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I used to work at Walmart, specifically in OGP(online grocery pickup) , the dress code there was very relaxed, I usually wore hoodies or just long sleeve shirts and jeans.


Thanks! I'll take a look at the one closest to me


once they're just scars and you get to a point where you're more comfortable with them you could just show them, no one where i work has said anything about mine even though hundreds are visible


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work in an ice skating rink


That sounds fun, idk if I'd be able to find any of those where I live lol it's a bit of a desert


When I worked I’d wear an arm sock on my greys so no one would see them


idk how it is in the US but most clothing retails jobs don't have uniforms in my country, somewhere like urban outfitters. When I worked there I just wore sweatshirts or long sleeve tshirts everyday and no-one minded along as they were presentable.


Have you thought about training for a job in health care, like an EMT, MA, or LPN? These jobs all take less than a year to train for, and you could wear sleeves under your scrubs. You might find them much more rewarding


I work in a chemistry lab, where I have to wear long pants and a long-sleeved lab coat. it sucks in summer but overall I also enjoy my job and it hides everything