Never too old to learn

Never too old to learn


Where is the video? We all wish to learn the paradiddle secret!


Paradiddle sounds bloody awesome.


Wait until you hear a paradiddle diddle


Or a flamadiddle


Or Swiss triplets.


I’m more of a pataflafla man myself




Ok grandma


My man 👌🏻


Hey diddley ho there paradiddle-arino


Ah, a person of exquisite taste!


The cat and the fiddle


Just tap your right hand, then left hand, then right hand twice in rapid succession. Do it to the rhythm of the word pa-ra-diddle. Then do it again but this time start with the left hand. Now again starting with the right hand. And keep alternating and getting faster. Soon you'll be able to do it in sync where you do it with your right hand then left hand without missing a beat. If you don't have hands, feet will work too. Edit: Someone commented "tap my hands on what?" but it looks like it was deleted. I tap on my thighs or a buggy handle when I'm at the store as a "fidget". You can use really anything you can tap your hands on though. Table, chair, baby head, police officer, keyboard, pillow. Just whatever works for you!


Which kinda makes me think this is a troll comment? I mean, paradiddles are something you would learn like, in the first week of learning drums, but a guy with nearly six decades of experience just learned them?


Kinda makes me wonder too because how would he learn the other rudiments without going off of paradiddle? Unless he never learned rudiments and just picked up how to play trap set by ear and now he's trying to learn how to read music.


Im 36 and this is me


The just now learning rudiments and learning how to read sheet music?


Just learning how to read.


Well i can read a bit from 4th grade trumpet training but trap sheet music and rudiments are brand new to me. I just like hitting things with sticks until i sweat.


Paradiddles are one of the first rudiments you learn as a drummer


Yeah, paradiddles are like the 3rd or 4th rudiment you'd learn if you took lessons.


Par-a-did-dle Par-a-did-dle Par-a-did-dle


Drum rudiments are great. Some of my favorites are the pataflafla, the cheese, and ruffs!


Left right left left Right left right right Left right left left Right left right right Repeat Increase velocity each iteration for maximum paradiddleing


Sounds like bad childhood flashbacks. Drills!!!!


I think this is the video! The guys name is Mike anyway [https://youtu.be/B1IQj83NCgI](https://youtu.be/B1IQj83NCgI)


Yeah the comment is there.


Good job Reddit detective!


Thanks, it's literally the first video when i googled paradiddles lmao


I did the same thing lol First Video. First comment.




I'm no drummer but damn that's a good video. I really wish more instructional videos explained why to do things a certain way.


More videos need to break advanced concept down into their component simple concepts like he did here!


I always feel the why's are more important than the how's whenever I learn something new


Fascinating! Thanks for sharing -- time to brush up my sticking!


Wow. I had an epiphany similar to John's. I need to get back to the pad


You know you can trust him because of the soul patch.


This is the best explanation/instruction on para diddles I’ve ever seen. I’m going to start practicing my triple stroke roll!


R L R R L R L L.


Looks like a Rubik's cube algorithm.


I took drum lessons when I was about 10 and did nothing but paradiddles, so I got pretty damn fast at then. I’m a restless person and my foot tapping is always a paradiddle


I found the video [https://youtu.be/B1IQj83NCgI](https://youtu.be/B1IQj83NCgI)




I don’t drum much but it’s basically hitting the drum in the pattern: Left right left left, right left right right. Try it with your hands on a table


I like how he elegantly ended his comment. Reminds me of when my mom first started texting. She would type STOP at the end of every sentence and finish her text with Mom. Asked her about it and said she figured texting wasn’t any different than how she use to send telegrams.


My grandmother always ends every single text with love Mum/gran. It’s like the sweetest thing ever, especially given her oddly positive writing style eg had a lovely lunch today, water pipe broke and had no water until half an hour ago, went for a wonderful walk all the workmen loved the dog, hope you had a lovely day love gran. She could make the world is ending sound like she just went to get a cup of tea. Interestingly enough, apparently she always writes hers the way she’d write a letter, but slightly less formal.


Did she write letters to your granddad during wartime? Curious because my husband and I are away a lot (he’s military) and we’ve learned that we have to keep positive when we have limited communications because otherwise you can think the worst is happening to them in the days or weeks between talking to them again when in actuality it might be something they’ve completely forgotten by the next time you talk/write. Downside is we have to work out all the negative stuff on our own when we’re away and then it can come out in bad ways later, but that’s another issue.


No, my grandpa was never part of the army. That said however, they did retire interstate (8+ hours drive away) when their kids were in their early twenties and communicated by mail a lot during that time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a habit she developed while teaching though, since she always worked with young children in the schools, and then retained after they moved so as to not worry their grown up kids.


