Lots of players like the challenge of getting the fast dragon first but there's really no major difference in playing the event. If you passively play both dragons will still harvest. If you actively play then you will almost always have 2 targets or a flower that can be harvested by 2 dragons. It's definitely not something worth getting stressed about


This [video](https://youtu.be/Q77QkPEmqYU) is from the event four months ago that used the same map, so it should work.


No, I think the developers know we are onto the trick and made it [email protected] impossible to get the fast one first.


I haven't been able to get the fast dragon first for a few weeks now. I really don't see a difference. What is affecting my game though is having infinite harvestables as cloud keys. I usually delete all of them.


Are you planning to play passively or actively?


I do some of each depending the kids and how my day is going.


If you are playing passively there's no advantage to getting the fast dragon first. I wouldn't stress about it


I came here looking to see if anyone had done it on this board.


The difference I saw in getting the fast dragon first, is that it responded first to my taps. If I double tap an item, the first dragon I created goes to the item first. It is frustrating when your first dragon is also your slowest. I've learned if I don't want the slow dragon to go where I'm tapping, to tap something else first, then tap what I really want.


Usually I can get the faster dragon first, but I tried this time and gave up...


I've never seen the faster dragon first. Laat event and this event, the faster dragon eggs have been available sooner for me. I've been playing for less than a year.


The slower dragon is always readily available but if you wait to merge it and use strategic merges and life orbs you can get to the faster dragon eggs a lot of the time to merge it first.


Not that I'm the best player, but it's never been an option for me, even attempting all (5) merges before the purple dragon eggs. How do you get life orbs without a dragon and without purchasing life orbs? Edit: watching the video from another comment, looks like you do 3-merges and strategic planning and placing of combo bubbles.


Yes, that is a big part of it. What you get from the star also makes a big difference. I always turn off cloud save before starting that way if I don't get what I need I can reload from my previous cloud save and try again. (Keeping in mind that cloud save comes with a risk of losing game progress.) I try to make sure I get at least 2 blue life orbs from the star depending on the board layout.


What star are you referring to?


The stars that you get for meeting goals. The one that would matter for trying to get the fast dragon first is healing 35 dead land. Most of the time that one can be achieved by strategic merging and use of combo bubbles.


First time I paid gems to get the fast dragon first 😬 I bought a blue orb for 38 gems… my only excuse was, I was tired and fed up with the board 😅 normally I have peace with failing, but this time my judgement was to tired I think. Ah wel, will replay DM3 a couple of times extra this week..