Looking for experienced Tech Writers who can explain geeky concepts in an understandable way

Looking for experienced Tech Writers who can explain geeky concepts in an understandable way


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As an engineer and writer, this role is perfect for me. I sent an email through your site, would you prefer a Reddit message or an email to a specific address? Thanks, Connor


Thanks for the post - just sent you a DM!


Sent you a message


Awesome opportunity. I have a degree in IT and several years of experience working in the industry as well as writing for it. I sent you a message with the information you requested!


Love to see it. I've sent you a DM - 4+ years of experience in the tech blogging field.


Hi, I've been writing for data recovery blogs for quite some time now and would love to collaborate with you. Have sent you a PM with a cover letter and some published samples. Cheers!


Sent you a PM. I'm a tech writer with 5 years of experience writing books (programming, cybersecurity,etc), as well as educational articles, how-to guides, and hardware/software reviews.


check your chat messages please.


Kindly check your chat messages


Looks like you have gotten quite a few responses already, but if you are still looking, I just sent you a message. I've been working in the IT industry for over 20 years and freelance writing for over 10. I would love to chat with you to see if I would be a good fit for your team. ​ Thanks! ​ Michael


Hi there, sent you a DM. Would appreciate if you'd consider responding :)


Sent you a message!


Heyo! Been a tech writer for about 7 years now, sent you a PM.


Sounds like interesting work to me. I sent you a message. Thanks!


I’m interested.


As a writer with plenty of experience in tech, this sounds awesome! Shot you a DM!