My boss will send an email with the entire email in the subject line and then type END at the end of it. Somehow she gets paid more than double my annual salary.


I’ve experienced the mentality of “it’s not about what you know, it’s who you know.”


And sometimes it's who you blow


My work is in the process of hiring a guy for my department that is friends with a boss of mine. This guy has a degree in political economics. I work in industrial maintenance. The closest this guy had worked to my field is he was a lifeguard for a summer some years back(worked outside).


You should get to know this guy, sounds like he sucks a mean dick


This is actually an old school email etiquette thing; I guess from before it was common to have cellphones with texting? Even 10-15 years ago it wasn’t uncommon to send blank emails with content just in the subject line. It‘s a way to quickly get a full message to a recipient, which they’ll see as soon as it hits their inbox, even if they’re too busy to be actually reading through full emails. And if you’re sending subject-line only email, the correct etiquette is to put “END” or “NRN” (“no response necessary”) or “EOM” (“end of message”) at the end, to save the reader the hassle. I think your boss is just old school.


Yes, she's old. If the subject line has 6 sentences and goes on and on, how is that easier for me to read? All I see is the first handful of words. It's ridiculous and outdated. Last week she asked if anyone in the office knew her password to her computer and if all of us used the same password. Somehow she makes more than double than me with half as much schooling and no idea how to write a damn email or log into her computer.


Oh agreed that’s ludicrous. It only works if the subject line is short enough to be fully visible from your inbox, otherwise you have to click into the email to read it anyways so what’s the point? I was just passing along this bit of email etiquette trivia because a coworker explained it to me once and it seemed like a clever system for a time before pings / texts etc. But what your boss is doing is just pointless and tech illiterate at this point.


-Raymond Holt


*Sincerely* >-Raymond Holt


Sincerely, Raymond Holt.


I love seeing how people hold on to habits from the past as the times change. I bet we're all going to do this too, maybe we will put our hands out in front of us to type on our holographic floating keyboards, while all the young kids type with their arms at their sides.


I'm a big fan of simply using a signature on my texts. Tryin to make a change :-\


The initiative is what matters


Totally agree with you Tryin to make a change :-\


I mean it sort of is but the STOP facsimile (some sort of sequence of bits that tells you where a message ends) is hidden in the data package away from users.


Huh, the more you know lol


Ironic, some drummer taught me how to do a paradiddles one day. So paradiddles are literally the only thing I know about drumming.


Everything is a paradiddle!




I don’t know how I could be alive for 51yrs and have never heard of paradiddles. But, that’s the fun - always learning.


Well paradiddles only exist in one context – drumming. If you've never learned to drum then there's no reason you would have heard about them. On the other hand, if you're learning to drum, you pretty much have to learn paradiddles.


Yeah, I found that out after a quick search. I still find it slightly odd that I’ve never heard or read the term. I like words - and paradiddle is a very memorable one. S’all good, made a small part of today nicer. :)


I've read it enough times in this thread


Maybe the video is about particularly fast playing and tips for that?


Yeah that's exactly what it is, there's a link to the video higher up in the thread.


The link to the video has been posted elsewhere. Its about re-contextualising the diddle pattern to increase fluidity. Essentially starting by imagining it as a triple stroke roll (RRRLLLRRRLLL) then modifying it to fit the paradiddle pattern (R RR L LL R RR L LL). It seems simple enough but when he demonstrates how he used to practice them (and how everyone plays them) theres a huge difference in fluidity and musicality.


I mean I didn't know whether it was or not because I don't have anything to compare it to, but it seems pretty easy especially when the action lines up perfectly with the amount of syllibals in the word.


Literally my first practice for drums in middle school was "paradiddle paradiddle paradiddle flam"


He paradid it!


And you know he’s really an old person because he signed the comment with his full name.


What's weird about that? Jameson Padderwolk 1101 Escherwolk Ln. North London, Section 11


Thanks for making me laugh. Reginald Jackson III, Esq. 7236 Swanson Street, Miami


P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney


> Posts a positive review to a miracle paradiddles video > Doesn’t post the actual video Help us out here OP!


There you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1IQj83NCgI


Fuck Brodie Staines tho.


I’m a beginner on the drums. This was great - thank you.


I watched this exact video about two weeks ago and read this exact comment. One of those likes is me


Drumeo is fantastic, I used to watch Mike and loved how easy he explained stuff. Don't understand why people are giving the old guy a hard time cause he couldn't do a parradiddle though. Internet I suppose.


