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"it's a hickey"




Lmao I'm just imagining a hickey shaped scar rn


if you put a bandaid on it, you could say it’s either a zit or a razor scratch or something


Yeah I’ve got a bandaid on it and I’m planning to tell my mum it’s a zit until I’m ready to tell her the truth. Only problem is that a lil bit of it is sticking out


get a bigger Band-Aid?


ah okay. hope it goes well!


Use more than one bandaid!


maybe say you scratched it by accident if she notices? could say it hurt or itched? idk.


that's one place i refuse to yeet unless i wanted to die in about 3 to 5 minutes for sure.


One time I yeeted my face and the next day I was sure I was toast, strangely no one commented on it


"Yo wtf happened to that guy? Idk I don't want to be rude an ask, not my business anyway" or something like that


you should see the other guy


Turtle neck jumper, choker necklace, scarf things u could possibly hide it with


Reminds me the first time I tried to >! commit suicide !<, I had multiple large bruises on my neck. I used an old beanie with a hole on the top to put it my head in and cover my neck with... People looked at me weirdly but it did the trick


Makeshift infinity scarf!


Exactly!! I wouldn't have found a better name


I wish I had thought of that. I had a huge scar on my neck from one of my attempts. I didn’t know how to cover it so I didn’t and people stared at me like I was an alien and would constantly ask me about it. It’s been like 3ish years now and it’s faded so much to where I only I know where it is now


I’d never do my neck tbh unless I wanna die


maybe no one will notice somehow no one has commented on my yeets on my neck


Hair down works perfectly fine.


I got all my hair cut off yesterday 😭


And then decided to cut on your neck??? Big sigh for you <3


IKR hahaha! No ones asked about the bandaid so I’m just gonna keep it on till it heals.


Yay! Glad nobody’s bothered you about it :)


Say you were making out with a zombie /j Fr though I hope you can find a way to hide it


From personal experience I strongly advice you to stay away from the neck. Not only is it easy to go from a yeet to "the big yeet" very quickly but the implication and meaning behind the neck is something you dont want to become a trend. Not the funniest conversation ive ever had ngl but i think its good to talk about it when ready to do so. I pretty much used band aids and hoodies to cover them up while it healed. Also depending on how "clean" the yeet edges are and how many etc you could say you scratched yourself on a broken nail or something. Talk about it when you are ready and take care <3


can you go more into detail about what the implication behind the neck is? im a little confused. what would it become a trend for?


For me it started a trend of yeeting closer to arteries and just high risk places. And by implication i was talking about how the neck is widely known to be a place with major arteries and strong associations with life. But maybe im just rambling, im tired. Sorry if im not making any sense


oh ok thanks that makes sense


I could be wrong but I think maybe you are over thinking it, the implication is that you are actively trying to kys and also kind of mentally unstable (which may be true but you don't exactly want to project that)


Im probably overthinking it, its kind of a talent of mine. And im just basing it on my own experience.


Same I’m confused as well I wanna know


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Isn’t that deadly? I’m sorry if I have no knowledge about that, but I thought it was deadly.




Oh good to know thanks for the info


Wear a choker ;)


noo i shouldn't have seen thid when drunk i should put down reddit wheb intoxicated oop but try to hide it with a scarf, its almbst wonter. thats how ive hid hickied


Scarf maybe?


I thought everyone would notice when I cut my neck but strangely no one did. The only one who noticed was my boyfriend but he notices everything. I would say just a big hoodie or turtle neck that’s what I did before I stopped caring.


Turtle neck sweater


I did a whole ring around my arm a couple weeks ago, like not hidden at all, and only one person at work commented on it. I work in a psychology field 🙄


Got cats? It was the cat.