does boruto exchange a few hits with fused momoshiki when he's simply just a 12 yr old talented kid


Awwww jougan?


This is the excuse i used to go with aswell when defending the powerscaling but still doesnt make sense + jougan isn't even shown in the manga


>jougan isn't even shown in the manga I think thats why they gave the jougan in the momoshiki fight in the anime to fix that problem in the manga We have seen them fixing many kinds of manga plot holes


But Boruto never swapped blows with Momoshiki in the manga. That was an anime only thing.


Boruto stabbed momoshiki rinnegan in the manga and in the anime they changed it to sasuke


The manga just followed the Movie, while the anime had Momo failing to react to a Boruto stream and Boruto reacting to and countering his attacks.


There are two different scenarios that take place(in the manga and in the anime). In the anime, Sasuke sets him up perfectly and takes out Momo's absorbtion and then Boruto dodges one strike from a surprised Momo because he was using the jougan which we have no info about. So you can't say Base Boruto was keeping up with fused Momo, for all we know, the jougan could've heavily amped Boruto. In the manga, Sasuke sets him up perfect again, and Boruto tries to punch Momoshiki and he actually blocks that punch, and then Boruto proceeds to pull back his hand while scraping Momoshiki's rinnegan(on his hand) in the process, all while his other hand is occupied by that chakra orb thing. So Boruto isn't keeping up with Momo, he was just being sneaky.


How does Gaara (in the manga) block fused momoshiki's punch? Not that Gaara's weak but how is he hanging with fused momoshiki?


Momoshiki isn't trying. His personality also ties into this, why he try his utmost against an inferior being? And this is further supported by Naruto needing to go into KCM 2 SPSM to block one of Momo's punches(meaning a snowball effect was taking place during their brief exchange) but Gaara reacted to it in Base. So either Gaara has KCM 2 SPSM Naruto levels of reaction speed or Momo simply isn't trying.


the kage decently matching kinshiki and momoshiki and base naruto at half power reacting to and blocking attacks from fused momoshiki


Kage are not fodder, I don't know why everyone can't swallow the idea that they just got stronger. Also didn't match Momoshiki completely, only speed. It doesn't mean Darui or Gaara hit as hard as him or can even react as fast as him. Fused Momo isn't trying against an "inferior being" and also doesn't want to kill Naruto because he has the kyuubi inside him.


How tf was darui keeping up with Someone "Stronger than Kaguya"


Darui only "kept up" with Momoshiki in terms of speed. Minato kept up with 8th Gate Guy and Juubidara in terms of speed but that doesn't mean he is as strong as either of them.


> Darui only "kept up" with Momoshiki in terms of speed. And strength and close combat. Even Momoshiki's jutsu spam didn't hurt any of the kages. > but that doesn't mean he is as strong as either of them. Yes it does, because there isn't anything else Momoshiki can bring to the table.


Sasuke always runs out of chakra


Actually in the manga he doesn't. Whenever he says that in the anime, he's already used his dimension portals which he says takes up alot of chakra.


They won’t


That's what happens when you want to turn your series into a DBZ clone without having the basics like DBZ. I don't care. But I always find the debates amusing.


tbh the power scaling went to shit during the War arc, Boruto just continued it lol


It has some inconsistencies but its not as bad as people make it out to be Also i hate posts like yours. Not the opinion part but adding no value or context for your statement. it just reads "x is shit because i said so" and circlejerk of the fandom agreeing for whatever reason


Kage keeping up with an otsutsuki wtf


Boruto power scaling is indeed trash


Knew this from sos


So is your argument Now everyone sort by controversial.


Yes it is but since mid naruto shippuden. It didn’t started in boruto, lol