Drums is one of those things that Dunning Kruger dictates quite badly. People giving the old dude shit obviously didn't even watch the video, because he even demonstrates exactly how 99% of people play a shitty paradiddle. Anyone who claims that a paradiddle is easy, doesn't know enough to realise their diddles suck. Same goes for a four on the floor actually. That shit is far harder to get sounding good than anyone gives credit for. But because it's the first thing people learn, they think it's easy.


Idk man. Maybe I just had a good teacher. Seriously I don’t want dog the old man, but I find it highly unlikely that he was trying for 67 years and just couldn’t do it. I feel like your comment implies the man was maybe doing bad sounding paradiddles but his comment says he literally couldn’t do them for 60 years. Did he just stop trying at somepoint or never have someone to show him? If someone is doing basic just on a pad , fundamental practice , I have a really hard time believing you couldn’t get a paradiddle down in a year. It’s a very basic rudiment. I will admit I don’t remember what it was like the first year I played as a 5th grader so I might be off. Or I was young enough that it made such learning easier. But by 7th grade we all had good paradiddles.


Old dude was being humble. Of course he can play them, just not good enough to use in a musical setting, which is the same not knowing how to play them. And when i say "Good at them" I mean a proper rolling paradiddle, and not a brute force modified single stroke roll. The video made the difference pretty clear and it makes perfect sense what the old dude was talking about.


This is so bloody wholesome.


I really love how some old people write Internet comments like they're writing a letter. It's cute.


This reminds me of me. Sincerely, Raymond Holt. Sent from my i-Phone


You forgot the ''Dear XX''


Dear Krusherx, It seems you caught my mistake. Touché. Sincerely, Raymond Holt. Sent from my i-Phone


What a lovely comment. This old man is so polite and open to learning new things. Love it!


My heart is literally meltin'.


That is a load of shit. 6 decades of drumming and he didn't learn probably the most basic and important of drumming fundamentals? Not a chance. For those who don't know, paradiddles are simply this: RLRRLRLL That's it. Do it on your legs with your bare hands and you'll see. Simple as common dogfuck, tricky to master, but it's one of the first things you will ever learn as a drummer.


A paradiddle sounds like an inappropriate behavior of a parachuter


Paradiddle is when you molest someone whose legs don't work


Never too old to learn indeed!


That's so sweet


If you can’t play a fucking paradiddle after 57 years, maybe try something else.


There's no way that guys been actually playing for 57 years and one of the basic rudiments you learn on day one still gives him any trouble. Unless he's the drummer for ACDC, I don't buy it.


Yeah, I find it very hard to believe. I've been a music teacher for around 20 years teaching mostly drums. I've taught paradiddles to every student in the first lesson. My students range from 3-80 years old, most neurotypical, but many with various mental and physical issues (ex: multiple sclerosis, downsyndrome, schizophrenia, and many more). I can't recall a single student that couldn't get a passable version of a paradiddle within a week of casual practice, most get it within 10 minutes. The only people that I have ever encountered that couldn't get a paradiddle are the ones that didn't put any effort into learning. I'm happy this guy figured it out, but I can't understand how it took 57 years of playing to get there. Wait till he learns that there are multiple variations.




Bro I cannot read music. I can play an intro to a blink 182 on guitar. I kicked it with my drummer friend for an hour. I learned paradiddles.




God help them in this case.


Keith Moon lol


Keith Moon could 100% play paradiddles. Dudes grew up playing jazz back then.


Did he? I know John Bonham had a clear swing background and had the chops to show for it. But did moon? With moon I see a lot of wrist work, and lots and lots of single stroke work. Rarely did he seem to use his fingers. Moon is who got me into drumming and is one of the most musical drummers ever, imo. But I have felt that he didn't play with, *or* hadn't demonstrated any rudimentary skills or technical ability in his drumming. I feel his genius was in that he would bash, and just play, and despite playing with little technique, his drumming was still in time, and about as musical as anyone else in the history of rock.


from his wiki page: > His favourite musicians were jazz artists, particularly Gene Krupa (whose flamboyant style he subsequently copied) which is totally obvious if you've seen [Gene Krupa](https://youtu.be/EOPQswhWPi4?t=170)




:( rip Loonie


I thought the same thing. And it’s not like a crazy hard thing to do. Now I’m not saying it’s easy, but to a “drummer” that’s been playing for that long surely he has done the sticking RLRR. It’s like the first thing you learn when playing drums!


Guess he's been playing the paradiddles upside down the whole time


a selppipered?


haha you're funny.


