Does MEPS itself keep a copy of your physical?

Does MEPS itself keep a copy of your physical?


They don't give copies it's not like going to your Dr office.


MEPS has all the information of whatever you went through with them. You can go to meps in a completely different state and they will be able to either automatically see or pull information from the one you were processing through.




TLDR: started working with a shady recruiter, was told to not to disclose childhood health stuff because it’s no longer an issue, listened because I didn’t realize how big of a deal lying was, went to MEPS, passed the physical, wanted to disclose said issues, recruiter ghosted me and blocked my number then when I went to process with a new recruiter unblocked me and asked me to come to his office and turn stuff in after ghosting me for 3 weeks and giving me a half ass run down on what to get. I got all my answers from here, I turned in paperwork to same shady recruiter, have been sitting around for two to three months waiting on a med read, wound up speaking with a guard recruiter and the guard sounded like a better fit for me, went to look me up in the system and I didn’t even have a profile or anything turned into MEPS being worked. So I’ve been sitting around holding my dick in my hand for the past 3 months waiting for an answer for nothing. But it’s okay. My new recruiter seems very motivated and interested in me and is going about things the right way with me so. I was just asking because I’m confused on if I’ll have to do MEPS all over again of if they’ll just do my med read and I go from there if they approve it. Luckily after I did the ASVAB I had him email me my scores. Hoping I have better luck this time around.


I would just count on having to redo it and then be pleasantly surprised if you don’t. Just take your recruiters lead and let go of trying to plan anything. Just take this experience as preparing for all of the weird ways the military will find to make the simplest things difficult 🙃


I believe that’s to the point I’m at. Just letting it ride and hurrying up and waiting. I started the process back at the end of March/beginning of April with a whole plan laid out of going to basic by January and yah dee dah. Integrity’s more important to me than a time frame. I just hope and pray all this works out for me. Thanks for your comment. I’m hoping for the best


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