Do you think Sayu will be good with Klee?

Do you think Sayu will be good with Klee?


I am also wondering about Sayu's compatibility in a Klee team. So far, we know Sayu's tanuki heals and swirls (both of which are welcome). What I haven't seen is whether Sayu is able to pick up mines while she's rolling around. Both Diluc and Klee are excellent pyro dps. Diluc seems to be viewed as considerably easier to use than Klee though. I'd say just go with who you enjoy playing.


Sayu will be great with Klee for the same reason Yaoyao, Qiqi, and Diona are. It’s going to be adorable. In all honesty, though? There are no bad characters and swirl is a great reaction to proc on pyro, especially for mobs of weaker enemies but on bosses as well. I expect anemo support will have a place on any team brcause swirl is just so useful.


Tbh Sayu has a pretty unique mechanic and so far I see her as a utility character for overworld exploration, if you want a serious comp she isn't the one, but for overworld you don't need a serious comp anyway. ​ For Diluc vs Klee, choose whoever you prefer. Diluc is easier to use and no significant weakness, while Klee has higher damage ceiling but difficult playstyle and multiple drawbacks.


I’m going to be wishing for Sayu my team is Klee,Fischal,Mona,Sucrose they are all catalyst users(except for fischal) but I still want someone with a different weapon in my opinion she’ll be good even if she can’t pick up the mines.


If u r looking for reaction DMG, dilluc better. Sayu looks fun but I just pray that's not Guoba 2.0 then trash tier. Problem with sayu compatibility with Klee had to compare to Sucrose and Jean. How often can she swirl to apply vv set


She works as a Jean alternative I guess?