Kitchen of the future 1950s

Kitchen of the future 1950s

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That cigarette pelican is straight out of The Flintstones. “It’s a living” womp womp.


I’m not a smoker, but isn’t that a waste of like a whole cigarette? That bothered me for some reason. (My frugalness is rearing up)


Yes it is. But back in the day, cigarettes weren’t “fire-safe.” Nowadays, if you don’t keep puffing on a cigarette, it will go out within a couple minutes. They did this about 15 years ago because people kept setting themselves on fire smoking in bed. Before then they just kept burning, which was a huge fire hazard. Also in the 50s cigarettes were a dime a pack.




You must mean combustion instead of combination. Spontaneous Human Combination just sounds like a one night stand.


You have killed me


No, that would be the combustion.


Listen, you might be like a few hours too late in the game to receive the unending stream of upvotes those before you received, but in this moment... right here, right now - I see you. And I thank you.


Maybe they're different where I am (au / nz), but cigarettes here will definitely continue burning by themselves. (Which was always a shame, because they cost about $1.50 each).


They're 30 Dollars a pack??😳 Edit: googled. 33NZ$ for a pack Marlboro's Oh-my-fucking-god Sydney 2021: 43$ Obviously that's calculated WITH the insurance for the burned- down house🤣🤣🤣


Looks like it just closes its beak around it to deprive it of oxygen and put it out, meaning you could just take it out and relight it whenever you like. Unless it shits it out into the trash. Edit: I got a tip for the peeps saying they taste bad when you relight them. That's mostly because you're sucking in all the carbon that's settled at the burned tip. Just wiggle the end of the cig until the charred tabacco falls out. But imho they taste like shit the first time you light them anyway ;)


Looks like it’s on a timer or something in case you forget while making fresh donuts or cleaning your kitchen with racist paper towels.


Yeah the cut to the paper towels really got me, like a lot of interesting stuff, then a quick reminder it's still the 50s.


Dude that was seriously jarring. It went from "mmm... donuts" to "OH MY GOD" real quick.


ngl, I want that donut maker


People where I live still have little statues with similar caricatures where I live.


What about where you live though?




I'm sorry.


"What's something future kitchens will have? A trash incinerator? An electric oven?" "I got it! A wooden cutout of a caricature of a southern black woman holding a paper towel roll!" "Of course! Genius, man, genius!"


How to have “the help” without pesky things like wages and time off. And if that didn’t get you, how about “the little woman” trying so hard to burn the tomatoes and the pot won’t let her…after “easily” filling it through that tiny spot on the side.


*No matter HOW hard she might try to burn them.* That's probably my favorite line from the video, excepting of course the racist paper towel holder.


“Make sure you write that one down! Lets refer to it as Southern hospitality! That way it seems charming and less racist.”


"Southern Hospitality" LMFAO.


“A place for everything and everything in its place” Edit: Thanks for the silver! I find it very interesting that people are wondering why is this a commentary on racism when nothing i wrote had anything remotely related to race… yet after watching the video this is the impression people got. This is how language and imagery works. This is how dog whistles work. This is how gaslighting works.


It heats up a spring that expands


Omg, yeah I wasn’t touching that one with ten foot pole.


I am a smoker. Yes this is a waste, but I'll light a cigarette and waste 3/4 all the time. Just get caught up in what I'm doing, and forget it's in the ashtray/between my fingers. This being the 50s I'm shocked she wasn't cooking with it hanging out of her mouth. Off topic I really want one of those pelican things.


The narrator said it had a built in thermostat. I’m guessing a coiled spring that expands to close the mouth once it gets warm enough. I believe this is before cigarettes had the chemicals to keep them from lighting beds on fire when people would smoke in bed and fall asleep.


I need that to hold my joints.


I totally want that centrifugal flywheel whisk




I think it's funny that homemade donuts were popular enough to get a dedicated system.


