This should not allowed be on YouTube... | HasanAbi

This should not allowed be on YouTube... | HasanAbi


I understand what Hasan is trying to say here, about how Crowder is a piece of shit and trying to link separate unrelated crimes committed by black people to make it seem like a larger problem specific to the black race. Everything seems cool and I agree with most of it, but his take about petty crimes just doesn’t feel right to me. Yes, stealing some shampoo from a large chain store won’t really cause them any issues in the long run. Yes, it does point towards systemic root problems that need to be addressed regarding poverty and the effects on marginalized communities. Still, why does this make stealing ok? Whenever someone point out that it should still be a crime he paints a false picture of the argument by claiming that the chatter wants petty criminals to be executed by the state, or locked up for 30 years. Most people don’t want any of those things, but should petty criminals actually just be allowed to steal with no resistance at all? How do we know the person stealing is of dire financial straits? Do we have to do a background check on every petty criminal to know if the crime is justified? Who judges what is justified or not? If I go and steal a toothbrush and some Doritos tomorrow, who is to tell me that my stealing is unjustified but some other stealing is justified? I know personally that I don’t need to steal and I can afford to buy it, but as long as the boundaries are so subjective there is nothing stopping me from doing so. Now some people will no doubt say the solution is just to make stealing from chain stores never punishable below some certain value, but I think that’s extremely stupid and can lead to so many issues. “Insurance” covers the expected stealing that occurs today. If it was completely normalized to steal, Indurance companies obviously would either raise Insurance costs or stop insuring since they require profits as well. No doubt in the end the companies get adversely affected by stealing. In the end, it’s the workers in the companies who may suffer, due to lowering their wages or layoffs. You won’t be punishing the CEO. Also, who decides which businesses are “allowed to be stolen from” and which are small enough businesses where stealing should be illegal? Obviously stealing cannot be allowed from small mom and pop stores since that’s punishing honest work by people trying to make a living in the system we live in. Hasan oversimplifies the problem. Yea, you can criticize Crowder but you don’t have to play into the leftist straw man that conservatives make. We can have more nuanced takes on the matter. Being the biggest leftist voice on the internet, him basically giving an OK signal to stealing from chain shops will no doubt be a position that’s now defended heavily by a lot of his fan base. That’s such a terrible position for the left to logically defend, and someone having a negative view about that doesn’t necessarily have to even be a conservative chud. This is a good faith critique by the way. Everyone can be wrong, don’t defend a position simply because someone on your political side took it. Always try to think through the logical outcomes that follow a given position.


The other part of why that is a shit take is people who say this never specify where the line is regarding where you can and can't steal. They will always use examples like Nike or Walmart, but what about your local convenience store? There is this assumption that every store has top notch insurance that pays out 100% of the cost of goods taken and premiums never increase. This simply isn't the case.