favorite movie tropes

favorite movie tropes


A villain's henchman sees the heroes wrecking havoc on all the other henchmen, says "screw that, I quit!" drops his gun and just books it Alternatively, someone is just so adept at fighting that they can goof off and go about their day while demonstrably handing everyone their asses


Undercover Blues for an older movie that fits that second example.


Some Jackie Chan stuff too, especially the animated series


"i never liked working here anyways. These Guys are weird"


Iron man 3 was so good


For the second one, oh boy [do I have the video for you](https://youtu.be/xyp2-Ol6MD8)


Two people moving a pane of glass where a chase scene is happening


Did you see the Mythbusters episode where they did this?


Do you remember the name of the experiment?


I think the episode was called Hollywood Car Crash Clichés.


Two characters independently come up with the same stupid idea/say the same stupid thing (ex: Did you set it to wumbo?).


Strange minds think alike is a good trope to make characters look from the same family


*Image Transcription: Tumblr Replies* --- >**inspectorwired** > >movie tropes that will never get old to me: > >- a thing that happens + two people exchanging money in the back > >- fourth wall breaking > >-"give up all your weapons" and that one guy that spends the entire evening taking his weights worth out his pockets > >- \*a terribly loud crash\* meowing/ car sirens heard offscreen > >- alternatively: a terribly loud crash and one of the characters going "oops" in the most casual voice > >- "fuck you" "well if you insist" --- >**nerdgasrnz** > >[*Begin underline*] #alternatively alternatively: \*terribly loud crash w/ sirens and cat screeching\*#person: \*off camera\* 'I'M OKAY' [*End underline*] (via @zenlida) --- >**wearevengeancenow** > >character being all "you expect me to do X?" Gilligan Cut to character doing X --- >**susiephone** > >- the squad gets captured and interrogated separately, and they're all telling equally terrible, completely contradictory lies > >- people completely missing the completely unsubtle, very visible dangerous thing in the room with them > >- alternatively, people absolutely seeing the completely unsubtle, very dangerous thing in the room with them and just not giving a shit > >- bonus points if it's a beleaguered minimum wage employee who just goes about their business like "yep same shit as always" > >- someone pretending they don't know another character is eavesdropping, only to casually reveal at the end of the scene that they know (\*leaving\* "tell tom that he can come out now" \*tom drops from the ceiling in spy gear, irritated\*) > >- choosing to deal with the villain by just leaving them alone in a room with another character > >- the "hands go down" trope > >- example: "any questions?" \*everyone's hands go up\* "...that AREN'T sarcastic?" \*everyone's hands go down\* --- >**scanlan** > >how could y'all forget "ACT NATURAL!" --- >**librarian-amy** > >[*Screenshot from Twitter**] > >>**Mallory Ortberg**, @mallelis >> >>I'm a simple woman, with simple tastes. If a movie features a lucky pilot shouting "we've got company" when enemies attack, I will watch it >> >>**Mallory Ortberg**, @mallelis >> >>FICTIONAL ACE: we've got company >> >>ME, chortling like a baron: oho but these are not guests but unwelcome enemies, DELIGHTFUL, this pleases us > >[*End Twitter*] --- >**derinthemadscientist** > >These are all great but let's not forget two characters giving extremely biased flashbacks to the same event that each paint the other as an incompetent loon --- >**stunt-muppet** > >i would like to respectfully add: scenes where a character walks into a room, sees something scary, and turns around and walks out with no reaction or change of expression --- >**scaliefox** > >Bonus points if he DOES react, but it's to close the door and tell his buddy "it's for you." --- >**brieflyshypuppy** > >- Intentionally getting wrong easy-to-pronounce names ("It's Sean, isn't it?" "Dude. It's John.") > >- That one character who is like actively dying but insists they've had worse and wants to keep fighting > >- Knocking down a big group of opponents with a bowling ball sound effect > >- Convenient book titles ("Plot-Related Thing for Dummies") --- >**bpd-disaster** > >Characters giving a flashback and voicing all the characters themselves --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Truly amazing human


Very dedicated human!


Characters who are in danger so many times that they get bored of it and stop being scared (Like when Megamind kidnaps Roxanne and she barely even reacts to all the death traps he keeps showing off) When a character fights another and is completely confident they’ll win, but then they get stomped in like a second. The [Casanova wannabe](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CasanovaWannabe), aka when a character constantly tries to score with other people, even though they never succeed. Characters using supernatural and/or fantastical abilities for the most mundane things, like summoning a demon just so they’ll have someone to talk to.


> When a character fights another and is completely confident they’ll win, but then they get stomped in like a second. I loved when Balls of Fury made you think this was going to happen with the ping pong match against the little girl, then she gets her ass kicked.


>"give up all your weapons" and that one guy that spends the entire evening taking his weights worth out his pockets Inevitably followed by a knowing look and "*all* of them", followed by them removing one final weapon. Usually a small one in their boot, but bonus points if it's huge.


Just reminds of me of that one beginning scene in PoTC:At World's End where Elizabeth was asked to do this and that exact thing happened with a giant gun she pulled out of who knows where.


you know where


And then just as they are finished, the rest of the group comes running and shouting "we have to get out NOW!"


The Animated Sinbad movie was great.


Exactly what I was thinking!




There is a Leverage episode where the group is taking turns telling a story about how they each stole the same dagger, it is one of my favorites.


The Rashomon Job! (Season 3, ep 11? I think?) My favorite part is how they all give progressively worse accents to Sophie. 🤣 "Ahloe ahloe what's all this then?" "ACHK! THERRE'S SCHRREMP EN THIS!" "AHHEH, wheeheya as ver wonw'ring fff yuh cou' m-yeah wif mai dingaling."