Something rapidly changed in the modern kitchen along the way. Even seasoned home chefs will forgo deep frying when possible. It's messy and annoying even if you're good at it.


And the whole house smells like oil after.


So I went to my boss’ house and their kitchen is a show kitchen. The actual kitchen where food gets cooked is in the garage.


Which one do they keep the racist paper towel holder in?


Office kitchen


No way those egg whites were whipped up to stiff peaks with a couple of pumps of that hand held mixer.


Sounds like you need some BOLD NEW SCIENCE in your cooketeria!


Get back in the cooketeria!


But that egg separator is actually a great idea!


It's still a real thing, and so is the spinning whisk.


We used one to froth milk til my dad used it's head it to mix paint


I know a guy who used his wifes dress making fabric scissors to cut up sheets of aluminium to fix their caravan. He no longer has his testicles.


Shit. If I knew anything as a child it was how to tell the difference between the scissors I was allowed to use, and my mom’s fabric scissors which were for that one thing and nothing else.


Housewives were kitchen engineers back then


Interesting true story! The person who invented the modern kitchen layout (the “kitchen triangle”) was a wife, mother, and engineer working in the 1920s. She started working on motion capture for industrial applications (attributed to her husband during their partnership), then worked on kitchen design after his death. Her name was [Lillian Gilbreth ](https://slate.com/human-interest/2012/10/lillian-gilbreths-kitchen-practical-how-it-reinvented-the-modern-kitchen.amp).


I think this was the original “ cheaper by the dozen “ family. The Gilbreths ‘ had 12 children.




It was indeed! The two books written by their kids are fantastic


We learnt about her in university! She and her husband created [therbligs,](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Therblig) which are motions used by workers that can serve as building blocks for optimizing work tasks by minimizing unneeded movements. Super interesting stuff


That’s really interesting! Can I ask how you happen to know this?


I fell down a Wikipedia hole once. It sounds like others may have learned about this in home ec, which didn’t exist for me.


Aha! The minute I read that name I thought of *"Cheaper By The Dozen"*, a book I loved in my youth. (She and her husband had 12 children, and some of the kids wrote that book about growing up in that family. Very funny read.)


So wait, in the past were small game birds really slip sloppin' around and landing in people's laps? Imagine the insanity!


Them: Look at all these fancy intricate cooking things! Us: Jesus christ that all looks hard to clean.


That’s the housewife’s job to do, and she’s just crackerjack at it!!!


“Shut up and get me a beer, Maude. Also, see if you can’t return that paper towel holder and get a more racist one somehow.”


Actually in the 1950s it’d be more like “shut up and fix me a Tom Collins, Maude!” These women were also mixologists.


1950s housewives had more versatility than a swiss army knife


Out-racisting the Mamie Towel Dispenser is the competition no one needs ever.


She can cook, clean and still bring her man his pipe with a smile. I swear it's a wonder that women weren't the first serial killers. Couldn't even open a bank account without the husband's permission and presence.


They had fairly easy access to amphetamines and barbiturates to help them through the day. Known as "Mommy's little helpers".


This fact is the seed for the idea in the book, “The Stepford Wives” and the movie based upon it. The idea of wives being replaced by robots was a satirical take on the stark reality of over-worked and under-appreciated wives being basically expected to swallow their feelings and take drugs to even out their moods so they can get back to being perfect, submissive wives and mothers. It was a time when the housewife was expected to make *themselves* into robots for the sake of their image.


Huh. I remember my Dad being an asshole about that book. He told my Mom, with 6 kids, that it meant she should work harder, because she could be replaced by a robot. Ha fucking ha.


And qualudes


They were the first addiction epidemic. We didn't talk about it, but a large number of middle class house wives were prescribed a variety of drugs (first opiates, then barbiturates, eventually benzos) for "nerves." Turns out humans aren't really meant for the traditional middle class housewife life, they need chemical help.


