Ben Needham case.

Ben Needham case.


In July 2017, South Yorkshire Police announced that traces of blood were found on a fragment of a sandal, as well as on soil from inside a toy car, both items believed to belong to Ben. The head of the British soil forensics group, Professor Lorna Dawson, said her team discovered a genetic "profile indicative of human blood decomposition" on the piece of sandal and that the next step is to extract DNA from the fragment to determine whom the blood belongs to. According to Inspector Jon Cousins, these findings further strengthen the theory according to which Ben was killed the day he disappeared and is buried in Kos. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-40684276


Didn't they 99% solve it, short of actually finding the body, a couple years ago? A deathbed confession from a builder that he was run over by a digger in a tragic accident, and they found a fragment of a toy car he had on him in the place where he said the remains are dumped to corroborate it?


Yes, I thought so also.


Sadly I don't think he's alive. There have been so many articles like this over the years. I don't think people claiming to have "seen Ben" or the tabloids should keep giving him poor mum false hope. Most of the "sightings" boil down to seeing a blonde, English speaking boy at some point which is a silly indication that someone is Ben.


Whole thing is really sad. Poor woman. I think it’s a case where an answer is needed.