Same here ! I woke up and saw a notification from youtube-MCR I was doubtful, more like "what is their New way to get us hyped without releasing New music ?" And then i Saw THAT A New song ! And it's beautiful And i love it ! And my day will be perfect today ! Thanks MCR


I heard bc someone on the FOB sub posted that they released something before FOB did lol, I nearly had a heartattack hahaha


Woke up excited for new Kendrick and the Smile. Saw the news, in a very hfjdjklfgjjslf mood today


I woke up to the news early in the morning. My jaw dropped and I looked it up on Spotify to listen to on repeat in the car on my way to work. Goosebumps, man...


In in the train listening to it lol, best way to go to uni


I was just about to fall asleep when it dropped when I was pinged in a discord server with a picture of that twitter post. “MCR just dropped a new song, check on your emo friends”. I ended up going to sleep like 3 hours later and now I’m parked outside work listening to it while wondering how I’m going to get through the day on half a nights sleep.


Breaks throughout the day to listen to the song again!! Fr tho good luck :,)


I woke up (in London) to it too! Listened on repeat on my drive to work. It's Friday the 13th and the timing couldn't be more perfect. I see them on Sunday NEXT WEEK. I'M SCREAMING!


Im seeing them soon too!! I didnt even realize is was Friday the 13th, thats amazing lol. Have fun seeing them!!!!


I love it I’m so happy!!!!


I had woken up from a mid day nap when the song dropped and I got the twitter notif. Def thought I was still sleeping for a few minutes, I couldn’t believe it! 😂