Chemical help seems to be a massive trend in the modern man. I’ve been in a few different lines of work and it seem a majority has some sort of coping Drug. Legal or not. Alot of people I knew in retail had an adderall prescription and would sell ‘extras’ to coworkers. In construction it seemed like nearly everyone had an opiate of some kind. Life sucks and people need help getting through it


I hear from folks who work in nursing homes that lots of the old women who are beginning to loose their bearings end up admitting to having killed their abusive husbands decades ago. Divorce was unavailable, but they had access to every bit of food he ever ate and could quietly arrange for some rat poison. Maybe "lots" is inaccurate, but I have heard quite a few stories of nursing home staff discovering that their sweet old lady charges were actually traumatized murderers.


Ya know, some guys just can't hold their arsenic


He had it coming all aloooonnnngg.


I used to work in home health and had a patient who was in the early stages of dementia. He was diabetic and anytime he saw his supplies, he'd give himself a shot. His wife conveniently began leaving syringes around the house in hopes he'd overdose himself.


So what happened?? Did she succeed? How did you even find out what she was up to?


Ya’know, there might be some (or a lot of) truth there. I’ve read lots of r/askreddit “family secrets” posts and there’s always been one or two “On her dead bed, my Nana told us she got rid of first husband…” or something similar.


I have a feeling that my grandmother killed my grandfather. He allegedly shot himself with a rifle while he was 'cleaning' it. My grandfather was abusive. My mom told me he would beat her and her brothers but she never said if he beat my grandmother. My mom said my grandfather started going around with other women when he and my grandmother stopped farming and my grandfather started painting. I have a letter my grandma wrote to my mother long long ago and was very sad. My grandma wanted to know where the love went. It broke my heart to read that letter. Anyway, my grandpa's death was ruled an accident. My grandmother wasn't taken to the station and questioned and no forensics was done. This was in the early 70's and in a small rural area in Alabama. My grandmother could have shot my grandpa with his own gun but on the other hand, she was very religious. When my mom visited my grandma in the nursing home she asked her mom if she shot her husband. My grandma said, "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't."


Maybe they were, but just never got found out or caught.


They got so good at perfectly cleaning all that complicated cookware, I wouldn’t be surprised if a bloody crime scene was a snap in comparison!


Well they had plenty of fucking paper towels!


Thanks to Mammy!


With a touch of southern hospitality!


Women learn from their mothers how to get blood out of clothes. They can do it with carpet too!


Not to mention that the detectives would’ve blown them off because “whAaaat?! A WOMAN murderer?! Don’t be ridiculous, we’re much smarter than they are, we’d have caught them by now! Noooo this devilish cleverness must be a MAN’s work!”


That pop up broiler looks really hard to clean.


It's actually not bad, my grandparents had basically that exact stove and my parents still use it. It's a great broiler.


Seems like a waste of space to have an entire cabinet dedicated to holding a dish towel and oven mitts.


Unlikely they would dry properly in there, and you could just use the racist paper towels anyway!


It’s a ventilated cabinet *for* drying towels… that was the point. It probably had a fan, or a draft powered by strategic use of waste heat.


Half this kitchen is an Instant Pot.


True, my Instant Pot often swallows my cigs


My instant pot is racist


Just don't let it talk to the kettle anymore and everything should calm down over there.


Remember this when people today try to tell you what’s coming in the next 50.years. No one knows.


Plot Twist: the Mammy Towel Holder makes its triumphant return.


With a touch of southern hospitality


I really want one, so my friends and family can never acknowledge it openly in conversation, and gradually stop coming to my house.




>and gradually stop coming to my house It doesn't even have to function well as a towel holder, because what you said here is a win in my book.


It's not a bug, it's a feature. The main feature actually.


Haha yeah we all know what the “southern hospitality” actually means


Ludacris concert?


It’s part of our kitchen heritage


Architecture Digest: this $700 mammy paper towel holder is the latest trend, see how well it ties together the kitchen in George Clooney's villa on Lake Como.