Definitely one of the best parts


Just watched that episode yesterday. It's fuckin' hilarious


Leverage is a great show and I am very happy about the revival!


Tbf Séan *is* the gaelicised version of John, they were pretty much right


Luis's flashback scenes in both movies are brilliant and I love them


mcu 5-minute summary by luis w h e n


Holy shit I N e e d it


don't we all


I saw a meme once that said Disney has ,,Luis recaps the MCU up until Endgame" on DVD but they hid it in the Headquarters


An offshoot of “character walks in, sees something scary and turns around with no other reaction”: Character opens door into room with monsters or something, immediately gets an “oh shit” look on their face, and closes door.


I'll just leave this here https://tvtropes.org/ Have fun for the next few hours


Few hours? Try few months. That place is a complete rabbithole


Aw hell no! I have plans this week!


that one jake and amir episode thats entirely a flashback meant to make every character look stupid is the reason i occasionally write 'so i walk in, like a hero or whatever' into flashback scenes


Thoughts on: Huge fight with a lot of cartoon-y sound effects and character gets out of it long enough to ask for help before getting dragged back in Can include: dragged character scraping their nails into the floor, uninterested other party watching as the dragged character gets pulled back into the fray


Meshes *perfectly* with sims-style "fights are just a cloud of dust from which limbs and chaotic sound emanate". Like peanut butter and jelly.


"what's your name again? Joe?" "Jeff." "That's nice, now as I was saying, John..."


Additionally, having characters having a casual conversation while doing something extremely dangerous like in combat or disarming a bomb. Also, anytime a character just watches as someone else falls from somewhere or gets slapped to the wall or something and just casually remarks something like 'told you so' or 'you're an idiot for even trying that' Also also, a character avoiding a confrontation or situation by doing something extremely stupid to escape, such as Peter Parker throwing his suit out the window when someone is about to walk in or Scott Pilgrim clearly jumping out a window to avoid that girl while his friend pretends nothing is wrong


**CRASH** “He just left.” I mean he technically did.


Sinbad has a good chunk of these


Deadpool has some of these


Freshly super powered person is accosted by a mugger who is about to have a *really* bad day.


There’s a moment of this in The Flash, and the way they do it is great. In the episode Blackout, Barry is starting his day by using his speed to do things like give everyone their coffees and other menial things. A few seconds later he gets held up at gunpoint by a mugger who demands that Barry give him his money and valuables, only for Barry to crack a massive smile and begin laughing. The mugger looks confused, while Barry starts saying things like “I can’t believe this is happening” and “Are you sure about this?” The guy starts getting angry, only for Barry to shrug, run off, and come back with a cop who finds the mugger with his pants pulled down and his gun gone. It’s great


“If this was the olympics of bad luck, buddy you didn’t just medal, you Michael Phelpsed.”


"They wouldn't possibly think of doing something that stupid right?" *Cut to them doing exactly the something that stupid*


I love it when one character's like "You really think X is going to do that?" Cut to that person doing the thing while the first person looks on in disappointment. Example Villain: I'm not after you, you're just the bait. I'm after your partner Person A: Ha! You really think that'll work? They're too smart to walk into such an obvious tra- Person B, busting through the door: Alright, hands where I can see them!


"it's for you" got me *good* and I can't explain why


"What do you expect me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?!"


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. All of these yes.


The second to last trope was best used when Community had a song on a jukebox titled "Open the Door" by The Secret Doors


That thing Edgar Wright does where a thing is repeated several times/referenced several times (e.g. “you’ve got red on you” in Shaun of the Dead, the gag throughout the Cornetto Trilogy where someone tries to jump a fence and it breaks)


Power Rangers: SPD had an amazing episode where each member of B-Squad is giving an after-action report, but all twisted to make themselves the hero. I can’t remember what happens at the end but I remember it being one of my favourite episodes.


I do! >!It turns out that Bridge was completely accurate in his description of events. People believe it was this moment that actually eventually gets him promoted to Red Ranger for the reunion episode in Operation Overdrive.!<


Aww that’s sick. I never knew that.






> • people completely missing the completely unsubtle, very visible dangerous thing in the room with them Can someone give me an example of this one or point me to a tvtropes page for it?


A very common one is Stan Lee cameos. He’ll often be seen in the foreground of a fight seen just going about his business completely oblivious to the absolute carnage behind him


[this probably counts](https://youtu.be/ta7aBk9pDzk?t=200)


as someone who relates to this post, I have ocs that do all of these things.


"Character X would never do such a thing!" \*cut to Character X doing such a thing*


Bonus points if it’s not a cut, but instead the person walking into the room/a door opening revealing the person doing said thing


I don't get the first one


They placed a bet, probably on whether/how quickly one of the foreground characters would do something stupid but characteristic


I understand


Leslie Nielsen: the movie.


Record Scratch Freeze Frame is one of my favorite movie tropes


H.. how is this Discourse™?


My favorite is a bunch of people crammed into a confined space, like in A Night at the Opera. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PFu0KyrNAAA


I love these tropes, but I am lacking in examples


Literally all of these happen in Archer


What about ‘character who’s normally grossly incompetent ends up being really good at one specific thing at a convenient moment’.


So, Supernatural.


"tom drops from the ceiling in spy gear" I just imagine that happening Gibby style, no fancy ropes or anything, he just falls 12 feet


Borderlands. Everything here is 100% Borderlands.


We all know that the last one is Michael Peña.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-I6xvvtxsU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-I6xvvtxsU) ​ Stunt-muppet's trope, surprisingly happening outside.


All of these describe Scooby-Doo.


What's the tvtropes page for the interrogated and giving contradictory stories?


When a crazy event happens in front of a dude with alcohol, and he just sighs and pours the whole bottle down the sewer


They’re just describing Ryan Reynolds movie tropes and I love it.