[Offer] Battlefield V on Origin

[Offer] Battlefield V on Origin


I haven't been able to play battlefield games (since the 2nd one in like 10 years or so) Since i sold all my consoles [Steam ID](https://discordbotlist.com/bots/wick) Thanks for the generosity OP


Cause I want to shoot some ~~Germans~~ Nazis! In multiplayer.


Edit: won another BF5 giveaway right now , so putting in this edit just so OP knows. I finally have the game so will withdraw from this giveaway. Cheers! ---- It's the only one I don't have and so haven't been able to play. With it my series is compete along with BF1. Cheers!


Thanks for the chance! I am really into FPS games and competitive ones giving us the adrenaline rush all time. I know this would satisfy the hunger of mine without any doubt. I wish I could try it out if given a chance! Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/iamtriston/


I have BF 3 ,4 and 1. I really enjoy this franchise


Been playing since 1942. Been excited to relive that WW2 action!


Never have played a Battle Field game but am really hype for 2042! Would like to get a intro into the game. Thanks for the giveaway!


To be honest I've already told this story on other giveaways, so I kinda feel like a broken record, but it *is* my story and why I've been participating in giveaways everyday so here I am: My country is in a huuuge economical crisis, and I've been playing on a weak laptop with integrated graphics for years. Tried saving for a gaming PC for 6yrs but in vain, everytime I get enough money our currency drops again so I lose everything. But, a miracle happened and I got offered a gaming laptop to continue my studies (Masters in computer science ). So now I HAVE A GAMING MACHINE. But I can't really buy games lol, because our currency is so bad that if a game costs 39$ to you, it'll feel like 390$ to me, or more since it keeps getting worse. That's why I'm here trying to get games to experience it. Thank you OP for offering this, you guys really are awesome




Still want BF V?


Yes! lol


I played BF1 enough, want to try a new(er) Battlefield now. Thanks for the giveaway!


I am enjoying playing BF1 and getting BF5 will be cherry on the top.


I really like bf1 so i wanted to try bfv


My country doesn't have prime gaming, so i would like to get BF V


i like to play games and my parents dont let me buy any, even with my own money, and thanks a lot of the oppurtunity [Steam Profile](https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199069506445/)


Parents won't let me spend on games and prime gaming is not available in my country.


I played BF 1 and 3 enjoyed both, my country doesn't have Prime gaming (Amazon), would really like to play BF 5. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199000607359/ Thanks OP.


I just love Battlefield V


I’d love to get battlefield V because I like ww2 shooters and because I like the rest of the series. Thanks OP!


I never played a battlefield game and I want to play


I like FPS games and wanna try Battlefield, thank you for the chance. https://steamcommunity.com/id/therype


Thank you for hosting this giveaway. The amazon prime promotion is not available in my country.


Battlefield V is undoubtedly the best title in the history of the series, as well as a game that deserves plaudits for its beauty, strong mechanics, excellent storytelling, and for having a conscience. Battlefield V is horrifying, sure, but it's bloody brilliant, too. And with the gameplay that I've found all over the internet, I'd like to try the game out.


I really enjoyed BF1 and BF4, last week I tried to activate the 7 day Prime Gaming trial to get BF5 but some reason it didn't work so that is why I am here. thank for the chance, op.


I bought Battlefield 1 during summer sale and enjoyed playing both campaign and multiplayer. I was also planning on buying BFV but didn't have enough funds. Hopefully I could get the game from the giveaway as I've always been a fan of first person shooter games, especially one that is best enjoyed with a full lobby. War games are also my thing. Whenever there is a game that would make me feel and look like a soldier is a game worth checking out for me. Goodluck to all and thank you for the chance! EDIT: I have already been gifted a code for the game! This gives more chance for others to win! Either way, thank you for the giveaway. You can ignore my entry.


I would like to play Battlefield V because i haven't been able to play any battlefield since the 3rd. We don't have any online payment methods in my country, and the only way to buy a game is by paying like a third of its price(+price\*3.2:currency conversion) to people who have the ability to purchase things online.