Idiocracy knew


Omg I was NOT expecting the “mammy holder” Edit: I appreciate all the awards, thank you


I’m surprised this wasn’t among the top reactions to this. It caught me way off guard! All the other items in the video are just somewhat interesting.


Same, I came to the comments section immediately. r/HolUp reaction from me.


When I saw it my eyes went wide and I was like “oh no”


“Southern hospitality” the narrator said


Ma paper towel heritage.


Racism was such a part of life, that sort of shit didn’t even register.


Oh it registered, it was just seen as charming.


When did home made doughnuts get left behind!?!?


During the health craze of the late 80s early 90s


My grandma would always make us doughnuts but the recipe would be for like 500, so we’d have a literal freezer full of doughnuts for months/years on end.


500?? Was she going off an army cookbook??


Now start with 100 pounds of flour....


Gearless Beater is a GREAT name for an industrial band


Spinning Balls being their smash single


Spinning Balls ©1955 Kitchen Innovations


That kitchen is bigger than my entire house




just sell one of those gigantic diamonds you're holding


My fat ass is gonna need that donut extruder and fryer.


At our farmers market (and I’m sure others) they have a food truck that makes donuts. It’s like a mini Krispy Kreme conveyor of deliciousness, they drop into the fryer, get flipped half way through and pop out the end into trays or buckets.


I love those machines— it's dinner and a show for the common man.


You'll have to wait for the future


My new vocabulary word: Cooketeria. That towel holder tho 😳


"Huh that's neat" "Oh wow pretty cool" "Hah" "Ooohhhh no....." "...." "Donuts"


Gadget, gadget, gadget, racist paper towel holder, gadget, gadget.


I guess we should just be glad the cigarette holder was a pelican and not a Sambo. Daaaaaaaaaaang


I fucking lost it at "Mammy"


What’s really cringey is that some ppl use to collect mammy decor in their kitchen. I’m sure you can Google all kinds of vintage mammy cookie jars and signs and bowls and whatnot. I remember reading an article about it a few years ago and some kitchens were completely decked out in it.


Stop trying to to make "Cooketeria" happen! It's not gonna happen! (Half the marketing team, probably)


“Burning foods is nearly impossible, as hard as the little woman may try.” YIKES.


"Even this stupid fucking woman can't burn the food!" The '50 were a shitshow regarding social issues. Racism, sexism...you name it.


Yeah baby in there like everyday is Thanksgiving and he gotta throw that shade


Did the majority of men before like 1980 have fucking Tourettes about saying demeaning shit to and about women? Could they fucking hear themselves? Just talk to them like they're *people*, not as if they're a puppy that got its head stuck in a can.


Haha she thinks she's people. Now back to the kitchen!


This comment sent me into a full blown laughing fit.


Actual kitchen of the future: That single corner of my counter that I put the doordash food on before handing it out to my housemates


A sink and a fridge with an air fryer is the kitchen of the future


The future kitchen is just filled with ultra specific tools... ...and a very racist towel holder.


"and a little bit of southern hospitality" lol I almost died there


I spit out my drink


Shit my pants


I too, shit your pants.


"...as hard as the little woman may try." is what got me.


"Even these stupid women can do it!"


I was scrolling for this comment like "I know these redditors not gone let that clown ass holder slide"


I was like, "To the comments!" I paused so quickly I almost didn't hear the "southern hospitality" remark. LOL and Ugh and woW all at once.


Is it futuristic bc she no longer needs the enslaved to hand her paper towels; they’ve innovated an object, stylized as a caricature, of “servants” from her not to distant past?


Nostalgic "good ol times" to the 1950s housewife


I was scrolling through the comments thinking "Are we just not talking about the towel holder..?"


I want the ashtray tho. I don’t even smoke anymore.


Same, it's majestic!


I’d leave a lit smoke in there just to watch it do it’s thing. The mammy paper towel holder I was NOT prepared for tho.


You mean you guys *don’t* have pelican ashtrays in your kitchen?


