Meeting people is even worse. Finding a partner seem impossible for those who are working from home.


I'm not working from home and it's still hard to meet people.


Agree I haven’t really been on any nights out or out much at all since covid. Due to covid restrictions on top of the usual growing apart I feel as though people my age (18) are so isolated from each other. Personally I feel like covid really messed up my confidence in just talking to people in so many social situations.


Man, I'm 36 and my heart goes out to the younger generations. Not gonna sugar It, you guys have things that I couldn't even dream of stacked against you. In my twenties, Facebook and social media were optional. Now, a digital presence is just as, if not more, important to your personal/professional life. The only words I can give you (speaking as someone who entered the job market smack in the middle of the 2007 crash) is that the economy/job market are more like the ocean than anything else: The tide rises, the tide receeds. Life will be good again!


Personally, aside from Reddit and other anonymous media, as well as private message applications and entertainment media, I’m not active in social media, so I don’t believe it essential. There’s still email and direct cellular contacting, so not essential for employment, which may vary on what field one is in. -younger generation, here!


Yeah I'm almost 22 now, working full time and still don't make enough to move out of my dad's house


I'll be graduating soon but I hope I can at least rent a room. How much do you earn and what's the cost of rent over there?


Not just US. Rest of the world too. I don't know how to socialise anymore. Can't meet my friends. Job is fine but the pay is sad af. How do we cope I have no clue!?!


Every Generation has issues they have to deal with all throughout time. I'm 24M which means 100 years ago I would've forced to fight WW1 and be a veteran and that's if I'm not apart of the 11.5% of the people who died.


I mean, it’s that way regardless of age, unfortunately, but it doesn’t make it suck less for you.


You guys have indeed gotten screwed. I’d suggest trade school - unless someone else is paying for your college. Do not get saddled with student loan debt!! I dated a young guy about 23 years old who had recently graduated college and was 53k in debt for it. Barely making ends meet, living with roommates- 53k dollars in the hole. Don’t be that guy