Remember when everyone literally everyone told me not to text the dude that triggered me? Well I did it anyway and I just relapsed like rly bad it’s the worst I’ve ever done like fuck at least it’s on my thigh and not my wrist but it’s incredibly wide and deep, there’s a lot of blood and I think my body just went into shock, I threw up and blacked out it in the bathroom it was totally freaky deaky, now I’m laying on the bed with my sisters and they don’t know and it’s just so weird. My head is throbbing and I know I’ll fall over if I try to stand up. The messed up part is that my leg doesn’t even hurt one bit I could repeat the same slice again without noticing I bet; I just feel nauseous ugh at least it did the trick of getting rid of the og negative feeling. I originally typed this out to send to my friend but then I realized that I fucked up when I dropped my therapist lol and decided to post here instead of burdening them


fuck when u said “Ed” i immediately thought you meant ed sheeran…


lmao i thought of erectile disfunction


If only omg 😂😅


I mean have you heard “run” by taylor swift and Ed sheeran ?! That is infact the solution to all my problems, that song right their. Lol but everytime I see ED I automatically think ed sheeran …. And it makes me laugh every time. A similar mind !


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