Serious question, do people still smoke inside their homes?


Kitchen of the future: complete with racist towel holder!


I was gonna ask , tf is that about lol


Southern hospitality of course


The way she smiles brightly while outstretching her arms to offer up a towel from her large paper towel holder is just full of the exaggerated swagger and southern hospitality of an old black woman


I was raised on TV in the 90's, and I was conditioned to believe that every black woman over 50 is a cosmic mentor.


From that era, every older black woman is some peerless sage ala Whoopi Goldberg in Star Trek TNG and Sesame Street. Teaching both the crew of the Enterprise and 4 year olds.




I delivered to a house today that had three similar figurines at their *front* door. One was even holding a watermelon. They were less than a block from a confederate/gadsden flag hybrid in a town with plenty of Trump merch on display still so it was hardly surprising.


I grew up in a house with a Mammy cookie jar on the kitchen counter. My mom painted her at some point in the 90s to make her white. I shit you not. Jesus. I had completely forgotten about that before seeing this post.


I can't figure out if painting it made it less racist or not.


We're gonna have to interview the mother to understand the intent. Was it, "this is a very racist caricature that must be erased!" Or was it, "I hate having this black woman in my kitchen!"


Don't rule out "I don't want people to *think* I'm racist" either.


For a serious answer, google "Aunt Jemima" and maybe add "towel holder". I think the company has changed their look not too long ago.


Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia - [Mammy caricature ](https://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/news/jimcrow/mammies/). Gallery of [images](https://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/news/jimcrow/mammies/more/mammy-image-gallery-01.htm)


OK wtf is this https://www.ferris.edu/_resources/ldpimages/.private_ldp/a50953/production/master/850b8d56-fdda-4dcc-9c6d-84b37133aedf.jpg


That's where it all went south


And don’t forget the condescending language used by the narrator. As much as the little woman tries!


A little cancer for the fam, a dash of racism and sprinkle of misogyny, bon appetit.


My friends mom had that racist ass paper towel holder.


Did you feel that Southern hospitality?


The sweet taste of peaches on your tongue. The shrill cry of a goldfinch whistling through the magnolia trees. The lingering smell of burning crosses on a crisp autumn’s evening. Oh, to be in the south.


Well alrighty then


Did it add a bit of southern hospitality to their home?


Her kitchen is so much bigger than mine. I loathe how things changed so drastically.


Ya, you can’t even fit two cars in a garage nowadays


This wasn’t typical at all. Most modern homes have open floor plans and huge kitchens as the center point for entertainment. Older homes tended to have smaller kitchens tucked away so no one could see the prep work or the mess.


It's not a kitchen; it's a TV set.


Wash your hands!!! Cigarette hands immediately into cracking eggs?? NO


One of mammys paper towels should do the trick


Those were some thick fuckin pork chops


I mean everything was actually pretty impressive...minus the racism/sexism. But I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t want that secret pork chop broiler


That was my favorite innovation. No longer having to yank the broiler tray out of the bottom of my stove would be a dream come true.


Except when the flying pig grease gets all over the sides of that little compartment, and then a week later you try and broil some fish and the whole thing catches on fire from week-old pork chop drippings. Way better to just have an oven that lets you move a rack to the top and broil in the main compartment.


Wouldn't need to worry about fire, due to the magical properties of Asbestos.


It’s really cool to see some of the ingenuity that got us to our standard kitchen setup today. Minus the paper towel holder. The old timey music and puns really make it for me haha. This must have been so cool to see and try out back in the day.


Wow ! A telephone in the kitchen !


"Never an idle moment all day long!" wouldn't want the house slave to find herself with a free moment to relax ;) ^(/s)


You can't let the women get a free moment, they might start thinking and wanting rights and shit


"Hey, this kitchen is actually kinda - ohhhhh no, the paper towel holder has blackface"


“It’s intent is to give the consumer a sense of accomplishment and southern hospitality”