code doesnt want the only person he can beat to die


turns out bug is stronger than jigen


Bug is secretly an Aburame clan member


DAMN!!! This burned more than Kashin Koji lighting up Jigen.


Because 1. He don’t want to be alone and want at least one ally to do scout work for him. 2. Bug knows a shit ton about cyborgs so might be helpful against the invincible duo and might help him push his sorry ass to somewhat powerful stage.


I think it is more like; 1. Code is a follower, not a leader. He didn't try to take the reins after Isshiki's defeat, and went straight into another master-servant relationship, which he got ditched from. Not saying that he views Bug as a master, but rather, I think that just means Code dislikes being alone and feels lost trying to helm the boat himself. 2. He is distressed. The guy couldn't keep his mind together at the end, narrowing everything down to "Kawaki". He likely saved bug in the spur of the moment, perhaps as a lingering subconscious feeling of not wanting to be completely alone in his endevour. Keep in mind, at the moment, it is sort of the world vs Code, so allies are hard to come by--and again from point 1, Code likely feels uncomfortable resolving everything alone. EDIT: Bonus point; lack of confidence. This just plays into the points above, but simply put, Code got his confidence from gaining Isshiki's approval. With Isshiki gone, his life has been narrowed down to simply fulfilling this quest. Power was supposed to be the one thing to put him on the "right path" towards that, but having it immediately blow up in his face has likely hurt his confidence enough to question everything--of why he is a failure and so on. This is a really convoluted way of saying, he brought Bug along because he sought approval from someone. Having been rejected by Eida and failed Isshiki's objective, the slight moment of Bug giving Code guidance likely carved that approval-figure into Code's mind.


FINALLY SOMEONE IN THIS SUB WHO ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS CODES CHARACTER i think if the white karma theory becomes true, code would be at the point of ending himself. he has been trying to carry on the will of someone who isn't even his god and all he did was do the dirty work of the person who orchestrated his gods death.


1. More than a master servant, code is like a worshiper to a god to the point of fanaticism. So him wanting to be in a master servant relationship to eida goes against his religion (ishiki). He freed her just to use senrigan. 2. For him blaming all on kawaki is i think is due to the effect of Eida jutsu/quirk so he can’t blame her or resent her for blue balling him. So he unintentionally blaming all to kawaki, maybe we’ll see him obliterate Eida when he escapes her charm. It’s all just theory maybe he really loves Eida (I personally don’t think so he only loves ishiki).


Because he helped Code during the fight


To get more intel on the cyborg siblings' weaknesses


This is exactly what i assumed, Bug was the one that mentioned the thing about the palms touching but then again Code may had genuinely tried to save him cuz the siblings would had possibly killed him for leaking intel on them. I think its both of these reasons


I assume he saw it as returning the favor. Kishimoto is keeping Bug alive because having Code exposit to someone else makes more sense than taking to himself.


I think it’s because he has intel


he needs him, obviously, not because he likes him.


Bug isn’t relevant enough to be killed


Bug: I see this as an absolute win!


Im new to this shit what is bug


A man far stronger than Isshiki, Naruto, Sasuke, and Code combined.


The old man shown in the the thread.


I think its genuine gratitude of helping him out since if he left him there daemon would take care of him Also hes pretty knowledgable maybe he thinks he can get something out of him


It seems he has a lot of intel regarding the cyborgs and even Amado. He was the first one to say Amado’s surname in the manga


I think code thinks that bug might have some more hidden information about the cyborgs. Just like bug knew about daemon power's catch but didn't mention it.


1. He didn't want to be alone after being discarded by everyone. 2. He saved him because he seems like he knows a lot about the siblings' abilities and things he shouldn't know.


Wym ? He’s the otutsuki god


First he helped him second he have some useful information about Cyborgs and Eida and Deamon Weekneses


Unrelated to this, but when I saw some people calling him “bug” at first, i thought it was just the nickname the fandom gave him because he’s nothing but fodder


probably because he helped him and because he knows stuff about cyborgs / eida-daemon


He has a lot of intel and he warned him about daemon's ability


Because he wanted to rescue him. That’s what he said.


bug is a completely harmless source of info, plus he prob felt kinda bad for him lol


prob gratitude cause he helped him during the fight by telling him daemon's weakness and/or to get more intel on eida and daemon


Bug Supremacy


Code and jigen aren’t necessarily evil. They just want to achieve their goals. So if somebody can help them or has helped them they don’t mind returning the favor. That’s why jigen was going to reward all the Kara members with whatever they were wanted, and why he didn’t like kill those jonin in the village when they didn’t know where kawaki was.


Well.. if he could show Code where eida and her brother were, there’s probably a couple other things he can show code


I believe bug either knows more information about eida and daemon or knows the location of the other scrapped cyborgs


bugs about to introduce us to a grip of new cyborgsssss - robot akatsuki time


Cuz he just got completely wrecked and he has no lackey’s


Hellooooo.. he needs bug to awaken the other hidden cyborgs! Create the new Kara or w/e it will be called ;) like akatsuki.


Probably put of gratitude for him telling him of Daemons abilities. He most likely has other intentions that benefit him as well.


Probably because he told him the palm trick to deamon


Intel on the cyborgs.


Probably Code is not as evil as it seems so therefore he wants his only companion next to him. That or either he’s really damn evil and just wants him for further information about Daemon and Eida or something.


Intel and potential ally. Code clearly has a lot of work to do, but he seems capable of achieving his goals despite his other failings.


Porque quería un enano como los del Memo Aponte


Plot device to help him get more cyborg allies


Because he's a terrible villians with cool abilities and really bad ideas.


Bad writing.