Fantasy and the past

Fantasy and the past


the writer/developer/whatever confirm that jeff, indeed did just want some soup


Jeff, starving at a Foward Base: "How many fucks do i have to kill in order to get some soup?" Sergeant.: Well, actually...


*Image Transcription: Tumblr Post* --- > **charlesoberonn** > > People in badly written fantasy stories will usually talk about the major historical events of their world and how magic has affected the lives of everyone, but ask a person in the real world to describe the effects of WWI and the invention of the combustion engine on modern life and they'd probably couldn't tell you. --- > **bone-us-zone** > > Broke: every character seems to know everything about the history and lore of the world > > Woke: most characters can't tell you much besides the basics but there are some that can tell you more complete but specific parts > > H Y P E R W O K E: Every character tells you a wildly different version of the past and what effects it has on the present, ranging from the government is an imperialist, colonizing body obsessed with power to the one true ruler was sent by the gods and hos smote down who got in his way to "Oh you mean Jeff, the quote unquote tyrant of the west? I knew that guy! He was alright, never did anything wrong really just wanted some soup." And there's no way to tell what actually happened --- > **charlesoberonn** > > I like your thinking --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Good human, if I recall well


Are you questioning my humanness, good sir?


Sure, let's go with that one


That B option is basically how Destiny handles it's storytelling, except instead of it being a certain person with advanced understanding of the history and lore of the universe, it's scrounged from Post-It notes hidden on just about every gun, armor piece, and ghost shell in the game.


That kind of “datalog entry collection” style is honestly one of the best besides normal narrative background storytelling because of the challenges it presents in knowledge acquisition


I mean, it's great except it means sometimes story beats completely whiff if you haven't kept up on the last year's worth of plot cards.


I'm guessing you're a fan of FromSoftware?


Doesn’t ring any bells tbh


They them darksouls bloodborne people


Best thing for Hyperwoke is video games like Fallout New Vegas. A lot of the people you talk to have some comment on what’s going on but not many of them offer a complete picture. They still all present a realistic worldview


For books I’d recommend the Malazan series, at the start you really know fuck all about what’s going on since you’re following characters at the very bottom


elder scrolls is even cooler with it because sometimes contradictory things just fucking happen at the same time


the Warp in the West was a narrative masterpiece and I will not be taking constructive criticism on this point


oh definitely bethesda really wrote themselves into a corner and somehow made their way out of it with daggerfall


ABSOLUTELY BESPOKE: It looks like the broke option, but it turns out the cast are a bunch of conspiracy theorists "I swear, the Empire is secretly run by a Vampiric Deep Crown, Elf-Anon told me so!"


Actually Woke: at first it seems like the broke option, but you gradually realize that everyone has a grade school propaganda understanding of history except as it affects them specifically, so you get the in-universe versions of "Thanksgiving is when the ~~Indians~~ Native Americans and the Pilgrims decided to be friends, and then they gave them the entire country, y'know like a couple of pals", etc.


"The Fire Nation set out to share its gifts of industry with the world"


Oh my god, it's woke AND bespoke


Tbf people coulb probably word WW1 as dramatically as possible then skip over all the nuance.


Austria-Hungary and Serbia had a bit of dispute, so the world decide to just fucking kill everyone in increasingly horrible ways until one team cried uncle.


“Hey, guys, what if we made, like, one gigantic Europe-spanning military polycule? There is no way this arrangement can possible get supremely fucked up, because we’ve *famously* have been at peace for a looong time. Isn’t that right, France?” >”Napoleon did nothing wrong.” “Great! I’ll start making some telegraphs.”


>one gigantic Europe-spanning military polycule? TWO gigantic Europe-spanning military polycules, and everyone tries to date people from the other polycule, until someone from one polycule makes a move on the friend of someone from the other polycule and is *real* pushy about it


"Idk somebody killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and everyone lost their shit and killed each other. Unfortunately, Russia is cold so Germany surrendered. But America and Britain were like 'no, fuck you' and took all their money and stuff and eventually Hitler happened. Oh, and they fought in trenches and that sucked for everybody." "Oh....and who was Archduke Franz Ferdinand?" "He was...uh....the guy that got killed to start WWI."


Another thing to note is that the impact of major events aren't always immediately noticed by the people who experience them. The military can stage a coup and have things be business as usual for quite a few people.


I could see this happening in a mountain village where the first note of anything off is that the normally punctual tax collector is 2 months late. volunteers get to the larger plains town and everyone there is like "the Queen was killed in a coup 8 months ago, and theres a civil war been happening for like 5 months wth?" villagers: "what"


It doesn't even need to be anywhere isolated. Remember that video of the yoga instructor in Myanmar? For her, that was just a normal day, but in the background the military was preparing to overthrow the government.


Plot twist: Jeff the Tyrant's reign of terror technically did involve him wanting some soup but it was such a minor detail compared to all the horrible things that happened before and after


Jeff was sick and asked for a "wheat soup remedy", and by the time he got better it turned out his underlings heard "white supremacy" and started a genocide.


disco elysium does that a bit but not enough


Disco Elysium is good because it has specific characters who know a lot about the world for reasons that are explained in the story


Broke: broke/woke/hyperwoke Woke: tired/wired Bespoke: broke/woke/bespoke


Tired: broke/woke/hyperwoke Wired: broke/woke/bespoke 𝓘𝓷𝓼𝓹𝓲𝓻𝓮𝓭: tired/wired/inspired


Are you Jeff Vader?


Hyperwoke's just Elder Scrolls