Line of growth and stress

Line of growth and stress


Yeah, it's tough to sort out or know for sure how all the pieces work when we start mixing aspects like type, arrows, wings, subtype, Harmony patterns. What you described isn't inconsistent with theory per se, but I wouldn't describe it as your wing's motivations/fears taking over when you use your arrows. Instead, it's your core type, colored by your wing(s), that are your primary motivations and how you try to meet your needs (and yes, core Harmonic types 1, 3, 5 try to meet unmet needs via different takes on Competency). *So, when your core type, with the help of your wing, isn't meeting your needs, you also reach out to your arrow(s)* ... as you noted, it can be either arrow's good or bad traits - depending if it's done unconsciously, reacting, or consciously and presently. So a 4w5 primarily tries to meet needs with an ego/defense strategy of motivations/fear of type 4 (e.g. uniqueness/authenticity), with some motive coloring of a 5 wing (e.g. knowledge). *When that doesn't work, they seek out the 1 or 2 arrow traits ... but when they do, the driver isn't the motivation of the 5 wing*, but are strategies of 2 (being likeable) and 1 (correct/right). As you said ... I hope I'm making sense :) It's tricky to know exactly how these pieces all come into play together with individuals and circumstances, but I think this is the general theory.


Makes sense. Thanks for replying.