I feel like if you've been playing drums for 57 years you would be able to get something like paradiddles down? They're one of the first rudiments you learn? Not trying to be a dick but it seems kind of farfetched to me. It's like skateboarding for 57 years and not knowing how to ollie.


Yeah, that is definitely bizarre. I don't even play drums (I play bass) and I can play a paradiddle.




Maybe, but if he knew the pattern already, I'm not sure what the video would do for him. Smoothness and speed only come with practice. I don't disbelieve it, I just think it's really weird. It would be like playing another instrument for decades without knowing the major scale.


57 years doing anything is a tremendous amount of time. I can not fathom someone playing any instrument for that long and not being advanced, which a paradiddle is not even closed to advanced.


Idk dude, I drummed all of high-school and then aged out in WGI. My brain just didn't click with some teaching styles, and if you're just drumming on your own as a hobby it would make sense that something didn't click until you found the right instructions.


Yea this don't make sense I do not play any instruments but learned paradiddles by hanging out with a bored drummer friend for, an hour.


How does it not make sense? I'm not saying everyone is like this. Just some people don't understand until they have a teaching style they click with.


It's super basic. I think small kids can learn it pretty easily. I have no clue how one actually plays drums for a while but can't do it.


The problem is knowing how to actually do it well. I that is my qualification for actually "knowing" it. Yeah, you can tell someone rlrr, but its the act in action at tempo being done consistently well that shows true understand to me


I miss paradiddles


Best regards to you John


wait for the sound


Mr. Down Under himself!


Woahhh, his last name is Australia! Wild


I love how old people always sign off like that


I love how old people use the internet sometimes. Like in this comment it’s a mixture of politeness and innocence. I love how he ends his message with his full name and country. I find it really cute lol.


i wish more old people are like this


You know he is old when he signed his YOUTUBE COMMENT I love old folk sometimes


John Baker Australia


Is his last name Australia? That would be pretty cool 😎


Huh. A paradiddle is also a tap dance step. I wonder if it has a similar rhythm.


Just wanted to say that this post made me more than smile. My father was an experienced drummer since he was little. He passed away in 2014.


My grandpa's name was John Baker. Kinda weird to see his name in the wild, attached to someone else.


Also, 70 years old is pretty damn far from in the grave. If you can stay relatively healthy, then living well past 70 is very doable. Maybe at like 80 or a little later should you start to think that maybe you’re really getting old, but at 70 you can still have a fuck ton of life in you. And even when you are 80, you’re life might be getting quite a bit closer to it’s conclusion, but you can still have a lot of time to enjoy however you want. Live your life until it’s over, not until you’re like 60 and go “I’m old now, wow…” nononono. At 60 you are just as much alive as when you’re 20 and you can keep enjoying life. Of the seniors I know, quite a few of them unfortunately get into the habit of thinking their life is already over, that couldn’t be more untrue. I mean yeah, unless science is developed like crazy in the next few decades, you’ve probably lived most of your life already, but you still got a lot left to do things you want to. If you have a dream, it’s not too late to accomplish it at 60 or 70, and if you’re healthy enough, then even 80.


I was terrible at paradiddles in high school band. and doing them fast enough to start a roll was impossible. Havent played drums in 20 years lol


Old people make such lovely comments


Lol I saw this one in the wild when I was learning paradiddles!!


I like how he signed off his name old people be cute sometimes 😩❤️


Never too old to be cool. My grandfather turned 82 but he looks 50. I am surprised about this thing and I really want to be like him. Such people make you feel that you can still feel young at your old ages.


As a drummer this makes me happi


No way you play drums for 50+ years and can't paradiddle. Unless he's the guy from Def Leppard.


He's spot on. It's never late to learn new things and skills in your life!


Never liked paradiddles too! Double fiver for the win ^^




Wait till you learn the paradiddlediddle


the paradiddle (and its many variations) is like an achilles heel for drummers


My grandfather has no idea about smartphones and electronic mails. But he is still a very cool person who is keen on old school, I love him a lot!




For those who don’t know, a paradiddle is a beat where where you alternate hands to the beat of par-a-did-dle right-left-right-right and then you switch to left-right-left-left, and slowly get faster and faster until you can’t do it anymore




Ginger Baker, Australia


I just finished my drumming lesson and we practised paradiddles, nice


Wtf is a paradididdle


The way he ended his comment reminds me of when Ron Swanson types mean notes on his typewriter and signs them all with his name.


Bruh the secret is easy. You remember the konami code? It's like that but on drums. You just use the sticks to press LRLLRLRRLRLLRLRR


paradiddles fucking suck, i should watch this


Paradiddles help build your chops and even out your rolls. Love me some paradiddles.


When the student is ready...